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Get to Know the Talented Algee Smith

Algee Smith is one of the most promising young stars that I‘ve had the pleasure of following over the past few years. His raw talent and screen charisma leap off the screen. Here‘s a closer look at this rising actor that everyone should know.

Algee Smith Basics

Full Name Algee Smith
Birthday November 7, 1994
Age 28 years old
Birthplace Saginaw, Michigan
Height 5‘5" (165 cm)
Relationship status Single
Net Worth $50 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Early Life and Background

Algee Smith grew up in Saginaw, Michigan as the eldest of three sons. He became interested in performing at a young age, displaying his talents in church and school programs. After graduating from the Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy, Algee set his sights on Hollywood.

I love that Algee has stayed so grounded and close to his Michigan roots despite his rise to fame. He frequently visits home and participates in charity games for the Detroit Pistons, his favorite NBA team.

Breakthrough Role in The New Edition Story

Algee‘s raw talent was undeniable in his career-making role as Ralph Tresvant in the 2017 BET miniseries The New Edition Story. He completely embodied Tresvant – mastering the singer‘s smooth vocals and showcasing his personal struggles with fame.

It was amazing seeing Algee pay respect to the New Edition legacy. And he held his own singing alongside legends like Bobby Brown! This breakout performance proved Algee was a serious triple threat.

Stealing Scenes in The Hate U Give

Algee‘s scene-stealing turn as Khalil in 2018‘s The Hate U Give left me in tears. Though only appearing briefly, he filled the role with a touching humanity. Algee‘s chemistry with Amandla Stenberg lit up the screen.

The raw emotion Algee conveyed in the pivotal shooting scene was devastating. He tapped into something so real, it‘s impossible not see Khalil as a fully realized person rather than just a plot point.

Leading Man in Detroit

In 2017‘s Detroit, Algee commanded the screen as Larry Reed, anchoring the ensemble cast with his powerful performance. The interrogation scenes were visceral and affecting.

Algee‘s ability to capture Larry‘s hope and humanity in the face of brutality was heartbreaking. He brought palpable pain and nuance to the chilling historical events. This role proved Algee has true leading man potential.

Television and Music

Algee has also displayed comedic chops on shows like Grownish and Detroiters. And his smooth R&B vocals are on full display in singles like "Grow" and "Need That".

I love getting to see Algee‘s versatility across mediums! He can evoke laughter one minute and tears the next. And his voice effortlessly conveys emotion. I‘m excited to see how he‘ll continue to showcase his range.

Fascinating Algee Smith Facts

Beyond the screen, there are so many reasons to admire Algee Smith:

  • He got his stage name from his real name Alger and his grandma‘s nickname "Gee Gee" for him. How sweet!
  • Algee was discovered for New Edition Story from an Instagram singing video. Talk about manifesting your dreams!
  • He does so much to support youth charities and arts programs. His generosity of spirit is so inspiring.
  • Algee almost had a role in Black Panther! Even a Marvel part can‘t resist his talents.
  • In 2018, he competed on singing show The Four and made it to the finale. Is there anything he can‘t do??

No matter what he does next, I‘ll be cheering on the wonderfully gifted Algee Smith. His passion and dedication to his craft is evident in every performance. The future is blindingly bright for this rising star!

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