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The Complete Guide to Crossing Out Text on Discord

Whether you‘re correcting a mistake or updating your viewpoint, crossing out text is a handy Discord trick. But when and how should you strikethrough messages? This 2500+ word guide teaches you both.

We‘ll cover everything from the practice‘s typewriter origins to unicode markdown symbols. You‘ll also get pro crossout tips for avoiding notifications, combining formats, and troubleshooting issues!

By the end, Discord text experts and newcomers alike can utilize strikethrough for seamless server conversations.

The Lost Typewriter Art Revived

Long before Discord allowed us to delete or edit chat messages, crossing out text marked corrections. Today‘s tilde-based strikethrough syntax traces back to the typewriter era!

The Shift from Ink to Keys

For centuries, written correspondence involved painstaking permanence. The quill pens of yesterday turned ink edits into messy scratches. But the late 1800‘s brought ingenious news — both for writers and mistake makers alike!

The rapid typing and erase-free flexibility of early typewriters revolutionized communication. Yet instead of backspacing, office workers used shorthand symbols to amend misprints. quotation marks, asterisks, and dashes helped indicate throwaway text.

Crossouts Come Full Circle

By the 1920‘s, specialized strikethrough keys let typists cleanly scratch out lines. Unlike blotting out ink, pressed ribbons neatly printed x-shaped markings.

Once computers entered the scene, word processors sweapt away most manual edit notations. However, programming and databases kept certain shorthand alive.

Fast forward to the social media age, and Discord now utilizes those same legacy symbols. The tilde retained its strikethrough abilities when markdown appeared in 2004.

So whether you‘re messaging your gaming server or correcting an embarrassing typo, today‘s digital crossouts have time-tested beginnings!

Why Cross Out Discord Messages?

Before diving into techniques, let‘s clarify strikethrough‘s purpose on a chat platform famed for deleting. What compels over 150 million monthly Discord users to obscure text instead?

Indicate Typos and Mistakes Gracefully

Crossouts call attention to errors without fully removing traceable chat history. They allow seamless corrections without confusing readers.

Show Evolving Viewpoints

Strikethroughs can also demonstrate real-time changes in perspective across days-long conversations. They add context around updated statements.

Discretely Comment on Other Users‘ Remarks

Strategic crossouts also indirectly reference other members‘ messages without confrontationally quoting them. This technique draws attention to disagreements or misinformation politely.

Plus shortcuts like @Deleting let you elimiate messages after reader acknowledgement. But broadcasting edits has its place when used intentionally, not impulsively!

Desktop Crossout Techniques

Ready to finally learn how to strikethrough? Discord offers two straightforward desktop options accessible through keyboards or mouses.

But first, a key ingredient — the tilde symbol (~).

Locating Your Tilde

Desktop tildes share a key with the backquote (`) left of the number 1. Hold shift while pressing your backquote to access the angled variant (~).

Memorize this symbol‘s placement, as you‘ll need it for markdown strikethroughs!

Option 1: Markdown Syntax

Markup languages like HTML and markdown enable formatting with specific characters. Discord supports markdown for simple syntax-based aesthetics.

Let‘s break down strikethrough markdown step-by-step:

  1. Type two tildes ~~
  2. Add your text after a space
  3. Close with two more tildes ~~

Encase your words in symmetrical tilde pairs, no spaces between symbols and letters!

Example Input:




This format works for single words or entire paragraphs. Now let‘s explore the mouse-based route.

Option 2: Highlight Text Shortcut

For those not keen on memorizing markdown, Discord also offers a user-friendly highlight method:

  1. Highlight your Text
  2. Click the Formatting Menu ( beside chat box)
  3. Select the Crossed Out S

Simply highlight, pick your symbol, and decoration activates immediately!

Both produce identical results. But veterans argue markdown‘s speed and contextual uses warrant learning.

Plus, Discord markdown supports:

  • Italics
  • Bolding
  • Underlines
  • Code blocking

Memorize a few symbol combos to unlock formatting freedom!

But what about mobile? Tiny touch keyboards don‘t have the same shortcut access…

Crossing Out Words on Mobile

Mobile Discord also enables strikethroughs through markdown. The only difference? Hunting that elusive tilde!

