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How to Turn Off the Pop-up Blocker on Your iPhone

Let‘s walk through exactly how to disable the pop-up blocker on your iPhone. Pop-up blockers prevent pop-up windows and ads from appearing while you browse the web. While helpful, they can also block desired content.

I‘ll provide step-by-step instructions below on turning off pop-up blocking in both Safari and Chrome browsers. You‘ll also learn:

  • What pop-up blockers do
  • The pros and cons of disabling them
  • Additional options beyond fully disabling the blocker

By the end of this guide, you‘ll know how to allow pop-ups selectively on your iPhone to access blocked content.

What Exactly is a Pop-up Blocker?

A pop-up blocker is a tool that stops pop-up windows from opening while you browse the web. Pop-up windows often contain ads, notifications, or other promotional content.

According to 2021 statistics from Statista, 91% of desktop and mobile browsers have pop-up blocking enabled. They‘ve become a standard feature aimed at improving the browsing experience by preventing intrusive pop-up ads.

However, pop-up blockers don‘t just block annoying ads. They can also prevent important notifications, videos, forms, and other website functionality displayed in pop-up windows. In these cases, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.

Step-by-Step: How to Turn Off Pop-up Blocking in Safari

The Safari browser on your iPhone has pop-up blocking turned on by default. Here‘s how to disable this feature:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone‘s home screen. Tap the gray gear icon to launch Settings.

  2. Scroll down and tap "Safari" to open Safari‘s settings.

  3. Under the "General" section, look for the "Block Pop-ups" setting.

  4. Tap the switch next to "Block Pop-ups" to turn it from green to gray. This disables the pop-up blocking feature.

GIF showing how to toggle off pop-up blocker in Safari settings

With pop-up blocking disabled in Safari, any pop-ups on websites you visit will now be allowed to display.

Allowing Pop-ups in Chrome for iPhone

If Chrome is your preferred iPhone browser, here are the steps to allow pop-ups:

  1. Launch the Chrome app.
  2. Tap the three-dot menu button in the bottom right.
  3. Select "Settings" from the menu.
  4. Tap "Site settings" under the "Privacy and security" section.
  5. Select "Pop-ups and redirects".
  6. Toggle the "Blocked" switch off so that it turns gray.

Chrome will now show any pop-ups that appear while browsing.

Animation showing how to enable pop-ups in Chrome iOS

Pop-up Blocking Compared Across Mobile Browsers

Here‘s a comparison of pop-up blocking features across the top mobile browsers:

Browser Blocking Enabled by Default How to Disable
Safari Yes Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups
Chrome Yes Settings > Site Settings > Pop-ups
Firefox Yes Settings > Content Blocking > Uncheck Pop-ups
Microsoft Edge Yes Settings > Content Blockers > Allow Pop-ups
Opera Yes Settings > Block Pop-ups

The Pros and Cons of Disabling Pop-up Blockers

Allowing pop-ups on your iPhone by turning off the blocker has some advantages:


  • See website alerts and notifications delivered via pop-ups
  • Access videos, forms, or other content displayed in pop-up windows
  • Display relevant pop-up ads tailored to your browsing


  • More intrusive pop-up ads and slower webpage loading
  • Malicious sites may show fake pop-up warnings and dialogs
  • Scam pop-up ads could lead to accidental taps and redirects

According to TechCrunch, malicious pop-up ads increased 30% in 2022. So while allowing pop-ups provides benefits, it also opens you up to risks.

Beyond Disabling: Customize Your Pop-up Blocker

Rather than completely disabling your pop-up blocker, consider customizing it for a balance:

  • Whitelist specific sites to always allow pop-ups from.
  • Blacklist known annoying or malicious sites.
  • Adjust notifications settings on websites to allow desired alerts.
  • Use private browsing mode selectively when needed.

Safari and Chrome also let you customize exactly which sites are allowed or blocked from showing pop-ups. Take time to tailor your blocker for maximum control.

Let Your Pop-ups Through – When Appropriate

Now you know how to disable pop-up blocking on your iPhone to access desired content. Just keep in mind the privacy and security risks of allowing unwanted pop-ups.

Use these skills selectively when you need full functionality on specific websites or want to view tailored pop-up ads. With great power comes great responsibility!