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Ellie Thumann – The Rising Star Taking Over YouTube and Fashion

Full Name Ellie Thumann
Born October 29, 2001
Age 21 Years Old
From Illinois, United States
Profession Model, YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Influencer
YouTube Subscribers 2.65 Million
Instagram Followers 4.1 Million
Net Worth $3 Million
Instagram YouTube

Ellie Thumann is an American sensation taking over the worlds of modeling, social media and fashion. With millions of fans across platforms, she has become one of the most influential voices of her generation. Here‘s a closer look at her inspirational success story.

Early Life and Path to Modeling

Born in Chicago and raised in the suburbs of Illinois, Ellie grew up with a passion for fashion. At age 13, while shopping with her mom, she was approached by a talent scout who recognized her modeling potential. After getting signed to an agency, she quickly started booking national campaigns…

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Ellie started her self-titled YouTube channel in 2016, sharing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into her life as a teen model. She rapidly gained a loyal following, amassing over 2.65 million subscribers. Her popular videos include day in the life vlogs, beauty tutorials, storytimes and more. Some of her fan favorite series include "Ellie Tries TikTok Hacks" and videos with her mom and sister. She also frequently collaborates with other top influencers like Niki and Gabi and Claudia Oshry.

Modeling Success and Brand Collaborations

On the modeling front, Ellie has…

Other Projects and Ventures

A savvy businessperson, Ellie has launched various other projects. She co-founded a merchandise line called Jeu Deux and her own clothing brand, Cloe Couture. An advocate for education, she partners with non-profit She‘s the First to fund girls‘ schools in developing countries. She also co-hosts an iHeartRadio podcast called Pretty Basic.

Signature Style and Fashion Impact

Known for her trendsetting looks, Ellie has emerged as a fashion icon. Her edgy streetstyle sets trends, while high fashion shoots cemented her status as a modeling force. The New York Times credited her with popularizing bike shorts as daily wear. Her daring style continues to inspire youth culture.

Fun Facts About Ellie

  • She can speak French fluently and studied abroad in France
  • She loves painting and photography in her spare time
  • Her celeb crush is Timothee Chalamet
  • She‘s obsessed with Pilates and goes 5 times a week
  • She prefers jeans over dresses for a night out
  • Her dream modelling gigs are Chanel and Versace

Ellie‘s meteoric success at just 21 speaks to her relentless work ethic and range of talents. But she remains grounded thanks to her close-knit family. With her fearless style and drive, there is no doubt Ellie Thumann will continue taking the world by storm for years to come!