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Amber‘s Closet: YouTube Star and LGBTQ+ Advocate

Full Name Amber Whittington
Age 37
Birthday September 17, 1985
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Channels YouTube, TikTok
Relationships Single
Height 6‘4"
Net Worth $2 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

As a loyal Amber‘s Closet fan for years, I‘m thrilled to provide this in-depth look at her journey to YouTube fame. Amber‘s charisma, humor, and authenticity made her channel an addictive daily watch for me. Let‘s dive into the life and career of this talented trailblazer!

From Basketball Dreams to YouTube Stardom

Amber was born in LA to a family of athletes – her father played pro football and Amber earned a basketball scholarship to college. She was a standout player who went on to play overseas in Europe for several years. But after an injury ended her hoop dreams, Amber moved back home.

Luckily, her sister Lexi was finding success as a YouTuber and encouraged Amber to try it too. Amber‘s very first video was a guest appearance on Lexi‘s channel in 2012. Her natural charisma and hilarity shone through, and fans demanded to see more of her!</

Soon Amber launched her own channel, posting fashion and beauty content at first. But it was her 2016 shift into girlfriend tags, challenges, and LGBTQ+ storytimes that really cemented her fame. Amber‘s channel grew exponentially once she began proudly sharing her personal life and relationships.

Rising to the Top of YouTube

Collaborations with major creators like the Dolan Twins, Brent Rivera, and Juanpa Zurita introduced Amber to wider audiences. But it‘s her solo content that keeps fans hooked. Amber‘s vlogs provide a totally raw and unfiltered look at her life. She holds nothing back when discussing sexuality, heartbreak, family issues, mental health struggles – topics many influencers shy away from.

Amber‘s bravery in telling her coming out story back in 2017 inspired so many young queer people, including me. Her advocacy work during Pride Month resonates deeply. Amber uses her immense platform of over 2 million subscribers to uplift LGBTQ+ voices.

She‘s expanded her brand into merch, acting gigs, and hosting, while staying true to her YouTube community. Amber‘s message of embracing your full authentic self continues to empower Closet Dwellers worldwide.

Behind the Scenes: Relationships, Family, and More

Amber lets viewers into the intimate details of her life. She was in a long-term relationship with actress Kristina Cohen until their 2020 breakup, which Amber shared openly. Family is also so important to Amber – she‘s extremely close with her sister Lexi, who first introduced her to YouTube!

Amber has also candidly discussed growing up in a religious household and the journey to accept her sexuality. Her mother struggled to support Amber initially but they‘ve since reconciled. Amber‘s honesty about overcoming obstacles as a queer person is so moving and brave.

While Amber lives publicly through videos, she makes sure to set boundaries and prioritize self-care too. She takes mental health breaks often, reminding us of the human behind the influencer fame. I respect Amber so much for being open while protecting her privacy.

Why Amber‘s Closet Rules YouTube

  • Hilarious personality – Amber‘s reactions, expressions, and comedic timing are guaranteed laughs.
  • LGBTQ+ advocacy – She fearlessly discusses sexuality and proudly reps the community.
  • Trendy content – Challenges, Tags, and collabs keep Amber part of the zeitgeist.
  • Relatability – Her raw vlogs depict real-life ups and downs.
  • Vulnerability – Amber tackles heavy topics like mental health and family issues.

For over a decade, Amber‘s courageous authenticity and vulnerability have made her channel a beloved space for so many. As a longtime fan, I‘m grateful that Amber continues to uplift and entertain the YouTube community. Her star will no doubt continue rising bright!