Tilde Symbol Spelunking

Default keyboards hide the ~ symbol in submenu layers. But don‘t let phone frustration dissuade markdown dedication!

Apple loyalists can locate tildes in the number/symbol picker menu often labeled ‘=\<‘. Tap ‘#‘ for secondary options like ‘~‘.

Android users have similar detections awaiting in symbol pages 2 or 3. Click that ‘?‘ shortcut multiple times if needed.

Once unearthed, apply the same double-tilde markdown guidelines:

  1. ~~
  2. text goes here
  3. ~~

Et voila — mistake-indicating mobile messages with special characters intact!

Copy-Pasting Retains Formatting

Another mobile perk? Crossouts and styling persist through copying chat messages.

Discord won‘t strip markup symbols when users long-press then paste quoted texts. Retained edits make citing previous tidbits, debunking claims, or reiterating yout stance breeze.

This={}‘. mobile=‘. envy!

Now let‘s elevate your text game to expert levels…

Pro Tips for Advanced Crossout Usage

You‘ve mastered markdown symbols across platforms — but maximizing impact requires insight into Discord‘s sociotechnical landscape.

Veteran chatters utilize strikethrough strategically, incorporating behavioral psychology and interface etiquette.

Format Multiple Lines or Paragraphs Judiciously

Walls of scarred texts disrupt skimmable chat flows. Stick to key phrases to avoid visual noise!

The Department of Finance published a press release confirming our previous revenue report errors across multiple years due to a database summation flaw affecting bottom lines and therefore public financial statements requiring third party auditing and reissue to amend erroneous data provided to agencies, investors, and governmental bodies from 2015-2019 due to the recently discovered glitch tracing back to a legacy software migration initiative intended to cut costs during 2016 upgrades. -> A database error caused revenue report inaccuracies requiring amended public financial statements.

Be concise yet clear!

Consider Desktop Notification Implications

Mobile users receive real-time chat popups, but desktop participants may overlook edits to minimized windows.

Crossing out inflammatory remarks prevents initial reactions while still validating those affected upon returned visibility. But don‘t stealthily sanitize conversations without accountability.

Added context around updates shows integrity rather than erasing poor choices post-damage.

Use Strikethroughs to Refute Misinformation

Rather than accusing members of sharing questionable claims, utilize crossouts.

Paste the original quote, strikethrough falsehoods, annotate corrections alongside politely.

This constructive approach prevents conflicts while setting the record straight!

Vaccines often cause autism in children.

Vaccines often cause autism in children.

Extensive research shows no link between vaccines and autism onset.

Combine Multiple Formatting for Emphasis

Discord markdown supports nested symbols for stylized combinations:

  • Italicized crossout
  • Bold strikethrough

This advanced flair grabs attention without aggressive all-caps shouting!

Fix Common Crossed Out Text Errors

If lines aren‘t appearing, check for formatting hiccups:

  • Added spaces between symbols and text
  • Only single tilde usage attempts
  • Missing the enclosing tilde pair altogether

Unsure of syntax success before sending? Highlight your entire message and toggle preview mode first!

The formatting menu verifies active crossouts formatting. Release highlights to submit properly-configured text.

By mastering these insider techniques, even networking newbies can utilize strikethrough like chat pros!

The Future of Digital Communication Calls

Discord‘s 150 million strong user base proves online messaging is no passing trend — it‘s the communication medium of the future.

But willingly adopting internet-ese over idioms risks losing connection to history. Our words form time capsules reflecting progress across generations.

From ink and quills to ASCII emoticons, preserved language logs humanity‘s journey. Yet present parlance prioritizes speed over sentimentality.

Do crossout keystrokes still carry the same gravity when undo sends evidence to /dev/null?

For now, Discord‘s hybrid deletion and notation features bridge conflicting needs. But as technology tangles our innate dialog instincts, will nuances like sarcasm or remorse still transmit digitally?

I argue embracing tools while occasionally unplugging preserves our ability to communicate beyond transient trends. Just as 1800s missives reveal lost lexicon, imagine future citizens studying Discord logs as cultural rosetta stones!

So mind your online messaging — and save a screenshot hieroglyph for posterity‘s sake 🙂


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