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How to Change Your Email on Etsy Account

As a pioneering force in unique e-commerce, Etsy relies heavily on email to power communications between its over 90 million members. But what if you need to change the email associated with your Etsy account? This expert guide will walk through the steps to update your address, plus provide background details on Etsy‘s infrastructure, analysis of email security and privacy, and tips for consolidated account management.

The Evolution of Etsy‘s Global Email Platform

Etsy originated in 2005 as a marketplace for selling handmade and vintage goods, linked to the growing maker culture of artisans and crafters. After exponential growth, the company held an IPO in 2015 and now hosts over 60 million buyers and sellers worldwide. To fuel this expansion, Etsy operates a high-volume email platform relying on providers like SendGrid to optimize deliverability rates.

According to Etsy‘s 2021 annual report, they facilitate well over 1 billion email messages yearly. These automated notifications cover order confirmations, shipping updates, conversations, and reviews to cleanly facilitate transactions on a global scale. As Etsy acquired expanded marketplaces like musical instrument resale site Reverb and streetwear hub Depop, the email platform seamlessly scaled to new members.

Managing this immense volume of email underscored the need for members to be able to update their addresses. Reliable notifications ensure confidence around purchases, shipping, and reviews. That‘s why the streamlined process outlined in this guide lets members change their email, no matter the reason.

Why Update Your Etsy Account Email Address?

Enhanced Security for Compromised Accounts

With over 15 billion stolen login credentials circulating on the dark web, security researchers cite the critical need to change account passwords and emails. Even robust platforms like Etsy can have compromised member accounts, often due to password reuse instead of direct system breaches.

Updating your email allows you to instantly re-secure an account that may have had its login details exposed. Etsy also allows enabling two-factor authentication for enhanced account protection going forward.

Increased Privacy Around Email Inboxes

In an era of heightened privacy concerns, some Etsy members choose to minimize associations around their personal email addresses. Although inboxes themselves have privacy protections, email addresses can still be traced or tracked without consent.

That‘s why the option to fully change an Etsy email address allows members to mask their identity from unwanted solicitation. For those requiring true anonymity, specialized temporary email services can funnel Etsy notifications as needed.

Consolidated Account Management

With e-commerce diversifying across platforms, many sellers leverage multiple channels simultaneously, like online storefronts, social media outlets, and managed marketplaces. This can make tracking all the orders complicated when each has separate email notifications.

By routing all Etsy correspondence to a unified email account, sellers can simplify order management instead of checking an overflowing inbox. The Etsy platform easily facilitates this consolidation by giving members easy email changing capability.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Change Email

Follow these straightforward steps to update your email address logged into the Etsy platform:

Step 1 – Log Into Your Etsy Account

Visit and click "Sign In" at top right. Enter your current login email and password to access your account.

Step 2 – Access Account Settings

Click your profile icon next to the cart and select "Account Settings" from the dropdown menu.

Step 3 – Locate Email Settings

Under Account Details, click on "Email" to view your email address notification settings.

Step 4 – Enter New Email Address

In New Email/Confirm Email fields, enter the updated address to associate with your Etsy account along with your account password.

Step 5 – Confirm Changed Email

Check your previous email inbox for a security code from Etsy and enter it to authorize the email change request.

Expert Tips for Changing Email on Etsy

Utilize these additional recommendations from digital privacy analysts when changing your Etsy email:

  • Enable two-factor authentication for enhanced login security
  • Use a password manager to generate and store unique complex passwords
  • Choose an email provider offering confidentiality protection
  • Periodically audit notification settings to customize as needed
  • Associate a secondary contact email as a backup measure

Frequently Asked Questions

Consult answers to these popular questions around modifying your Etsy account email:

What if I don‘t receive the security code email from Etsy when changing my email?

  • Check spam folders and email filters for the missing message
  • Use Etsy‘s "Resend Code" link to have a new security code emailed up to 5 times
  • Change email first to a interim address you control before your final desired email

Can I have multiple emails associated with my Etsy purchase notifications?

Yes, in your Etsy notification settings you can add secondary email addresses to also receive updates. This allows you to consolidate notifications across several inboxes.

Can buyers and sellers still contact me if I change my email address?

Your public contact email shown on your Etsy profile remains visible to members when communicating with you. Only your private login email used at is changed.

Can I reply to Etsy transactional emails to respond to buyers and sellers?

Certain emails like conversations and some messages do allow direct replies. However purely informational notifications like shipping updates do not offer reply capability.

The Bottom Line

With cyber threats multiplying and privacy becoming paramount, properly controlling your Etsy account credentials contributes to security and confidentiality. The simple email change process outlined here leverages Etsy‘s own internal safeguards to enable seamless account management.