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How to Send Confetti in iMessage (With Photos)

Do you ever want to add a little extra sparkle ✨ to your iMessages? Sending a text with a confetti animation is a fun way to celebrate birthdays, congratulations, or any exciting life moments with friends and family.

In this easy guide, I‘ll explain exactly how to send confetti in iMessage on your iPhone, step-by-step with helpful screenshots. I‘ll also share some tips for using it appropriately, the history of animated messages, and examples of when confetti texts are perfect to brighten someone‘s day.

Let‘s get started sprinkling some digital confetti!

Step 1: Type Out Your Message

First, open up the Messages app on your iPhone and select the conversation where you want to send animated confetti.

This will open up the familiar iMessage text field at the bottom of the screen. The text field has a white background, with a blue send button on the right side.

Go ahead and type out whatever message you want to send! For example:

"Congratulations on your engagement! So happy for you both!"

iMessage app open with text typed reading Congratulations on your engagement

Type your text as normal in the iMessage text field. (Credit: Apple)

Step 2: Long Press the Send Button

This is where the magic happens!

Instead of tapping send right away, press and hold your finger down on the blue send button. You‘ll need to hold for about 1 second.

Once you‘ve held long enough, you‘ll see the messaging screen transform into a menu of special bubble and screen effects!

Finger held long press on iMessage blue send button

Keep your finger held down on the blue send button to access animation effects.

Step 3: Select the "Screen" Tab

Along the top of the special effects screen, you‘ll see two tabs:

  • Bubble: Adds effects like echo or spotlight to the message bubble

  • Screen: Fills the entire screen with an animation

You want the "Screen" tab!

Tap on "Screen" to access the full-screen animations like confetti.

iMessage effects menu showing Screen tab selected

Tap the "Screen" tab to access the confetti effect.

Step 4: Choose the Confetti Animation

On the Screen effects page, you‘ll see some default options like:

  • Echo
  • Lasers
  • Fireworks

Go ahead and swipe left through the options until you reach the one called "Confetti." It looks like rainbow confetti firing downwards.

Once you see it, tap the confetti animation to select it.

iMessage screen effects showing confetti animation

Select the confetti animation to send your text with a burst of festive confetti.

Step 5: Hit Send!

Now you‘re all set to send your message bursting with celebratory confetti!

Simply tap the blue Send button at the bottom of the screen and your animated text will be on its way.

iPhone conversation thread showing congratulatory message sent with confetti animation

The confetti animation will display across the recipient‘s entire screen.

And that‘s it! With just a few simple taps, your messages can stand out with exciting confetti animations perfect for congratulations, birthdays, celebrations and more.

Handy Tips for Sending Confetti in iMessage

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when sending animations:

  • Only latest iPhones will see the animation – The recipient must have iOS 10 or later to view the confetti. Older iOS versions will only see the text "Sent with Confetti".

  • Don‘t overuse it! – Sending confetti on every single message is obnoxious. Save it for special occasions.

  • Try other animations – In addition to confetti, you can send balloons, lasers, fireworks and more. Just swipe through the "Screen" tab.

  • Undo recently sent animations – If you accidentally send the wrong animation, quickly undo it as long as the recipient hasn‘t read it yet.

History of Animated Messages on iPhone

It may surprise you to learn that digital animated messages have been around since the early days of mobile messaging!

In 1996, AOL introduced similar animated screens like confetti or fireworks when sending celebratory messages on AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). These effects helped convey excitement and congratulations across early internet messaging platforms.

Apple then acquired this idea and introduced full-screen animations and bubble effects to iPhone messaging in 2016 with iOS 10.

According to Analytics, over 60 billion iMessages are sent per day in 2022. With tons of engagement, Apple continues to expand messaging capabilities in creative ways.

Here are some examples of new iMessage features added over the years:

  • 2011 – Introduction of iMessage
  • 2014 – Audio messages
  • 2015 – Photos and videos
  • 2016 – Screen effects, bubble effects, Digital Touch
  • 2017 – App Store for iMessage apps and stickers
  • 2022 – SharePlay integration

The simple paper confetti toss has symbolized celebration and joy across cultures for centuries. Apple brought that festive tradition into the digital age so you can spread happiness to loved ones with just a few taps.

Perfect Occasions to Send Animated Confetti

Wondering when to send festive confetti iMessages? Here are some ideal situations:

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Promotions or new jobs
  • Engagements or weddings
  • Retirements
  • New home purchase
  • Baby announcements
  • Holiday greetings

Any congratulatory or celebratory moment is perfect for sending a burst of excitement and positivity to brighten someone‘s day.

For example, when your cousin announces her pregnancy, send "So excited for you!" with a shower of digital confetti. Or when your friend shares the news of his promotion at work, sprinkle virtual confetti on a congratulatory message.

It only takes a few seconds to send but will put a big smile on loved ones‘ faces!

Let‘s Get This Confetti Party Started!

Now you know exactly how to send confetti animations in your texts for birthdays, congratulations, holidays and more.

With this simple guide, you can easily:

  1. Type out a message
  2. Long press the blue send button
  3. Choose the "Screen" tab
  4. Select the confetti animation
  5. Hit send!

So next time you want to make someone‘s day extra special, go ahead and shower their screen with festive confetti in just a few fun taps.