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How to Easily Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership in 3 Steps

Ready to cancel your Planet Fitness membership? Gym contracts can be difficult to break, but not impossible with the right game plan.

In this guide, you‘ll learn how to cancel Planet Fitness in person or by mail, with detailed steps to make it as quick and hassle-free as possible.

We‘ll cover:

  • The 3 step process to cancel in person
  • How to cancel your membership by mailing a letter
  • Tips to avoid headaches and get it done smoothly
  • What to do if you have an annual contract
  • Getting reimbursement for any charges after cancellation
  • Options if they refuse to process your cancellation

Let‘s get started!

Why Cancelling Planet Fitness is a Pain

Before we dive in, let‘s look at why canceling a Planet Fitness membership is such a notoriously tough process:

  • No online or phone cancellations – Unlike most subscriptions today, you can‘t cancel over the website or with a simple call.

  • In-person hassle – Cancelling in the gym itself means dealing with staff pressuring you to stay.

  • Specific location requirement – You have to cancel at the exact location you signed up at.

  • No refunds – Annual members have to fight to get reimbursement for unused months after canceling.

  • Cancellation letter requirements – Letters must have specific details or they can claim it‘s invalid and delay cancellation.

According to market research firm The NPD Group, nearly 1 in 5 people have the gym membership they don‘t use. Yet gyms deliberately make it difficult to quit.

Planet Fitness relies on this model, trying to retain members who have lost motivation to keep collecting monthly fees. But with determination, you can take back control of your membership.

Now let‘s walk through how to cancel Planet Fitness in person or by mail step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Cancelling In Person

Cancelling your membership at the gym in person is the fastest way to terminate your contract. But it also means contending with the front desk trying to dissuade you.

Here are tips to cancel Planet Fitness at the location smoothly:

1. Go to the Planet Fitness Location You Originally Joined

You must cancel in person at the specific gym where you purchased your membership. Before heading in, call Planet Fitness customer service at 800-294-0000 to verify which location has you in their system if you‘re unsure.

2. Request a Membership Cancellation Form at the Front Desk

Walk up to the front desk and inform them you want to cancel your membership. Specifically request a “membership cancellation form.”

Be prepared for them to:

  • Offer discounts or other incentives to stay
  • Encourage putting your account on hold instead of cancelling
  • Question your reasons for cancelling

Politely but firmly insist on cancelling and obtaining the cancellation paperwork. Don‘t get sucked into negotiating or justifying your decision.

3. Fill Out and Submit the Cancellation Paperwork

Once you have the cancellation form, promptly fill it out with:

  • Your name
  • Member ID
  • Last billing date
  • Reason for cancellation
  • Signature and date

Turn it into the front desk staff. They may claim it will be processed by the sales team, who will call you. You can disregard any calls attempting to retain you – the form alone will cancel your membership on the date indicated.

And that‘s it! After your next billing cycle, your Planet Fitness membership will be officially over.

Tips to Cancel Planet Fitness In Person Smoothly:

  • Bring a copy of your contract – In case there are disputes over your agreement terms.

  • Go on a less busy day/time – Avoid peak gym hours for shorter wait times and fewer witnesses to staff hassling you.

  • Bring someone for moral support – A partner, friend or family member can help you stand your ground.

  • Get cancellation confirmation – Request an email or physical letter confirming your membership termination date.

  • Avoid month-to-month payments – Cancelling is more difficult if you pay monthly versus annually.

Canceling your gym membership in person takes courage, but cuts ties quickly. Now let‘s review how to cancel Planet Fitness by mail if heading to the gym is too much.

How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership by Mail

To cancel your Planet Fitness membership without face-to-face interaction, you can send a physical cancellation letter.

While more tedious than in-person cancellation, this prevents having to deal with retention tactics pressuring you to stay.

Here are the steps to cancel by mail:

1. Write a Cancellation Letter With Specific Details

Write a letter stating you want to cancel your Planet Fitness membership right away.

