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Canceling FuboTV: A Detailed Guide and Analysis

Hey there! If you‘re considering canceling your FuboTV subscription, this comprehensive guide is for you. I‘ll provide insider tips to make cancellation easy, give you alternatives to try first, and lay out exactly what happens after you cancel so you know what to expect. Canceling any streaming service can be confusing, but I‘ll make sure you have all the info needed to decide if moving on from FuboTV is right for you.

What is FuboTV? A Quick Refresher

For some context, let‘s start with a quick refresher on FuboTV. FuboTV is a live TV streaming service that offers access to live sports, news, movies, and TV shows entirely over the internet. It provides a cable-like viewing experience without the need for actual cable or satellite TV service.

Some key facts about FuboTV:

  • Founded in 2015 as a soccer streaming service before expanding to other content

  • Headquarters in New York City

  • Over 1.1 million subscribers as of Q3 2022, up 48% year-over-year

  • Raised over $1 billion in funding, including a recent $700 million round

  • 100+ channels on their starter pack with 500+ hours of cloud DVR storage

  • Packages start at $69.99 per month and go up to $99.99 for the Elite plan

So in summary, FuboTV has seen tremendous growth in recent years, fueled by strong demand for live sports streaming and consumers ditching traditional pay TV. But even with its success, you may be considering moving on by canceling your account. Let‘s explore why.

Reasons You May Want to Cancel FuboTV

Why might you want to cancel FuboTV? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • To save money – FuboTV isn‘t cheap, with plans starting at $70/month. Canceling can provide significant cost savings.

  • Channel or content changes – If FuboTV drops your favorite channels or sports coverage, you may want to find a new provider.

  • Lower usage – If you aren‘t using FuboTV enough each month to justify the high monthly cost, cancellation may make sense.

  • Trying another service – You may want to cancel FuboTV to switch to another streaming option like YouTube TV or DirecTV Stream.

  • Temporary cancellation – You can cancel now and restart later, like if you only need it during football season.

Basically, if your FuboTV subscription is no longer providing enough value to justify the recurring costs, pressing pause by canceling can be the right move.

How FuboTV Compares to Other Live TV Streamers

How does FuboTV stack up against competitors in the increasingly crowded live TV streaming space? Here‘s a quick comparison:

Service Starting Price Top Channels DVR Storage Max Streams Top Features
FuboTV $69.99/month 120+ 500 hours 10 Sports focus, 4K streaming
YouTube TV $64.99/month 95+ Unlimited 3 Widespread app support
Hulu + Live TV $69.99/month 75+ 50 hours 2 (+unlimited screens for $9.99) Hulu on-demand library inclusion
DirecTV Stream $69.99/month 140+ Unlimited 20 Huge channel lineup
Sling TV $35/month 30+ 50 hours (upgrade available) 4 Low introductory pricing

As you can see, FuboTV holds its own against the competition, with one of the largest channel counts, best sports coverage, and a robust cloud DVR. But alternatives like YouTube TV or Hulu Live may make more sense depending on your preferences. Especially with how easy canceling streaming services is these days, it doesn‘t hurt to try competitors.

Cord Cutting and Live TV Streaming Trends

Looking at the bigger picture, FuboTV is benefiting from some major shifts in how consumers access and watch television:

  • 33 million US households are expected to cancel cable/satellite TV in 2022, according to eMarketer

  • Live TV streaming services like FuboTV added 1.6 million subscribers in Q3 2022, up 50% year-over-year

  • 61% of cord-cutters say they don‘t miss anything after ditching traditional TV

The data shows cable TV alternatives continue to gain popularity. But high costs of live TV streaming could drive more consumers like yourself to pause or downgrade their FuboTV memberships. Don‘t feel pressured to keep paying a premium!

Weighing Pros and Cons of Canceling FuboTV

Let‘s now look at some of the key pros and cons of going through with canceling your FuboTV membership:


  • Save $70, $100 or more per month depending on your plan

  • Flexibility to switch between streaming services month-to-month

  • Pause membership when traveling or during sport off-seasons

  • Avoid price hikes or changes in channel/content offerings

  • Free up time previously spent watching live TV


  • Lose access to favorite sports, news and entertainment

  • Cloud DVR recordings and watch history wiped

  • Reactivating could cause pricing and package issues

  • Need to resubmit payment info and preferences if restarting

  • Could miss out on account perks, promotions and deals

Really take time to consider what you‘d be giving up versus gaining financially and convenience-wise when weighing that decision to cancel FuboTV. And don‘t forget – you can always reactivate your membership if you change your mind!

Step-by-Step Guide to Canceling FuboTV

Alright, you‘ve made the decision to cancel. Let‘s walk through how to actually cancel your FuboTV subscription, step-by-step.

The process differs slightly depending on whether you signed up directly on versus through your Roku device. Let‘s cover both.

