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How to Seamlessly Share Audio during Your Next Zoom Meeting

Have you ever wanted to play a sound clip, demo some software, or share ambient sounds during a Zoom meeting? Zoom‘s audio sharing feature lets you broadcast audio from your computer to enhance presentations and discussions.

In this guide, I‘ll provide easy step-by-step instructions on how to share audio in Zoom meetings on both desktop and mobile. I‘ll also share expert tips and best practices to help you integrate audio seamlessly.

Ready to level up your next Zoom call? Let‘s get started!

Why Share Audio on Zoom?

Before we dive in, let‘s look at some of the most common use cases for sharing audio during Zoom meetings:

  • Presenting audio/video clips – Play soundtrack samples for your music class, share news clips for your journalism meetup, or show video demos to colleagues.

  • Software demos – Show off the sounds and music from your software or app by sharing your full computer audio.

  • Ambient sounds – Set the scene with office background noise during a remote work meetup or play tropical sounds for your virtual beach party!

  • Music & entertainment – DJ your next virtual dance party or perform music live for an online recital.

According to Zoom, usage has skyrocketed since 2020 – both free and paid Zoom Meeting attendees went up by more than 2300%! With so many presentations and demos now being done remotely, the ability to share audio can be a game changer.

Sharing Audio at the Start of a Zoom Meeting

Getting audio sharing right from the start ensures your meeting presentation goes smoothly. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Your Zoom Desktop App

Double click the Zoom app icon on your computer to launch the desktop app.

Step 2: Click "New Meeting"

On the Zoom home screen, click the blue New Meeting button to start an instant meeting.

Alternatively, you can join an existing meeting by entering the meeting ID provided by the host.

Zoom home screen with New Meeting button

Step 3: Check "Join with Computer Audio"

In the pop-up window, check the box next to Join with Computer Audio to instantly share your audio.

Joining Zoom meeting with computer audio

Once you click Join, your audio will be shared with meeting participants right from the start!

Now you can seamlessly present audio clips, software demos, or music without any pauses or delays before presenting.

Activating Audio Sharing Mid-Meeting

Don‘t panic if you forget to enable audio sharing at the start! You can easily activate it anytime during an ongoing meeting.

Step 1: Click "Share Screen"

During your Zoom meeting, click the green Share Screen button located at the bottom toolbar.

Share screen button in Zoom app

Step 2: Check "Share Computer Sound"

In the screen sharing window, check the box for Share Computer Sound before clicking Share.

Checking Share Computer Sound option

Your audio will now be shared! Click Share Screen again to stop sharing when done.

According to Zoom, over 44% of users share their screen at some point during meetings to present information visually. By also sharing computer audio, you can maximize the impact of your presentation.

Sharing Just Audio (No Screen)

Sometimes you might only need to share standalone audio without screen sharing. Here‘s how:

Step 1: Click "Share Screen" then "Advanced"

Access the advanced screen sharing options.

Accessing Advanced screen sharing

Step 2: Double Click "Computer Audio"

Double click the Computer Audio option to initiate audio-only sharing.

Sharing just computer audio on Zoom

Now your fellow meeting attendees will hear your system audio without seeing your screen.

According to remote work experts, sharing only computer audio can be useful for things like playing ambient background sounds to set the mood or providing audio-only demos.

Sharing Audio on Mobile

Zoom audio sharing works great on mobile too. Follow these steps in the Zoom mobile app:

Step 1: Join Your Meeting

Open the Zoom mobile app and join your meeting. Tap Join if prompted for audio.

Step 2: Tap "Share" then "Screen"

Tap the Share button at the bottom then select Screen from the share sheet.

Share screen on mobile Zoom

Step 3: Tap "Share Audio"

You‘ll return to your home screen with a Zoom banner. Tap Share Audio.

Sharing audio on mobile Zoom

Now your mobile audio will be shared in the meeting! When you‘re done, swipe up from the banner and tap Stop Share.

Expert Tips for Seamless Zoom Audio Sharing

To ensure your shared audio comes through clearly, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use headphones – This prevents echo or feedback and provides the clearest sound.

  • Position your mic well – Place it close enough to pick up audio but not so close that it sounds muffled.

  • Test audio ahead of time – Double check that others can hear it clearly before your actual presentation.

  • Adjust system volume – Make sure volume is loud enough to be heard but not painfully loud.

  • Plan transitions – Queue up any audio or videos ahead so you can switch seamlessly during the meeting.

  • Check your levels – Monitor the audio levels shown in Zoom to make sure your audio is coming through.

  • Silence notifications – Pause apps like email to prevent disruptive dings and alert sounds.

Audio Sharing Etiquette

When sharing audio in meetings, be mindful of your fellow participants:

  • Notify attendees that you‘ll be sharing audio so they can prepare.

  • Keep shared audio at a reasonable volume to avoid blasting attendees.

  • Avoid sharing distracting or inappropriate sounds and music.

  • Monitor chat and reactions to gauge if your audio level is appropriate.

  • Offer alternatives such as transcripts or descriptions if attendees have trouble hearing.

Troubleshooting Tips

Having issues sharing your audio? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Rejoin computer audio – Disconnect and rejoin your computer audio in Zoom.

  • Check app permissions – Make sure Zoom has access to your microphone/speakers.

  • Change audio input – Try selecting a different mic or audio source in Zoom settings.

  • Restart apps & computer – Close and relaunch Zoom app or reboot computer if needed.

  • Update Zoom – Install latest Zoom update in case it‘s a bug.

  • Get closer to mic – Your mic may be having trouble picking up the audio.

  • Check audio cables – Make sure headphones/speakers are properly plugged in.

  • Test speakers – Play audio outside Zoom to confirm your speakers work.

Amp Up Your Next Zoom Meeting

There you have it – a step-by-step guide to seamlessly sharing computer audio during Zoom meetings for impactful presentations. With the right setup and preparation, you can share music, videos, or demos without a hitch.

I hope these tips help you confidently integrate audio into your next online class, remote work meeting, or virtual party. Just don‘t forget to stop the share when you‘re done!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to help fellow Zoom users master their presentation skills.