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CoryxKenshin: YouTube Gaming Superstar

Full Name Cory DeVante Williams
Channel [CoryxKenshin](
Subscribers 11 Million+
Twitter [@coryxkenshin](
Instagram [@coryxkenshin](

CoryxKenshin (real name Cory DeVante Williams) is one of the biggest stars on YouTube, with over 11 million subscribers on his main channel. Known for his hilarious gaming videos and skits, Cory has built an online empire of entertainment that inspires millions of fans around the world. In this post, we‘ll take an in-depth look at who CoryxKenshin is and why he‘s achieved such phenomenal success on YouTube.

Background and Early Life

CoryxKenshin was born on November 9, 1992 in Michigan, United States. He had a passion for video games from a young age, often playing popular titles like Call of Duty and Halo on his Xbox. However, his family struggled financially at times while he was growing up.

Gaming provided an escape for Cory – he often credits it for keeping him out of trouble during his youth. While in high school, he started uploading Call of Duty gameplay videos to YouTube under the name "CoryxKenshin." The channel didn‘t gain much traction at first.

After high school, CoryxKenshin went to college. However, he ended up dropping out after just one semester to focus full-time on growing his YouTube channel and pursuing video gaming professionally.

This was a major turning point in Cory‘s life. While risky, his decision to leave college kickstarted his full-time content creation career and altered his trajectory profoundly.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

In 2013, CoryxKenshin rebranded his channel and began diversifying his content. He started uploading more comedy videos, skits, anime reactions, and different styles of video game playthroughs.

His unique sense of humor combined with his genuine on-camera personality quickly resonated with viewers. By 2015, just two years after restarting his channel, CoryxKenshin hit 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Some of his most popular early video series included:

  • Sonic.exe – Playthroughs of the creepy Sonic the Hedgehog horror game mod.
  • Five Nights at Freddy‘s – Hilarious reactions to the viral horror game.
  • Happy Wheels – Playthroughs of the ragdoll physics game that cracked fans up.

Over the next few years, CoryxKenshin continued uploading several videos a week while interacting regularly with fans in the comments. This consistent community engagement is one of the keys to his rapid growth on YouTube.

By 2018, the CoryxKenshin channel had amassed 10 million subscribers. Two years later in 2020, he surpassed 15 million. Today, CoryxKenshin has over 11 billion total video views!

As a long-time fan, I still remember the excitement when he hit each major milestone. It was incredible watching his exponential growth in real-time.

Content Style and Evolution

While CoryxKenshin started off mainly as a gamer making walkthroughs and playthroughs, his content has evolved quite a bit over the years. Here‘s an overview of the types of videos he makes now:

  • Gaming Videos: This is still a major focus, but now includes indie games, horror, classics, RPGs, and more. Cory puts his unique spin on everything.
  • Comedy Skits: These hilarious and creative skits showcase Cory‘s acting skills and comedic timing. Often based on video game themes.
  • Anime Reactions: Cory‘s genuine reactions to popular anime like Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man and Attack on Titan are crowd favorites.
  • Vlogs: Interesting day-in-the-life vlogs give fans a behind the scenes look at Cory‘s world.
  • Challenges: Zany challenges keep things fresh, like eating extremely sour candy or dabbing hot sauce.

No matter the format, CoryxKenshin‘s videos all share his upbeat personality, expressive reactions, and contagious laughter. He carefully curates his content to be entertaining for viewers of all ages.

Impact and Legacy

In addition to his main YouTube channel, CoryxKenshin expanded his brand and impact in several other ways:

  • Merchandise: CoryxKenshin has an official merch store featuring apparel, accessories, and other products inspired by his channel.
  • Music: In 2018, Cory released a 12-track hip hop/rap album titled ‘The Kenshin‘. Several singles are available on streaming platforms.
  • Mobile Games: Cory partnered with mobile game publisher Noodlecake Studios to release ‘CoryxKenshin‘s Wash Your Hands‘ on iOS and Android in 2020.
  • Podcast: ‘CoryxKenshin Podcast‘ launched in 2021, featuring interviews with other influencers.
  • Books: His first book ‘How to Become YouTube Famous by Accident‘ relays lessons learned from his unprecedented rise to stardom.

CoryxKenshin has proven to be one of the most versatile, creative, and business-savvy content creators on YouTube. His diverse revenue streams and multi-platform presence cement his legacy as a new media trailblazer.

As a veteran fan, I‘m proud to have witnessed Cory‘s evolution from a passionate young gamer to a new media mogul and inspiration for millions. His positive mindset and work ethic are truly admirable.

Why Fans Love CoryxKenshin

There are many reasons why CoryxKenshin is so beloved by millions of fans across the globe:

  • He‘s incredibly entertaining and funny. Every video guarantees laughs.
  • His positive and upbeat personality provides a mood boost.
  • He interacts constantly with his community and shows appreciation.
  • Cory sets a great example by avoiding drama, staying humble.
  • His videos are family-friendly. Cory maintains a refreshing innocence.
  • He displays impeccable work ethic by uploading very consistently.

CoryxKenshin always makes sure fans feel included. He understands the importance of creating not just content, but also building a community.

As a fan for many years now, I‘m continually impressed by Cory‘s authenticity and kindness. He deserves all the success he‘s achieved through sheer passion and dedication.

The Future for CoryxKenshin

As one of the top gaming creators on YouTube, CoryxKenshin has firmly cemented his place in pop culture. He continues to evolve by expanding into music, merchandise, books, and more.

With over a decade on YouTube under his belt, CoryxKenshin is now a veteran and innovator in the world of online video. His humble personality and commitment to creating entertaining content for his fans has fueled his record-breaking success.

At just 30 years old, CoryxKenshin still likely has many more achievements ahead. One thing is for certain – CoryxKenshin will continue making positive impacts wherever his creative journey takes him next. I can‘t wait to watch this next chapter unfold!