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How to Connect Your PS3 Console to Wi-Fi in 10 Simple Steps

Hey there! I see you‘ve dug your old PS3 out of storage. Let‘s get this classic connected online.

Sure, Sony may have stopped supporting the PS3, but fans are still keeping multiplayer alive on some games! Plus, you can still access old digital purchases and even buy new games in the store sometimes.

So dust off that Dualshock 3, power on your console and let‘s walk through getting you connected. It only takes 10 quick steps to setup Wi-Fi or wired internet access.

What You‘ll Need Before We Start

Just a few things before connecting your PS3 online:

  • A PS3 console (any model will work!)
  • The power cable to turn it on
  • A Dualshock 3 controller
  • Your Wi-Fi password (or ethernet cable for wired)

Alright, let‘s get started!

Step 1: Power on Your PS3

Start by connecting the power cable to the back of your PS3 and plugging it into an outlet. Press the power button located on the front right.

You‘ll see the glowing PS logo spin around as it boots up. Takes me back!

Alternatively, you can power on by hitting the PlayStation button the controller.

Step 2: Navigate to Network Settings

On the main PS3 menu, scroll to the far left using your controller‘s d-pad or analog stick. Select the "Settings" icon.

Scroll down to "Network Settings" and select it. This is where we‘ll get your Wi-Fi setup.

Step 3: Choose "Easy" Setup

You‘ll now see a choice between "Easy" or "Custom" network configuration.

Let‘s pick "Easy" here – it automatically handles the nitty gritty technical details like IP addresses and DNS settings. We just want to get online quick!

Step 4: Select Wireless Connection

Now choose whether you want a wireless or wired connection.

Obviously pick "Wireless" to setup Wi-Fi access! But remember you can always return and configure wired ethernet later.

Step 5: Scan for Nearby Wi-Fi Networks

Your PS3 will now ask if you want to scan for nearby wireless networks. Go ahead and select "Yes" here.

The console will search the airwaves and display a list of Wi-Fi network names (SSIDs) it finds, along with their signal strength.

Step 6: Choose Your Wi-Fi Network

Scan through the list on the left for your Wi-Fi network name and select it.

You‘ll then see details like it‘s security protocol (likely WPA2) on the right side.

Step 7: Enter Your Wi-Fi Password

Time for the moment of truth! Input your network‘s Wi-Fi password using the PS3 on-screen keyboard.

Yes it‘s a bit tedious with a controller, but take your time and input it carefully. This allows your PS3 to authenticate and join the network.

Step 8: Confirm Network Settings

If you chose "Easy" setup, your PS3 should now display a summary of settings like IP address and DNS that it configured automatically.

Review these details, then select "Confirm" if everything looks good!

Step 9: Test Your Connection

Almost there! The last step is running the "Test Connection" option to validate everything works.

Your PS3 will connect to PlayStation Network, ping test servers, and try accessing game content. Make sure these checks pass successfully.

Step 10: Start Gaming Online!

Congrats, your PS3 console should now be connected to your Wi-Fi network!

Yes, the menus and process were a bit archaic by today‘s standards. But now you can re-download purchases from the PS Store, play supported games online, and more.

Now let‘s cover how to connect your PS3 via a wired connection for even faster speeds…

Setting up Wired Ethernet on PS3

For the smoothest online gaming experience on PS3, I recommend using a wired ethernet connection rather than Wi-Fi.

This eliminates wireless interference and network congestion that can negatively impact your gameplay performance.

Here‘s how to hook up your console with ethernet:

  1. Using an ethernet cable, connect one end to the LAN port on your PS3 system and the other end to a free LAN port on your router.

  2. In the PS3‘s network settings, choose "Wired Connection" instead of wireless when prompted in Step 4 above.

  3. Select "Easy" setup to have network parameters like IP automatically configured.

  4. Confirm settings then run the connection test.

And that‘s it! With your PS3 physically wired to your router, you‘ll enjoy lower ping times and lag-free gaming. Much better than the spotty Wi-Fi support the old console has.

What Can You Still Do Online?

I know what you‘re thinking – why bother connecting online when Sony discontinued PS3 and game server support years ago?

Well thanks to dedicated gaming communities, there are still popular titles you can play online via fan-run servers!

For example, the "SaveMGO" organization preserves the Metal Gear Online experience while XLink Kai enables LAN tunneling to keep SOCOM 2 multiplayer working smoothly.

And game communities are figuring out how to reactivate other titles as official servers shut down. So dust off those classic discs and see if they work!

Bottom line – don‘t assume your PS3‘s online life is completely over. The fan scene is determined to keep it going strong.

So hopefully this guide helped you get connected. Game on!

Summary of Steps

1. Power on your PS3
2. Navigate to Network Settings
3. Choose "Easy" setup
4. Select "Wireless" connection
5. Scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks
6. Select your Wi-Fi network
7. Enter your Wi-Fi password
8. Confirm network settings
9. Test your internet connection
10. Start gaming online!

I hope this guide covered everything you need to get your classic PS3 back online! Let me know if you have any other questions.