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How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Tesla Battery? It Depends

Tesla is one of the most talked-about car companies when it comes to electric vehicles. As battery technology continues advancing rapidly, Tesla keeps pace by upgrading to new and improved batteries every couple of years. This allows them to further develop their models while competitors play catch-up.

Eventually though, Tesla batteries will need replacing—though likely not for a very long time. But when that day comes, the associated costs may give some drivers sticker shock, potentially amounting to 15-40% of the car‘s original purchase price.

Let‘s take a closer look at the actual Tesla battery replacement cost and what‘s behind it.

What is The Expected Tesla Battery Life?

After 200,000 miles, Tesla claims their Model S and Model X vehicles will retain about 90% of their original battery capacity. Independent research shows that even at 200,000 miles, most Teslas perform at 80% capacity or better.

Considering the average driver logs 14,000 miles per year, it would take over 14 years to reach 200,000 miles in a Tesla. And since most people keep their cars for about 12 years, odds are you‘ll never need a battery replacement before it‘s time to get a new Tesla!

Tesla also provides an exceptional battery warranty. All models come with 8 years (100k miles on Model 3) to 150,000 miles on the S and X models of coverage—guaranteed to still have at least 70% battery capacity remaining.

However, in the unlikely event of early battery failure outside the warranty period, replacing a Tesla battery carries a hefty price tag.

The Cost of A Tesla Battery Replacement

The total bill to replace a Tesla battery varies depending on model, labor needs, and parts required. Expect to spend $13,000 to $20,000 typically, spanning simpler, lower-cost models to more complex replacements on premium vehicles.

Replacement parts like wiring and connectors add around $20-$200. And labor runs about $175 per hour; simpler jobs take 3 hours, while complex replacements have taken up to 13, at $2,600 for just labor.

Let‘s break down replacement costs by Tesla model…

Tesla Model X Battery Replacement Cost

With battery sizes from 60kWh to 100kWh depending on configuration, Model X battery packs run $12,000-$15,000. Add estimated labor of $525-$2,600 plus parts, and you‘re looking at a total cost of $13,000-$20,000.

Tesla Model S Battery Replacement Cost

Given its similar design to the Model X, expect to spend about the same amount for a Model S battery replacement: $13,000-$20,000.

Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement Cost

The Model 3 has slightly more affordable replacement costs since it starts cheaper to begin with. Its 50-82kWh batteries cost $7,000-$11,000. With the same additional expenses, plan for a Model 3 battery swap to set you back $13,000-$14,000.

Tesla Model Y Battery Replacement Cost

There isn‘t much data yet on Model Y battery replacements since the car is still quite new and few degradation issues have surfaced so far.

But since its battery closely resembles the Model 3 in specs and design, similar pricing is expected once data becomes available. Figure $11,000-$13,000 for a full pack replacement on the Model Y.

How Often Does A Tesla Battery Need To Be Replaced?

Once your battery capacity falls below 70% of original, it‘s time for a replacement to restore range. Tesla requires bringing vehicles in once they degrade to this point.

They won‘t repair batteries; instead, they install new or refurbished packs and ship damaged ones back to the manufacturer.

How Do I Know if My Tesla Battery Needs to Be Replaced?

Watch for these signs that your battery needs attention:

  • Sudden loss of over 20% driving range
  • Range degradation exceeding 30% warranty threshold
  • Inability to hold a charge
  • Error message from Tesla about battery issues

Unlike some car problems, battery trouble tends to strike suddenly rather than through gradual deterioration. So when these symptoms appear, it likely means an urgent trip to schedule service.

Fortunately, most Tesla batteries hold up incredibly well long-term. The vast majority of Teslas on the road today still fall under the battery warranty protections.

Can You Replace a Tesla Battery at Home?

Home battery replacement is extremely difficult without in-depth electrical vehicle repair expertise. Accurate troubleshooting relies heavily on a car‘s software. And collecting repair schematics, plans, and specialized parts poses a major challenge.

DIY Tesla battery replacement also harbors safety risks since these high-voltage systems pack enough power to seriously harm amateurs. Unless you have solid EV tech skills or like living dangerously, it‘s wise to avoid tackling this one yourself!

Bottom Line: Tesla Replacement Battery Cost

Sticker shock awaits those eventually needing an out-of-warranty Tesla battery replacement, often demanding over $10,000 at minimum. But you can take it to independent shops, possibly for less than Tesla‘s own service centers.

Either way, enjoy peace of mind thanks to those long 8-150k mile Tesla battery warranties. And rest easier knowing that with Tesla batteries expected to outlast most cars‘ usable lifespans, you may never face that big bill after all.

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