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Cazzie David: Talented Actress, Witty Writer, and Relatable Star

Full Name Cazzie David
Age 29
Birthday May 10, 1994
Birth Place Los Angeles, CA
Parents Larry David and Laurie David
Siblings Younger sister Romy
Relationship Status Single
Instagram @cazziedavid
Twitter @CazzieDavid


Scriptwriter, actress David created Eighty-Sixed; authored No One Asked For This and appears in The Umbrella Academy 3. As the daughter of comedy legend Larry David, she grew up in LA and honed her own witty comedic talents. This multi-hyphenate star has acted, written memoirs, produced TV shows, and left her mark on screens both big and small.

Cazzie first grabbed attention with her funny and poignant web series Eighty-Sixed about college life. She went on to charm fans with hilarious performances, relatable writing, and raw honesty about her struggles. Now 29, her star is on the rise as she conquers new projects in TV and film.

Early Life & Education

Born in 1994 in LA to famous comedian Larry David and environmental activist Laurie David, Cazzie grew up surrounded by show business. She attended the prestigious Windward School with her younger sister Romy, who she remains close with.

In 2016, Cazzie graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies. At Harvard, she wrote for the humor magazine Harvard Lampoon, honing the witty comedic talents she inherited from her dad.

From Web Series to TV Writing

After college, Cazzie created and starred in the acclaimed semi-autobiographical web series Eighty-Sixed. This brilliantly funny show followed a fictionalized version of Cazzie navigating relationships, friendships, and aimlessness after graduation. It served as her breakout, showcasing her talents as a writer and performer.

The clever Millennial musings of Eighty-Sixed captured fans‘ hearts. Cazzie‘s dry humor and relatable on-screen presence made her someone to watch. After the show‘s success, Cazzie made the leap to writing for Saturday Night Live in 2017.

She went on to co-create and write for the Hulu series Shrill starring SNL‘s Aidy Bryant. As a writer and co-executive producer on Shrill, Cazzie explored themes of body image, relationships, and finding your voice as a young woman.

Scene-Stealing Acting Roles

While making her mark as a creative force behind the camera, Cazzie has also captivated audiences on-screen. Her acting credits include:

  • Booksmart – This 2019 hit comedy starring Beanie Feldstein featured Cazzie in a hilarious turn as the gloomy, wise-beyond-her-years student Andrea.
  • The Umbrella Academy – Cazzie brought heart and deadpan wit to this superhero series as Jayme, an empowered member of the Sparrow Academy.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm – She guest starred as Richard Lewis’ nurse on her father Larry David’s acclaimed HBO comedy.

With her signature presence and comedic sensibilities, Cazzie has stolen scenes in both comedies and dramas. As her career continues to surge, I can‘t wait to see her take on more roles that let her talent shine.

Writing with Wit and Vulnerability

In 2020, Cazzie published a collection of autobiographical essays titled No One Asked For This. This book, which grapples with relationships, mental health, family, and finding purpose, showcases her talents as a storyteller and her willingness to be vulnerably honest.

Cazzie has a voice that‘s biting, sarcastic, yet sincere. Both her screenwriting and essays contain raw reflections on life as a Millennial woman. She‘s garnered praise for blending wit and wisdom with refreshing candor about personal struggles.

Why I Adore Cazzie David

As a long-time fan, here is what I love about Cazzie:

  • Her whip-smart, irony-laced humor that reminds me of her father Larry David
  • Her courage to talk openly about her insecurities and mental health issues
  • How she embodies the Millennial experience with cleverness and compassion
  • Her versatility as an actress, writer, producer capable of stealing any scene
  • Her relatability and willingness to be herself rather than a Hollywood caricature

Cazzie David has accomplished so much already at just 29 thanks to her multifaceted talents as a performer, writer, and content creator. She has such a unique comedic voice that I‘m always eager to see what she‘ll do next. As she continues to shine both in front of and behind the camera, I know Cazzie is just getting started on her path to superstardom.