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Got a Blink Outdoor Camera with a Flashing Red Light? Let‘s Get It Working Again

Is your Blink Outdoor security camera signaling for help with a pesky blinking red light? Don‘t stress – we‘ll walk through how to troubleshoot and fix this step-by-step.

With some simple solutions, you can get your Blink camera operating properly again in no time. In this guide, you‘ll learn:

  • Common reasons for a blinking red light on a Blink Outdoor camera
  • Basic and advanced troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue
  • When to seek a replacement camera if problems persist

Follow along as we decode what that cryptic red light means and the best way to make it stop flashing.

Why Your Blink Outdoor Camera‘s Light is Blinking Red

Seeing a blinking red status light on your Blink Outdoor camera can be confusing and concerning. But don‘t worry – in most cases, it‘s an easy fix.

That red light is the camera‘s main diagnostic indicator. It‘s trying to communicate important information to help you troubleshoot problems.

Here are the most common reasons a Blink Outdoor camera flashes red:

Initial Setup Not Completed

If you recently installed your Blink Outdoor and the light blinks red, the camera likely hasn‘t finished the initial setup process.

Maybe the WiFi connection dropped mid-setup or you needed to switch networks. When setup doesn‘t fully complete, the red light flashes until setup finishes successfully.

Network Connectivity Issue

By far, the most common cause of a blinking status light is a wireless network problem. If the camera disconnects or can‘t communicate with your router, the light turns red.

Out-of-range signals, interference from other devices, firewall settings, and network outages can all cause connectivity problems.

Active Recording

When your Blink camera is actively recording video footage, the status light blinks red as a recording indicator. This is normal operation and lets you know motion was detected.

Low Battery

As batteries drain over time, the Blink Outdoor‘s status light will blink red when power gets critically low. This reminds you it‘s time to replace the batteries.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fix a Blink Camera Red Light

Now that you know what a blinking red light signifies, let‘s walk through some troubleshooting tips to resolve these issues:

Finish Initial Setup

If your Blink Outdoor camera was recently installed but hasn‘t finished the setup process, the red light will flash persistently.

To fix this:

  1. Remove batteries from the camera for 30 seconds
  2. Reinsert batteries
  3. In the Blink app, go through the setup process again, following all prompts
  4. Connect to your WiFi network
  5. Allow setup to fully complete

This should stop the blinking and let you finish configuring the camera.

Check Wireless Network Connection

Network problems are the most likely culprit for a blinking camera. To start troubleshooting:

  • Restart your router and camera
  • Verify WiFi works on other devices
  • Check the camera‘s position – is it in range?
  • Try moving the camera closer to the router
  • Remove obstructions between the camera and router

Still not working? Dive deeper:

  • Log into your router admin interface and confirm WiFi settings
  • Forget the WiFi network on the camera and reconnect from scratch
  • Scan networks with a WiFi analyzer app to detect interference or congestion
  • Temporarily set up a separate WiFi network for testing the camera
  • Plug camera into Ethernet (with optional Blink adapter) to isolate WiFi issues

With some patience and testing, you should be able to resolve any network connectivity problems causing the blinking light.

Stop Active Recording

If your Blink Outdoor camera blinks red while actively recording, simply stop the recording to turn off the light.

In the Blink mobile app:

  1. View your camera‘s live feed
  2. Tap the "Recording detected motion" banner
  3. Select "Stop Recording"

Just remember to re-enable motion detection when you want recording to resume.

Replace Batteries

When battery power runs low, your Blink Outdoor will let you know by blinking that red status light.

Simply replace the two AA lithium batteries to restore normal operation. While batteries can last up to two years, cold weather and frequent recordings will drain them faster.

To avoid surprise dead batteries, enable low battery alerts in your Blink app settings. You‘ll get a notification when it‘s time to swap in fresh batteries.

Advanced Troubleshooting for a Persistent Blinking Red Light

If basic troubleshooting doesn‘t resolve your Blink camera‘s blinking light, don‘t give up. For stubborn issues, try these advanced techniques:

Verify Router Connection

Even with WiFi working on other devices, it‘s worth checking the connection between your router and modem.

Power cycle these devices by unplugging them for 20-30 seconds to force a reboot. This will re-establish the chain of connectivity from your Internet service to router to Blink camera.

Reset Your Blink Camera

Factory resetting your Blink Outdoor camera will often fix problems not resolved through standard troubleshooting:

  1. Remove batteries for 30 seconds
  2. Reinsert batteries
  3. Press and hold setup button for 15+ seconds until status light blinks
  4. In app, set up camera from scratch like new

Resetting erases all settings, so you‘ll have to fully configure the camera again.

Contact Blink Customer Support

For tricky issues, don‘t hesitate to engage Blink‘s support team. They have additional advanced troubleshooting tips not covered here.

Thoroughly explain the problem and steps you‘ve tried when contacting support. The more details the better so they can properly diagnose the root cause.

Replace Faulty Camera

In rare cases, a persistently blinking light means a faulty Blink Outdoor unit. If you’ve exhausted all other options, replacement may be the only option.

First check if a warranty or exchange is possible. If not, purchase a brand new camera. Properly dispose of the malfunctioning old unit.

While frustrating, sometimes electronics fail. At least a new Blink Outdoor camera isn’t too heavy on the wallet.

FAQs About Blink Camera Troubleshooting

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about debugging Blink cameras:

Why does my Blink camera flash red at night?

This is normal behavior – the infrared night vision causes the blinking when motion is detected in low light.

How do I hard reset my Blink camera?

Remove batteries for 30 seconds, reinsert, then press and hold setup button for 15+ seconds until light blinks to reset.

Why won‘t my Blink sync to the app?

Syncing issues typically indicate a network connectivity problem. Power cycle your camera, router, modem and retry syncing.

How long should the batteries last?

Blink states batteries should last up to 2 years. Actual life depends on usage, temperature, and battery brand. Lithium batteries last the longest.

Can I use solar panels to power Blink cameras?

Yes, connecting an outdoor solar panel kit to your Blink camera is a great option for maintaining continuous power.

Let There Be Light!

While a blinking red light on your Blink Outdoor camera can be troubling, a few simple troubleshooting techniques will usually get it working properly again.

Confirm setup completed successfully, check WiFi and router connections, replace low batteries, or contact support for advanced debugging. And for severely faulty cameras, replacement may be the only permanent solution.

With the guidance above, you‘ll be on your way to resolving the blinking light issue. Just remember – when that red light flashes, it means your camera needs some TLC! Give it some attention, and you‘ll both be happy again.

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