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Charlie Hunnam: The Talented English Actor Taking Hollywood by Storm

Full Name Charles Matthew Hunnam
Age 43
Birthday April 10, 1980
Birthplace Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Relationship In a long-term relationship with Morgana McNelis
Height 6‘ 1"
Net Worth $20 million
Social Media

As a longtime fan of Charlie Hunnam, I‘ve been mesmerized by his talents ever since I first saw him on the original British version of Queer as Folk. There‘s no denying Hunnam has leading man good looks, but what‘s even more captivating is his dedication to fully inhabiting complex characters. Over his illustrious career, he has proven to be one of the most versatile actors working today.

Humble Beginnings in Newcastle, England

Charles Matthew Hunnam was born on April 10, 1980 in the working class city of Newcastle in Northeast England. Just three minutes after Charlie‘s birth, the Hunnam family welcomed his identical twin brother William. Charlie demonstrated a natural performing ability at a young age, nabbing his first role at just 10 years old. Discovered by a producer while goofing around in a shoe store, Hunnam was cast in the children‘s show Byker Grove and he never looked back.

As a teenager, Hunnam continued acting in youth-oriented shows like Microsoap. But it was his sensitive portrayal of Nathan Maloney, a young gay man, on Queer as Folk that really put him on the map. Only 18 at the time, Hunnam showed a depth and poise beyond his years in tackling this groundbreaking role. It was clear even then that his talent would carry him far.

Starting His Hollywood Journey

Charlie Hunnam decided to take his career to the next level by moving to Los Angeles in the early 2000s. Though establishing himself Stateside was an uphill battle initially, his fortune changed when he landed the lead role of Jax Teller on FX‘s Sons of Anarchy. As the central character on the immensely popular drama series, Hunnam captivated viewers with his brooding intensity and presence.

His seven seasons on Sons of Anarchy proved to be Hunnam‘s big breakout, cementing him as a magnetic lead. During his time on the show, he also started getting cast in major Hollywood movies like Guillermo del Toro‘s robots vs. monsters blockbuster Pacific Rim. Hunnam was clearly destined for stardom, and his momentum has only increased.

Becoming a Bankable Leading Man

In the past several years, Charlie Hunnam has expanded his filmography with an array of memorable starring turns. He brought an epic physicality to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, embodied rugged vulnerability in the harrowing Papillon, and showed off his comedic chops in The Gentlemen.

Hunnam continues to earn raves for his dedication – he insists on doing nearly all of his own stunts to maintain authenticity. Audiences and critics agree that he has that enviable combination of acting talent and natural charisma that make a true leading man. With two Critics‘ Choice Award nominations recognizing his brilliant work on Sons of Anarchy, his skills have been rightfully acknowledged by the industry as well.

Why We Love Charlie Hunnam

After following his career from the start, it‘s easy to understand why Charlie Hunnam has become such a phenomenon. Here are just a few of the reasons he‘s earned such devoted fans worldwide:


He fully inhabits every role

Hunnam disappears completely into each character, often spending months in dialect training and other preparations. His total commitment shines through.


He‘s got undeniable presence

Whether he‘s playing a tough biker or refined gentleman, Hunnam has an magnetism that leaps off the screen and captivates viewers.


He chooses complex, challenging roles

Rather than play it safe, Hunnam consistently picks projects that allow him to stretch as an actor like The Lost City of Z.

Surprising Facts About Everyone‘s Favorite Leading Man

Beyond his obvious talents, there are some fascinating facts about Charlie Hunnam that may surprise even his biggest fans:


He was a competitive swimmer as a teen

Hunnam swam competitively growing up and even won a Junior Olympic competition – proof of his athleticism!


He‘s a certified scuba diver

Never one to do things halfway, Hunnam got his scuba certification for his role in Pacific Rim, exploring the depths for real.


He was married very briefly years ago

Before finding fame, a 19-year-old Hunnam had a short-lived marriage to actress Katharine Towne that lasted only a few months.


He has a twin brother named William

Charlie‘s identical twin has stayed out of the spotlight, but William has dabbled in acting over the years too.


He used to work in his dad‘s jewelry business

Before acting, Hunnam briefly helped out in his father‘s jewelry business, learning skills like diamond setting.

The Future Looks Bright for Charlie Hunnam

Luckily for devoted fans like me, it seems like there is much more still to come in Charlie Hunnam‘s acclaimed career. He‘s starring in Apple TV‘s upcoming Shantaram, based on the best-selling novel about an escaped convict in Bombay. This project seems perfectly suited to Hunnam‘s talents, and I can‘t wait to see him inhabit this complex lead role.

With his undisputed acting chops, movie star charisma, and shrewd ability to pick compelling characters, the future is exceedingly bright for Charlie Hunnam. His passion for the craft of acting is clear, so I‘m certain we‘ll continue seeing outstanding performances for years to come. As someone who has admired his work from the very start, I‘m excited to follow wherever his talents take him next. One thing is certain – this is just the beginning for the brilliant chameleon and heartthrob that is Charlie Hunnam!