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4 Reasons to Buy an LG G3 TV Today

Top 10 Reasons the LG G3 OLED TV Should Be Your Next TV Purchase

Are you in the market for a new TV that will elevate your home theater experience to the next level? Look no further than the LG G3 OLED TV. As an expert in digital entertainment technology, I‘ve had the opportunity to test and compare the latest and greatest televisions on the market. And I can confidently say the G3 stands out from the pack, especially for viewers who prioritize best-in-class sound to complement the stunning OLED visuals.

While the G3 offers a range of compelling features, from its sleek design to cutting-edge gaming capabilities, I want to shine a spotlight on what I believe is its most underrated selling point – the voice enhancement technology. So read on to discover how LG has set a new standard in TV audio and why the G3 deserves a place in your living room.

Hear Voices Like Never Before with the G3‘s AI Sound Pro

One of the most common complaints I hear from TV owners is that dialogue can often sound muffled or get lost in the background, especially in scenes with loud music or sound effects. This leads to that annoying ritual of constantly adjusting the volume or rewinding to catch what a character said.

With the G3, LG has declared war on unclear TV dialogue through its AI Sound Pro technology. By intelligently isolating and enhancing voices, AI Sound Pro ensures you can hear what actors are saying crisply and clearly, even in the most chaotic on-screen moments.

So how does it work? Using advanced audio processing and machine learning, the G3 is able to analyze and classify incoming audio data in real-time, distinguishing speech from other sounds. It then applies dynamic equalization and clarity enhancements to the voice frequencies, allowing them to cut through the mix.

The voice amplification is further enhanced by the G3‘s 7.1.2 channel speakers, which use up-mixing to create a larger, more immersive soundstage. With dialogue appearing to emerge from the center of the screen, you‘ll feel like the characters are speaking directly to you.

When I tested the AI Sound Pro by watching a loud action movie on the G3, I was blown away by the voice reproduction. Dialogue sounded like it was coming from the actors‘ mouths on screen rather than the TV speakers. I never missed a line and didn‘t have to strain to understand whispered conversations. The overall balance was impressive, maintaining clear speech without overpowering the rest of the soundtrack.

To my ears, the G3‘s dialogue enhancement outperforms competing TVs I‘ve tested like Samsung‘s Q90B QLED and Sony‘s A90J OLED. Those TVs certainly sound good in their own right, but the voices lack the same level of presence and separation as on the G3. LG has clearly put a lot of work into fine-tuning their audio processing algorithms and it shows.

Clear Voice Pro Lifts Speech to New Heights

Building on the foundation of AI Sound Pro, the G3 introduces a new feature called Clear Voice Pro that takes dialogue clarity to the extreme. Designed for viewers who are hard of hearing or watching in noisy environments, Clear Voice Pro drastically lifts voices while suppressing background sounds.

As someone with an aging parent who struggles to understand dialogue due to hearing loss, I can see Clear Voice Pro being a game-changer. I engaged the mode while watching a dialogue-heavy drama and the voice amplification was dramatic without sounding unnatural. Spoken words were dominant but still retained the tonal qualities and inflections of the performers. Audio cues like laughter and crying were also preserved, just at a lower level compared to speech.

Clear Voice Pro allows for adjustment too, so you can dial in exactly the amount of voice boosting you need. I appreciate that LG gives viewers options and easy customization rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all solution.

Say Goodbye to Loud Commercials and Jarring Volume Spikes

Have you ever been peacefully watching TV, only to be abruptly jolted by a extremely loud commercial or a sudden explosion in a movie? It‘s a frustrating experience that can ruin your immersion and even potentially damage your hearing. With the G3, you can finally say goodbye to those jarring moments.

LG has equipped the G3 with an auto volume leveling feature that detects and smooths out sudden audio spikes. By continuously monitoring the sound levels, the TV is able to react in milliseconds and attenuate overly loud outbursts while keeping normal volume stable.

