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An In-Depth Guide to All the Different iPhone 13 Colors

Hey there! Have you checked out all the awesome new color options for the iPhone 13 models? Choosing which color to get can be tough with so many great choices available. Read on as I provide an in-depth look at every iPhone 13 color so you can make the best decision for your new phone!

Let‘s start by reviewing the various iPhone 13 models and the color choices you can get for each one…

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini – 5 Bright, Vibrant Colors

The standard iPhone 13 and compact iPhone 13 Mini come in the same 5 fun colors:


This light green is brand new for the 13 series! With a natural, sage-like tone, it provides a soft, organic look. The hex code for the Green is #99CA66. It‘s brighter and a bit yellower than the previous Mint Green from the iPhone 11 generation.


Next up is a cute, feminine pastel pink for the iPhone 13. With a peachy undertone, this Pink color has a hex code of #ECE2DD. It strikes a nice balance – light enough to stay soft, but still clearly pink unlike the old Rose Gold.


iPhone 13 Blue goes by the fancy name "Sierra Blue" – likely inspired by the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range! This is a medium, muted blue shade with the hex code #84B1DE.

Fun fact: The iPhone 13 Sierra Blue is actually identical to the iPhone 12 Pro Pacific Blue according to the hex values. So if you loved that previous color, good news – it‘s still around!


Starlight replaces the basic white color option offered for previous iPhone models. It‘s an off-white, warm cream shade. The hex code is #F9F8F2 – just slightly tan compared to true white.


Lastly, the vibrant (PRODUCT)RED color returns once again. This cherry red with a hex code of #FF3E3E shows Apple‘s continued partnership with the nonprofit (RED) organization focused on combatting global health crises.

Now let‘s see how these compare to past iPhone colors…

According to Apple‘s color records, the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 colors represent a couple firsts:

  • Green – A brand new iPhone color never used before!
  • Pink – Also a totally new pink made just for the iPhone 13 generation.

Based on polls, Green and Pink are proving very popular for their bright, cheerful vibes. Here‘s a breakdown of how consumers ranked the iPhone 13 colors in one recent survey:

Color Popularity Ranking
Pink 1
Starlight 2
Green 3
Blue 4

Some long-running iPhone colors like Black, White, Silver, and Gold were retired for the 13 models. But you can still recapture those looks with cases! Speaking of…

Customizing Your Color with Cases, Skins & More

One awesome thing about the iPhone 13 colors is that even after picking one, you can customize the look anytime! Here are some cool ways to change it up:

  • Cases – From clear cases showing off your color to funky patterns, Apple offers hundreds of case options. Amazon also has literally thousands of iPhone 13 cases across all different colors imaginable. You can match one of the discontinued colors too!

  • Skins – Slapping a skin on your iPhone completely transforms the color and design. Top brands like dbrand and Slickwraps have skins with cool gradients, wood grain, fabrics, and more.

  • Apple Watch bands – Pair a colorful watch band with your iPhone 13 for the perfect matching ensemble. The Apple Watch also has so many band varieties to mix and match with.

So get creative and make your iPhone 13 truly one-of-a-kind! Next let‘s check out the Pro color choices…

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max – Subdued and Professional

The higher-end iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models come in these more professional, versatile colors:


Replacing Space Grey, Graphite is a slick medium grey with a hex code of #737373. It‘s a bit lighter than the previous Space Grey for a softer look.


Back by popular demand, Gold returns to the Pro lineup after missing out on the iPhone 12 Pro generation. This is a classy metallic gold with a warm, shiny finish.


A true classic, silver offers a light, bright, and shiny metallic look. It‘s a super versatile color matching any style.

Sierra Blue

This lovely mid-tone blue is shared between the Pro models and regular iPhone 13 series. See the description above for details on this muted blue hue!

Alpine Green

Lastly, Alpine Green is a soft, light green that‘s brand new and exclusive to the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max. It‘s subtle but adds a nice nature-inspired touch.

Here‘s a cool visualization of all the current iPhone 13 Pro colors:

Comparison of iPhone 13 Pro Colors

Image source: Apple

You‘ll notice the Pro colors are generally more subdued and neutral than the standard iPhone 13 shades. According to Apple, this refined color palette gives the Pro models a sense of elegance and durability suitable for high-end devices.

But the colors still offer enough variety to help customers find their perfect match. For example, the unique Alpine Green is excellent for nature lovers, while Graphite and Silver have that luxurious vibe.

Let‘s look at which Pro colors are resonating most with buyers so far…

According to data from SellCell tracking iPhone 13 Pro sales, the most popular colors so far are:

  • Sierra Blue – 27% of sales
  • Graphite – 24% of sales
  • Silver – 22% of sales
  • Gold – 14% of sales
  • Alpine Green – 13% of sales

So the versatile Sierra Blue is the surprising front-runner! Buyers just seem to love the way this muted yet vibrant blue looks and feels. But it‘s pretty evenly split across all the options.

When we compare to past data for older models, Sierra Blue and Graphite align closely to prior top choices:

  • Graphite – Similar to the Space Grey of previous Pros which often led in popularity. The neutral grey tone has wide appeal.

  • Sierra Blue – Closely matches past hits like the iPhone 11 Pro Midnight Green and iPhone XS Pacific Blue in color profile.

So in summary, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max buyers are sticking to proven color favorites in blues, greys, silvers and golds. But just like with the standard models, you can further customize the look with cases and skins if you want to get funkier!

What iPhone Colors May Come in the Future?

Based on the latest color rumors and insider leaks, experts predict future iPhone 14 and 15 colors could potentially include:

  • Matte black – A deeper, non-glossy black finish remains hugely in-demand among users.

  • Dark red – Some leaks point to Apple testing a striking oxblood or burgundy red option.

  • Deep purple – Another possible dark, jewel tone being considered according to sources.

  • Sky blue – Beyond Sierra Blue, Apple may look at lighter, more vivid blue shades.

  • Inclusive ranges – Broader color choices and finishes that complement diverse skin tones could arrive soon.

Of course, Apple never confirms anything about future colors. But the company does seem to be gradually expanding its palette over time. We‘ll have to wait and see what new shades get unveiled in the coming years!

The Bottom Line on iPhone 13 Colors

To wrap up, here are the key points to take away:

  • The iPhone 13 and Mini offer 5 fun, vibrant colors including the brand new Green and Pink options.

  • Meanwhile, the Pro and Pro Max models feature more elegant, neutral tones like Sierra Blue and Graphite.

  • Soft pastel Pink and Starlight are ranking as most popular for iPhone 13 based on polls and sales data.

  • Sierra Blue leads for iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max thanks to its versatile, professional appeal.

  • Mix and match cases, skins, Apple Watch bands and more for customized looks and styles.

  • Rumors suggest even more unique color choices like Matte Black and Deep Purple could arrive down the road.

So there you have it – the complete guide to all the iPhone 13 colors! Hopefully this breakdown makes it a bit easier to decide which stylish shade is the right fit for your needs. Let me know if you have any other questions!