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How To Send Money Using Apple Pay In Easy Steps

Apple Pay has taken the hassle out of peer-to-peer payments. With over 90% of iPhone users utilizing Apple Pay, it has become one of the most popular mobile payment services. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain how to use Apple Pay to conveniently and securely send money to friends or pay someone back.

Whether you need to pay your share of dinner or send your roommate for utilities, Apple Pay makes it fast and easy. I‘ll provide detailed steps and visuals to walk you through setting up Apple Pay and sending money from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. Read on to become an Apple Pay pro!

A Breakdown of Apple Pay Peer-to-Peer Payments

Let‘s first understand how Apple Pay allows you to send money to others.

Apple Pay transactions utilize:

  • Apple Cash card – This virtual debit card lets you send, receive, and spend money through Apple Pay. It‘s connected to your Apple ID.

  • iMessage integration – Apple Pay is built into the Messages app, letting you send money alongside iMessages.

  • Facial/Touch ID – Your face or fingerprint is used to authenticate each payment for security.

  • Near instant transfers – Money is deducted from your Apple Cash balance and deposited to the recipient‘s within seconds.

Apple Pay essentially digitizes cash payments. According to Apple, over $1 billion per month is sent using Apple Pay person-to-person.

Sending Money via iMessage

The easiest way to pay someone back or send money with Apple Pay is directly through an iMessage conversation. As long as both parties have an iPhone with Apple Pay set up, you can send money with just a few taps:

Step 1: Open an iMessage Conversation

Open the Messages app on your iPhone and select the conversation with the person you want to pay. This can be an existing thread or you can start a new one by tapping the pencil icon.

Open an iMessage conversation on iPhone

Step 2: Tap the Apple Pay Button

In the composition field, you‘ll see the Apple Pay icon on the left. Tap this icon of a sideways "$" symbol to initiate a payment.

Tap the Apple Pay icon

Step 3: Select the Cash Option

You‘ll now see payment options like your credit cards, rewards cards, and Apple Cash. Tap the Cash button to send money from your Apple Cash balance directly.

Select Cash payment option

Step 4: Enter the Amount

Use the numeric keypad to enter the amount you wish to send. You can send money in increments as low as $1 up to your full Apple Cash balance.

Enter payment amount on keypad

Step 5: Review and Tap Pay

Confirm the amount is correct. When ready, tap Pay in the bottom right corner. You‘ll be prompted to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID.

Tap Pay to send money

That‘s it! Within seconds, the money will be deducted from your Apple Cash balance and deposited into your recipient‘s Apple Cash card. It will show in their Wallet app.

Here‘s a 45 second video demonstrating the process:

{{< youtube C85vDGRO398 >}}

According to data from Cornerstone Advisors, over 52% of iPhone users have sent money via Apple Cash. It‘s seamless, secure, and the fastest way to send money to a friend or pay someone back using just your iPhone.

Setting Up and Using Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Thanks to the Apple Watch‘s deep integration with Apple Pay, you can also send money directly from your wrist. This is extremely convenient when you‘re on the go.

Here are step-by-step instructions to set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch and make cash payments:

Enable Apple Pay on Apple Watch

First, you need to enable Apple Pay in your Watch app:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your paired iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Wallet & Apple Pay.
  3. Toggle Enable Apple Pay to on (green).
  4. Enter your Apple ID password when prompted.

Enable Apple Pay on Apple Watch

This links your Apple Cash account to your Apple Watch, allowing you to send money.

Send Money from Apple Watch

Once enabled, here is how to send money from your Apple Watch:

  1. Press the Digital Crown to view apps.
  2. Tap the Messages icon.
  3. Open a conversation and tap the Apple Pay icon.
  4. Select Cash.
  5. Use the dial to enter the payment amount.
  6. Tap Pay and authenticate with your passcode.

Within seconds, the money will be sent directly from your Apple Watch. It‘s incredibly quick and easy!

According to an Apple Pay vice president, over 75% of Apple Watch users have sent money with Apple Pay integrated on their watch. Here‘s a 30 second video showing how:

{{< youtube lQRdLE6MvR4 >}}

With just a few taps on that tiny screen, you can conveniently send money and pay people back without even taking your phone out.

Responding to an Apple Pay Request

In addition to sending money outright, you can also pay someone who requests money from you via Apple Pay:

  • When you receive an Apple Pay Request, you‘ll get a notification.
  • Open the message request.
  • Tap Pay.
  • Authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID.

The amount will instantly be deducted from your Apple Cash balance and sent to the requester.

According to Apple, request money is used for over 25% of Apple Pay peer-to-peer transactions. It‘s great for paying someone back or splitting shared expenses.

Apple Pay: Supported Devices Compared

Wondering which of your Apple devices support sending money via Apple Pay? Here is a breakdown:

Device Payment Methods
iPhone Apple Cash balance, debit/credit cards
Apple Watch Apple Cash balance
iPad Apple Cash balance, debit/credit cards*

*iPad Pro & iPad Air models only

As you can see, all three device types allow you to send money from your Apple Cash card balance. However, Apple Watch can only utilize your Apple Cash funds while iPhone and iPad can also leverage your debit/credit cards for Apple Pay.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues

While Apple Pay is designed for seamless payments, you may occasionally encounter issues. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

Enable Apple Cash – To send money, you need an Apple Cash account enabled in Wallet. Open Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay and toggle on Apple Cash.

Confirm iMessage is On – Apple Pay leverages iMessage. Ensure iMessage is enabled in Settings > Messages.

Update Software – Outdated iOS or watchOS software can disrupt Apple Pay. Update to the latest versions.

Contact Apple Support – For help with complex issues, contact Apple Support via chat/phone. Their specialists can troubleshoot.

Use Apple Pay with Caution – While secure, only send money to people you trust. Apple will not reimburse fraudulent transactions.

Concluding Thoughts on Apple Pay

Apple Pay has completely transformed peer-to-peer payments. With just a few taps on your Apple devices, you can easily and securely send money to friends, pay people back, split expenses, and more.

Thanks to its tight integration with iMessage, authentication via Face/Touch ID, and instant transfers, Apple Pay provides the speed and convenience of cash payments digitally.

I hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with a strong understanding of how to set up Apple Pay and use it to send money from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. Apple Pay is one of my favorite iOS features, and it can benefit everyone from splitting rent to paying your gardener. Convenient, fast, and secure!