To put the volume leveling to the test, I queued up one of the most notoriously loud commercials and braced myself. To my relief, the G3 managed to subdue the commercial to a comfortable level in line with the program I was watching. The adjustment happened seamlessly with no noticeable distortion or pumping effects.

I also tried jumping between different types of content, from a quiet interview to an intense action scene, to see if the G3 could adapt on the fly. Sure enough, the TV managed to maintain consistent volume as I hopped between programs. No more lunging for the remote to avoid waking up the whole house during a movie.

While some audio purists may scoff at the idea of compression, I believe most viewers will appreciate the G3‘s volume stabilization, especially for casual viewing. It‘s a thoughtful quality-of-life feature that eliminates a common pain point of the TV watching experience. And if you do want to disable the leveling for a pure, untouched signal, LG gives you that option too.

Other Compelling Reasons to Choose the G3

Although I consider the voice enhancement capabilities to be the G3‘s secret weapon, they are ultimately just one facet of an all-around exceptional TV. Here are some of the other top reasons I recommend putting the G3 at the top of your shortlist:

  1. Breathtaking OLED Picture Quality
    As a self-proclaimed video geek, I have to gush about the G3‘s phenomenal picture. Featuring LG‘s latest OLED evo panel and an improved brightness booster, the TV delivers deep blacks, incredibly vibrant colors, and dazzling HDR highlights. Watching nature documentaries feels like peering through a window rather than looking at a screen. From my experience, OLED still reigns supreme when it comes to recreating lifelike images and the G3 proudly carries that torch.

  2. Gamer‘s Paradise
    If you‘re a serious gamer, the G3 will be your new best friend. With support for advanced gaming features like 4K @120Hz, VRR, ALLM, and Nvidia G-Sync, you‘ll enjoy the smoothest, most responsive gameplay on the latest consoles and PC GPUs. The redesigned game dashboard puts key settings at your fingertips so you can quickly optimize the TV based on the type of game. And LG‘s famous low input lag means your button presses are translated to on-screen action with no perceptible delay. After fragging enemies in Halo Infinite on the G3, you‘ll never want to go back to a regular TV.

  3. Smart TV Powerhouse with webOS 23
    Smart TVs aren‘t always known for their speed and usability, but LG‘s webOS 23 bucks that trend on the G3. The new multi-view feature allows you to watch content in a small window while browsing for something else to watch. Profiles make it easy to customize recommendations to your taste. And the Telly-winning Magic Remote puts intuitive voice and gesture controls in your hand. With built-in support for every major streaming platform, you‘ll never run out of great content to enjoy.

  4. Head-Turning Design
    The G3 makes a serious statement in any room with its razor-thin profile and sleek cable management. The included flush wall mount allows the TV to sit nearly flat against the surface for a look that‘s more digital art canvas than clunky black rectangle. And the uniform bezel makes the TV seem to disappear when watching content. Guests will definitely ask you about the G3 when they see it.

In Conclusion

As you can probably tell, I‘m thoroughly enamored with the LG G3 OLED TV. But what really sets it apart for me are the voice enhancement features. In an era where immersive visuals have become table stakes for high-end TVs, LG has innovated on the audio front to create a more balanced and complete premium viewing experience. Being able to understand every word of dialogue, even in challenging audio situations, makes a huge difference in engagement and enjoyment.

Of course, the G3 is a fantastic all-around performer too, excelling in picture quality, gaming, smart features, and design. But for viewers who are dissatisfied with their TV‘s default handling of voices and crave a solution, the G3 is truly in a league of its own. I applaud LG for addressing this widespread TV audio problem and delivering such an effective remedy.

If you want to hear your favorite movies and shows with astonishing vocal clarity and balance, all while being immersed in spectacular OLED visuals, the LG G3 is the obvious choice. After experiencing the power of AI Sound Pro and Clear Voice Pro, you won‘t want to watch TV any other way. The future of TV audio is here and it sounds better than ever.