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The Symbols and Icons on Twitter (X): What Are They?

Twitter has undergone some major changes recently, including rebranding as ‘X‘ and introducing new subscription tiers like Twitter Blue. With all these changes, even experienced users may find the array of symbols and icons confusing.

This comprehensive guide will explain the purpose of every symbol and icon you‘ll encounter on Twitter‘s website and mobile apps. Whether you‘re posting tweets or simply scrolling through your feed, this guide will help you navigate Twitter‘s icons like a pro.

Twitter Symbols & Icons on the Web Browser

Let‘s start by looking at the icons and symbols you‘ll see when using Twitter on your computer‘s web browser.

Symbols & Icons for Creating Tweets

When composing a new tweet, you‘ll see a toolbar at the bottom with several icons:
media icon Media – Add photos, videos, or GIFs to your tweet.
gif icon GIFs – Search for the perfect reaction GIF to insert.
polls icon Polls – Create a poll to survey your followers.
emoji icon Emojis – Spice up your tweet with emojis.
schedule icon Schedule – Schedule your tweet to post at a future date/time.
location icon Location – Tag your location on the tweet.
bold icon Bold – Bold your text.
italics icon Italics – Italicize your text.
These icons allow you to customize your tweets and make them more visually engaging.

Icons On Other Users‘ Tweets

When looking at tweets from people you follow, you‘ll see a different set of icons for interacting:
comment icon Comment – Reply to the tweet.
retweet icon Retweet – Repost the tweet to your followers.
like icon Like – Show support by liking the tweet.
bookmark icon Bookmark – Bookmark the tweet to easily find it later.
share icon Share – Share the tweet externally via DM, email, etc.
analytics icon Analytics – See stats like impressions for the tweet.
These icons allow you to engage and interact with tweets from other users.

Menu Bar Icons

Along the left side of the Twitter website, you‘ll see a menu bar with the following icons:
home icon Home – Return to your Twitter feed.
search icon Search – Search Twitter for keywords, accounts, or topics.
notifications icon Notifications – See notifications for likes, retweets, etc.
messages icon Messages – Access your private messages.
lists icon Lists – Manage your Twitter lists.
communities icon Communities – Join topic-based communities.
verified icon Verified – Apply for account verification (blue checkmark).
profile icon Profile – Access your Twitter profile.
⚙️ More – Additional settings like dark mode, accessibility, etc.

📝 Tweet – Compose a new tweet.

📷 Profile Pic – Change user accounts.

These icons provide quick access to Twitter‘s various features and menus.

Twitter Symbols & Icons on Mobile

Now let‘s look at the main Twitter icons you‘ll see on iOS and Android mobile apps.

Twitter Icons on iOS

home icon Home
search icon Search
communities icon Communities
notifications icon Notifications
messages icon Messages
comment icon Comment
retweet icon Retweet
like icon Like
analytics icon Analytics
Tap your profile icon to access additional options.

Twitter Icons on Android

The Android Twitter app is very similar, with one difference – the Spaces icon:
home icon Home
search icon Search
spaces icon Spaces – Live audio chats
communities icon Communities
notifications icon Notifications
messages icon Messages
comment icon Comment
retweet icon Retweet
like icon Like
analytics icon Analytics


Whether you‘re a Twitter veteran or a new user trying to get acquainted, this guide covers all the main icons and symbols you‘ll encounter on desktop and mobile.

Understanding what these icons do will help you take full advantage of Twitter‘s many features and become a platform pro. The icons may continue to evolve over time, but this guide should provide a helpful reference as the changes roll out.

Next time you‘re puzzled by an unfamiliar icon, consult this guide for a quick refresher. With so many symbols packed onto one platform, even experienced users need a little help sometimes!