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Amybeth McNulty: Talented Star of Anne with an E

As a longtime fan of Amybeth McNulty, I‘m thrilled to share more about this gifted Irish-Canadian actress who beautifully brought the beloved character of Anne Shirley to life. Here‘s a quick overview of Amybeth:

Full Name Amybeth McNulty
Age 21 (Born November 7, 2001)
Birthplace Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland
Height 5‘4" (163 cm)
Relationship Status Single
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Her Background

Amybeth McNulty was born in Ireland but relocated with her family to Vancouver at age 11. There she began intensive acting training at Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts. At just 13, she was selected for the prestigious Dublin Youth Theatre advanced program. This experience prepared her for professional roles like Anne Shirley in Anne with an E.

An interesting note about her early life – Amybeth actually started playing violin at age 6 and even once performed for the Irish president! She remains a talented violinist today.

Her Breakout Role as Anne Shirley

Like many fans, I was immediately drawn to Amybeth‘s charming screen presence as Anne Shirley. Through 3 seasons, she brought such spirit, emotion and humanity to the classic character.

Some of my favorite scenes that highlighted her acting talent include:

  • Her delight seeing her room for the first time at Green Gables
  • Arguing with Gilbert Blythe and smashing her slate over his head
  • Tearfully defending Ka‘kwet at the town hall meeting
  • Joyfully leading the students in composing their own newspaper

With incredible range, Amybeth depicted Anne‘s boundless imagination, intellect and capacity for joy as well as her traumatic past. Her Canadian Screen Awards for the role were well-deserved.

Her Other Notable Roles

While Anne Shirley remains her breakout, I‘ve also enjoyed seeing Amybeth take on other fictional personalities like:

  • Margaret Beaufort in The White Queen – She held her own against veterans like Essie Davis.
  • Noelle in A Christmas Star – Her romantic chemistry with lead actor Pierce Brosnan was impressive for her age.
  • Claire in The Town – I could visualize the animated scenes through her vocal delivery alone.
  • Daisy in The Witches – She resonated in a more mature role, anchoring scenes with Anne Hathaway.

With each performance, Amybeth transforms completely into her character. I‘m excited to see her continue taking on new challenges.

Her Acting Skills

As a longtime fan who has studied her work and interviews, I‘m continually amazed by Amybeth‘s acting talents:

  • Her ability to memorize pages of dialogue in multiple languages – like French scenes in Anne.
  • Her precise comic timing and ability to improvise humor on the spot.
  • Her dance training that enables her to imbue characters with graceful movement.
  • Her vocal range allowing her to shift tone and accents between roles.
  • Her willingness to join intense acting workshops between jobs to keep developing her craft.

She makes every moment feel real. It‘s no surprise renowned directors seek to work with this prodigy.

Fun Facts About Amybeth

Through following Amybeth‘s career over the years, I‘ve discovered many delightful tidbits about her personality:

  • She‘s so scared of spiders that scenes with them in The Witches took immense courage!
  • She‘s a major bookworm who loves getting lost in novels during long shoots.
  • She adores animals and has TWO dogs, Pickle and Posey!
  • She geeks out over astrology and compares birth charts with friends and costars.
  • She‘s very close with her Anne costars Lucas Jade Zumann and Dalila Bela.
  • She loves playing guitar and piano when she gets spare time.
  • She‘s a major fashionista who enjoys trying bold designer looks.

Why I Love Amybeth McNulty

There are so many reasons Amybeth has become my favorite young actress:

  • Her warm, bubbly personality makes every talk show and interview a delight.
  • She uses her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and other vital causes.
  • She uplifts other young performers and creatives – a real class act!
  • She infuses such intellect and emotion into every scene, leaving me in awe.
  • Her passion for her work is evident in her enthusiasm on set and her eagerness to take on new challenges.
  • She‘s a consummate professional at only 21 years old!

Amybeth is sure to remain a fantastic role model as she continues to shine on screen. I can‘t wait to experience more of her breathtaking performances!

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