Canceling FuboTV on the Website

If you subscribed to FuboTV on their website, here is how to cancel:

  1. Visit and login to your account

  2. Click your profile picture > My Account

  3. Select "Subscription and Billing"

  4. Click "Cancel Subscription" at bottom of page

  5. Confirm cancellation in popup prompt

  6. Final confirmation on second cancelation page

  7. See "Cancellation Confirmed" and you‘re done!

The key steps are accessing your account settings, navigating to subscription management, and then confirming cancellation twice.

It‘s quick and easy – no need to call or chat. The whole process takes about 2-3 minutes.

Canceling FuboTV through Roku

If you subscribed on your Roku device, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Home button to access Roku home screen

  2. Scroll and select the FuboTV app (don‘t open it)

  3. Press the Star button on your Roku remote for options

  4. Select Manage Subscription

  5. Choose Cancel Subscription and confirm

  6. Select Done after confirming cancellation

Again, very quick and straightforward. Roku makes it easy to manage your subscription right on the device.

Reactivating Your Membership

If you change your mind before your billing cycle ends, you can easily reactive your FuboTV account. Just log back in and select the reactivate option. You‘ll regain access like normal.

So don‘t worry about canceling if you think you may want to restart later on down the road!

What Happens After You Cancel FuboTV

Once you complete the cancellation steps, here is a rundown of what happens next:

  • Immediate cancellation – Your access terminates as soon as you cancel, so watch any recorded shows first!

  • Account closure – Account permanently closed once the final month you pre-paid for ends

  • Recordings deleted – Any shows saved to your cloud DVR will be wiped out and are unrecoverable

  • Preferences reset – Favorited shows, watch history, default settings etc. will be erased

  • Still billed for final month – You‘ll be charged for the remaining days left in your current billing cycle

  • No partial refunds – There are no credits or refunds for any unused days remaining in the month

  • Must resubmit payment – If you reactivate later, you‘ll need to input your payment details again

So in summary – cancel ASAP if you want to stop being billed, but try to watch any DVR‘ed content before your access expires. And be prepared to re-enter your preferences if you restart the subscription down the road.

Troubleshooting Tips for Canceling FuboTV

Having issues actually canceling your account? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Can‘t log into website – Try resetting password or recover account via email

  • Site asking for Roku cancellation – This means you likely signed up on Roku originally

  • Still being billed after cancelling – Contact support if you continue being charged after cancellation should be complete

  • Can‘t find Manage Subscription on Roku – Try restarting the device or check for Roku software updates

  • Loss of access before end of billing cycle – Access should continue until end of paid period, so contact support

  • Cancellation not confirmed – Make sure to complete all steps and get a final confirmation for successful cancellation

The process is typically smooth. But if anything comes up, FuboTV customer service can assist you with completing the cancellation steps.

Alternatives to Full Cancellation

Instead of canceling FuboTV entirely, you may want to consider these alternatives:

  • Downgrade your plan – Switch to a cheaper package like Fubo Extra vs Fubo Elite to save money

  • Pause membership – You can temporarily suspend your account for 1-2 months instead of fully closing

  • Seasonal subscription – Cancel off-season then resume when sports seasons restart

  • Add-ons – Remove any premium add-ons to save on costs like DVR storage

  • Promo offers – Take advantage of limited time discounts to lower your bill for 6-12 months

  • Account sharing – Split costs with a friend or family member by sharing logins

Looking at those options can help you keep the FuboTV service you like while spending less on a monthly basis.

Which Streaming Service Should You Switch To?

If you do cancel FuboTV fully, which other live TV streaming provider should you switch to next? Here are some top options to consider:

YouTube TV – Excellent overall option with unlimited DVR storage and widespread app support. But lacks as strong sports coverage as FuboTV.

Hulu + Live TV – Get live TV integrated with Hulu‘s huge on-demand library. But fewer channels than FuboTV at same price point.

DirecTV Stream – Largest channel lineup by far but also the most expensive starting at $70/month.

Sling TV – One of the most affordable options to get basic live TV for just $35/month. But very limited DVR availability.

Take some time to trial a few alternatives with free periods and introductory discounts. Having the freedom to switch services month-to-month can be a nice perk of cord-cutting!

One Final Checklist Before You Cancel

Before you pull the plug on your FuboTV membership, here is a checklist of key things to do first:

  • Double check you have no pending recordings to watch in your DVR library

  • Update your payment method info with FuboTV if you‘ll use them again later

  • Review account details like watch history and favorites in case you rejoin

  • Link your FuboTV account with a social media or Google login for easy reactivation

  • Test out replacement services using free trials and introductory offers

  • Don‘t forget to come back and reactivate if you have second thoughts!

Following this checklist will make sure cancellation goes smoothly and set you up for success with alternative streaming options.

Now Go Enjoy FuboTV Before It Ends!

I hope this detailed cancellation guide equipped you with everything needed to successfully cancel your FuboTV subscription. But my last piece of advice? Continue enjoying FuboTV until that access expires!

Take advantage of all your favorite sports, news and entertainment until the very last day. Have a blast with the service while you still can. Then when the time comes to say goodbye, you‘ll have no regrets or unfinished business.

Thanks for reading and best of luck with whichever streaming TV service you move onto next! Canceling FuboTV opens up lots of new possibilities.