The letter must include:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • Last 4 digits of the credit card on file
  • Planet Fitness membership number
  • Signature

If any of this is missing, they may intentionally delay processing your request. Prevent this by double checking all required details are in your letter.

2. Print and Sign the Letter

Print your cancellation letter, then sign it by hand. Sending a real paper letter makes things more official than an email which they could "lose."

3. Mail the Letter to the Planet Fitness Location You Joined

Put your printed and signed letter in an envelope, address it to the specific Planet Fitness location where you signed up, and drop it in the mail.

For fastest processing, send your letter via certified mail with tracking and return receipt. This provides delivery confirmation they can‘t refute if they claim they never received it.

Once the gym receives your letter, your membership will be cancelled on your next billing date.

Tips for a Smooth Cancellation Process

Planet Fitness will try their best to prevent you from cancelling. Here are some tips to stay strong and avoid headaches:

  • Send your letter certified mail for tracking and delivery confirmation

  • Follow up if needed to confirm they received your letter and processed the cancellation

  • Avoid month-to-month payments – cancelling is harder than with annual contracts

  • Cancel during a motivation lull – like right after the New Year‘s rush ends

  • Have a new workout plan lined up – joining a new gym or studio can help stay motivated

  • Focus on the financial benefits – no longer wasting money on an unused membership

With determination, you can overcomePlanet Fitness‘ anti-cancellation tactics. Now let‘s look at what to do in specific cancellation scenarios.

What If I Have an Annual Contract?

If you prepaid for an annual Planet Fitness membership, cancelling means losing out on any remaining months you already paid for.

In this case, here are your options:

  • Negotiate a refund – Politely but firmly request a partial refund for the unused portion. If they refuse, keep escalating.

  • Initiate a chargeback – You can request your credit card reverse the charges since you did not receive full services paid for.

  • Leave feedback online – Post a negative review detailing how they wouldn‘t reimburse you. The threat of public feedback may incentivize them to refund you.

  • Consult your state laws – Some states require gyms to provide refunds for prepaid services not rendered. Check if any apply in your case.

  • Take legal action – As a last resort, you may have grounds to sue in small claims court for the prorated amount back.

The threat of your time and potential legal expenses may motivate them to just reimburse you. Don‘t let them keep your hard-earned money for services you won‘t use!

How Do I Get Reimbursed for Charges After Cancellation?

If Planet Fitness keeps charging you after you already cancelled, contact your credit card company and initiate a chargeback.

Explain that you cancelled the membership on X date, but continued to be billed. Provide any cancellation confirmation you received from Planet Fitness as evidence.

Here are also tips to prevent post-cancellation charges:

  • Review your statements for 1-2 billing cycles after to ensure charges ceased

  • Change your credit card number so they can‘t keep auto-billing the old one

  • Have the cancellation date align with when your annual contract expires

With vigilance, you can make sure not a penny goes to Planet Fitness after your membership ends.

What If Planet Fitness Refuses to Cancel My Membership?

If you follow all cancellation steps but Planet Fitness still refuses to terminate your contract, you have options to fight it:

  • Complain to corporate – Escalate to their corporate office if the local gym refuses to cooperate.

  • Report them – File complaints with the FTC, state attorney general‘s office, and BBB detailing their refusal to cancel.

  • Leave reviews – Post negative reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook explaining how they scamming you into an involuntary membership.

  • Chargeback monthly fees – Talk to your credit card company about reversing the fraudulent charges.

  • Take legal action – You may have grounds to sue in small claims court. Some lawyers assist with gym membership issues specifically.

With persistence, you can force their hand into releasing you from the membership. Don‘t let them bully you into paying for something you don‘t want!

Enjoy Your Life After Planet Fitness

As frustrating as canceling Planet Fitness can be, take comfort knowing there is power in your choices. You have decided this membership no longer suits your needs or budget.

Once you wrap up that final cancellation step, go celebrate your freed up schedule and freed up monthly cash.

Then delight in the world of possibilities now open to you without that burdensome gym contract tying you down. The confidence of taking control back will feel amazing.

You‘ve got this! Here‘s to a healthy, happy, and financially sound future.