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the Divine Miss M – Bette Midler

Full Name Bette Davis Midler
Age 77
Birthday December 1, 1945
Net Worth $250M
Social Media

As a Bette Midler fan for over 30 years, I‘m thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight the divine career and talents of this entertainment icon. Bette Midler is an award-winning actress, singer, comedian & author who has dazzled the world with her powerful voice, over-the-top humor, and unapologetic persona. Let‘s take a look at Midler‘s journey to superstardom and the achievements that have made her a beloved household name.

From Bathhouses to the Big Screen

Midler got her start singing in New York City‘s underground gay bathhouse circuit in the 1960s, belting out soulful renditions of nostalgic classics for adoring crowds. Her bawdy sense of humor and vocal chops earned her the adoration of NYC‘s LGBTQ community. In 1972 she released her debut album The Divine Miss M, showcasing the wide range and emotion of her now legendary voice.

Over the next decade, Midler churned out a string of hit albums and established herself as a major force in pop music. I was lucky enough to see her make history as the first female singer to headline at Carnegie Hall in 1976 – a recognition of her growing mainstream popularity.

In 1979, Midler earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of a rock star in The Rose, showcasing her talents as a serious actress. Who could forget her performance of the film‘s powerful title track? Throughout the 80s and 90s, she starred in a string of hilarious comedies and continued releasing soulful albums. My personal favorite is the Beaches soundtrack, featuring her iconic ballad "Wind Beneath My Wings" – it still brings me to tears!

Fighting for Causes She Loves

Unlike many performers, Midler has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She frequently uses her platform to champion the causes close to her heart, like LGBTQ rights, environmentalism, and the American Cancer Society.

In 1995, her New York Restoration Project helped revitalize neglected public spaces across NYC. At charity events and on social media, Midler actively voices support for progressive ideals like marriage equality and climate action. Her activism and outspoken nature only make me love her more!

Still Dazzling After Decades

Now 77, the Divine Miss M is still going strong! She recently announced her first concert tour in 15 years much to the delight of her diehard fans. When she returned to Broadway as Dolly Gallagher Levi in Hello, Dolly! in 2017, I was one of the many fans who flocked to see her Tony-winning performance.

No matter the decade, Midler‘s singular voice, charisma, and showmanship never fail to dazzle audiences. She is utterly irreplaceable – a true force of nature!