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Calvin Millan, Multi-Talented Celebrity Son of Cesar Millan

Calvin Millan is a multi-talented actor famous for his work on "Mutt & Stuff". He‘s also the celebrity son of dog trainer Cesar Millan.

Full Name Calvin Millan
Age 24
Birthday August 27, 1999
Birth Sign Virgo
Born United States
Height 5‘ 8"
Net Worth $1M
Facebook Page Calvin Millan Facebook
Twitter Handle @calvinmillan
Instagram calvinmillan
YouTube Calvin Millan YouTube

Background and Early Life

As a longtime fan of Calvin‘s, I‘ve loved watching him grow up on screen and seeing his talents blossom. Calvin was born in Los Angeles to his famous dog whisperer dad Cesar Millan and his mother Ilusión. From a young age, Calvin was immersed in his father‘s world of dog psychology and training.

Calvin worked hands-on with dogs at the Dog Psychology Center, learning invaluable skills from Cesar about canine behavior and rehabilitation. It was clear early on he shared his father‘s compassion for dogs.

Outside of his canine pursuits, Calvin explored performance. He took acting and improv classes, appeared in commercials and student films, and graduated high school in 2017. Calvin‘s natural charisma and humor shone through, pointing to a future career in entertainment.

Breakthrough Role on Mutt & Stuff

In 2015, Calvin‘s talents were on full display when he landed a starring role on Mutt & Stuff alongside his dad Cesar. As a fan, it was so fun seeing father and son interact on screen.

Calvin got to showcase his acting chops and knowledge of dog training by assisting Cesar with the canine "students" and "teachers". He had a clear on-screen rapport with the dogs and brought humor and heart to the show.

Continued Success in The Neighborhood

Calvin‘s star has only risen since his breakout in Mutt & Stuff. In 2018, he landed the role of Trey on CBS‘s hit sitcom The Neighborhood. As Trey, Calvin navigated issues of race, class, and generation with depth and nuance.

His dramatic chops earned great reviews and awards attention. After watching Calvin grow up on screen, it has been incredible to see him thrive in this more mature role. The future is bright for this talented young actor!

Other Notable Projects

Calvin has shown remarkable range across mediums. He‘s voiced the character Naco on One Day at a Time and had funny guest roles on shows like Good Trouble. Film projects like Before I Fall and American Skin displayed his dramatic acting talent.

As a fan, I‘m excited to see what Calvin takes on next! His versatility makes him an ideal leading man for any genre. And I know he‘ll bring the same charisma and heart to every role.

Passions and Interests

Beyond acting, Calvin has many talents and passions:

  • Music – Calvin is a budding musician, teaching himself guitar and sharing covers online. I‘d love to see him incorporate music into his career someday!
  • Dogs – Calvin is a huge animal lover and advocate for rescue dogs. He often uses his platform to help pups in need find forever homes.
  • Outdoors – Skateboarding, hiking, camping – Calvin loves it all! He seems like a down-to-earth guy who‘d be fun to adventure with.

As Calvin‘s profile rises, I‘m glad he stays true to himself. That commitment to family, dogs, and giving back makes him such an inspirational celebrity role model. At just 24, Calvin Millan‘s future is blindingly bright, and I can‘t wait to follow the next chapters of his story!