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Hey friend! Here‘s How to Put Cash on Your Cash App Card at an ATM in 6 Easy Steps

Cash App is all about easy money transfers – right from your phone! But you‘re probably wondering: can I deposit actual physical cash onto my Cash App debit card at an ATM?

I get why you might want to do this. Sometimes you have bills and coins taking up space in your wallet. Wouldn‘t it be convenient to load it directly onto your card?

Unfortunately, the standard ATM doesn‘t allow this yet with Cash App.

But don‘t worry! In this guide, I‘ll explain:

  • Why exactly you can‘t add cash at the ATM
  • The simple workaround by depositing at local stores
  • How to transfer from your bank account instead
  • Steps for withdrawing money at ATMs

I‘ll also share expert insights into if/when direct ATM cash deposits may come to Cash App based on their goals.

So read on to learn how to put cash on your Cash App card using the next best options today!

Here‘s the Deal: You Can‘t Deposit Cash at an ATM With Cash App…Yet!

I know, I know – it seems like the most obvious and convenient way to add physical cash to your prepaid Cash Card.

Unfortunately, it doesn‘t work directly at ATMs due to one key reason:

The Cash App Card is not linked to a real bank account.

You see, ATMs are operated by specific banks. When you deposit cash, it goes into your connected bank account on file.

But the Cash App Card itself has no actual bank account attached. It pulls from your Cash App balance, which is stored in pooled accounts across their partner banks.

So when you put the Cash Card into the ATM, it has nowhere to deposit the funds!

On top of that, Cash App is designed for peer-to-peer payments between users. It‘s not a full bank replacement, even if it offers some banking features.

That‘s why adding cash at an ATM machine isn‘t supported…yet! But keep reading for some easy workarounds.

Depositing Cash at Major Retailers – Here‘s How:

The most convenient way to put physical cash onto your Cash Card is to visit a nearby participating store.

Cash App has partnered with major chains like CVS, 7-Eleven, Walmart, and Walgreens to allow cash deposits.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Open Your Cash App and Tap the Banking Tab

Launch the Cash App on your phone and tap the Banking tab on the bottom. This is the icon with the bank building illustration.

Step 2: Select the "Paper Money" Option

This will open the paper money deposit screen. Make sure location access is enabled so Cash App can find stores near you.

Step 3: Choose a Store Close By

You‘ll see a list of supported retailers in your area. Pick one that‘s convenient for you to go to.

Step 4: Show the Cashier Your Barcode

When you get to the store, open the deposit screen and tap "Show Barcode." The cashier will scan this to process the transaction.

Step 5: Hand Over Your Cash and Verify ID

Give the cash you want to deposit (up to $500) to the cashier. They may also ask to verify your ID.

Step 6: Check the App to Confirm

Once it goes through, you‘ll get a notification instantly. Check your activity to see the deposit!

It‘s so quick and easy. The best part is you can deposit without even having the physical Cash Card on you! Just bring a government ID.

Oh, one catch – Cash App does charge a $1 fee per deposit. So make sure you have enough in your balance to cover that.

Linking Your Bank Account – The Easiest Way to Add Funds

Here‘s an even simpler option than going to the store – just transfer money from your bank account!

All you need to do is connect a debit card or bank account to your Cash App.

Then you can instantly transfer money to your Cash Card‘s balance any time.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on Your Profile Picture

Open your Cash App profile by tapping your profile picture on the top right corner.

Step 2: Select the "Linked Accounts" Option

Scroll down and tap on Linked Accounts. Then tap Link Bank to search and add an account.

Step 3: Search for Your Bank

Type in your bank‘s name and log into your account when prompted. Follow the authentication steps shown.

Step 4: Choose Which Account to Link

Select the account like checking or savings that you want to link. It needs to be a valid debit card or bank account.

Step 5: Go to the Banking Tab in Cash App

Head back to the Banking tab in the bottom menu and tap "Add Cash."

Step 6: Enter Amount and Transfer Funds

Type in the amount you want to transfer over to your Cash Card. Then hit Add and it‘s loaded instantly!

See how quick and easy that is? With a linked bank or card, you can add funds to your Cash Card any time without the hassle of going to the store.

The best part is there are no fees! Bank transfers are totally free to do.

Withdrawing Cash from Any ATM

Now you know how to add money to your Cash Card through stores or bank transfers.

But what about getting physical cash out from ATMs?

The good news is this works fine since you have the physical debit card!

Here are the steps:

  • Make sure your Cash Card is activated in the app
  • Take it to any ATM and insert the card
  • Input your PIN when prompted
  • Select "Withdraw Cash" or similar option
  • Enter the amount to withdraw
  • Take the cash and receipt dispensed

Easy! One thing to note – Cash App charges a $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee themselves. Some ATMs may add other fees too.

So in summary, you can‘t deposit cash into your Cash App Card using an ATM machine directly yet.

But you have options like retail deposits or bank transfers to add money conveniently.

And you can take out cash at any ATM when needed!

When Will We See Direct Cash Deposits at ATMs?

Now you may be wondering…

When will Cash App add the ability to deposit cash directly into the Cash Card at ATMs?

Based on Cash App‘s rapid growth and future goals, this feature could arrive sooner than you think!

Let‘s look at why:

  • Cash App‘s user base has grown massively. They reached over 70 million monthly active users in 2021. That‘s up from just 7 million in 2018!

  • They want to expand into financial services. Square‘s goal for Cash App is to reach a $160 billion/year market in financial tools beyond payments.

  • They now own a bank. Cash App has launched their own bank enabled by Square Financial Services. This provides the infrastructure and regulatory approval needed.

  • New bank-like features are rolling out. Direct deposit, printed checks, and bill pay show Cash App wants to be a bank replacement.

  • Industry experts predict it‘s coming. Analysts say it‘s a natural evolution for Cash App and technical challenges can be overcome.

Given Cash App‘s trajectory, direct cash deposits at ATMs seem imminent – likely within the next 2 years.

It would allow instant deposits without the need to first visit a retailer. That‘s a more seamless banking experience for customers.

However, some technical hurdles still need solving, like installing cash handling and counting abilities at ATM networks. But with Square‘s resources, these can be tackled.

So don‘t be shocked if soon you‘ll be able to walk up to an ATM and conveniently deposit your cash right to your Cash App Card!

The Takeaway: Easy Workarounds for Now, But the Future Looks Promising!

As you can see, Cash App is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for your financial needs. While you can‘t yet deposit cash at ATMs, there are easy workarounds for now.

I suggest linking your current bank/debit card and transferring money to your Cash Card when needed. This avoids fees and trips to the store.

Down the road, as Cash App expands their banking capabilities, we‘re likely to see direct cash deposits at ATMs become a reality.

It would provide the seamless, unified experience that they want customers to have. And based on their tremendous growth, Cash App has the resources to make this happen.

So help spread the word about these easy ways to add money to your Cash Card for now. The future looks bright for even more convenient features!

Let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m happy to help explain anything related to Cash App.