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All About the Talented and Vivacious Hayley Erbert

Full Name Hayley Erbert
Age 28 years
Birthday October 11, 1994
Hometown Topeka, Kansas, USA
Relationship status Dating Derek Hough
Social Media Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube

As one of her biggest fans, I‘m so excited to share more about the lovely, talented, and energetic Hayley Erbert! Since first discovering this captivating dancer on So You Think You Can Dance in 2013, I‘ve loved watching Hayley‘s career blossom on television and beyond.

Early Life and Dance Training

Born in Kansas, Hayley Erbert found her passion for dance at the tender age of 3. She trained vigorously in all styles growing up, but was especially dedicated to gymnastics – practicing 30 hours a week! This intensive background gave Hayley the work ethic, body control, and performance skills she‘s now famous for.

Even as a youngster, Hayley had big dreams of dancing professionally. She competed regularly on the national dance circuit, winning titles and scholarships. At 18, she nabbed a dance scholarship from the University of Kansas – but decided to pursue her career instead.

Rising to Fame on So You Think You Can Dance

In 2013, Hayley‘s talents first caught the public eye when she auditioned for Season 10 of FOX‘s dance competition show So You Think You Can Dance. With her enthusiastic personality and excellent technique, she made it all the way to the Top 14 live shows!

While just missing the Top 10 cut, Hayley immediately became a fan favorite – especially for her breathtaking contemporary routines with partner Curtis Holland. Her artistry and versatility led to her being invited back as an All-Star the following season.

Becoming a DWTS Troupe Standout

Fresh off her success on SYTYCD, Hayley joined the dance troupe on Dancing with the Stars in 2014. As part of the elite team that performs showcase numbers, she quickly proved herself one of the troupe‘s most gifted dancers.

"She picked up choreography so fast – it was insane," marveled fellow troupe member Brittany Cherry.

Indeed, Hayley‘s versatility and stage presence were unparalleled. She transitioned seamlessly between styles, always elevating the troupe routines to new heights.

Over the next several seasons, Hayley‘s popularity led to her performing duets with the DWTS pros and being promoted to Pro status herself for selected celebrity pairings. But she always returned to the troupe, embracing her role as dance captain for their incredible group numbers.

Finding Love on the Dance Floor

As Hayley‘s fame grew on DWTS, so too did her flirtation with fellow dancer Derek Hough. As one of the show‘s original pros, Derek had been a friend and mentor to Hayley for years. But in 2015, friendship blossomed into romance.

"We just kind of hit it off," Hayley revealed bashfully during an interview on the DWTS tour.

Fans were thrilled to see these two talented dancers find love. However, Hayley was always determined to maintain her own identity outside of their high-profile relationship.

"Derek doesn‘t define me," she often remarked. "I want to be known as an accomplished dancer and choreographer in my own right."

Life After DWTS…for Now

After 7 seasons on DWTS, Hayley opted to leave the show in 2020 to pursue new opportunities. She called it one of the hardest decisions of her life, but felt it was time to spread her wings.

These days, Hayley continues teaching master classes while expanding her work in television and music. She loves connecting with fans on TikTok and Instagram when not snuggling her adopted kitties at home.

"DWTS will always be my family," she says. "But I‘m so excited to see what this next chapter brings!"

Knowing Hayley, it will certainly be sensational. Her legacy as one of DWTS‘ most lively and gifted dancers is set in stone. But at just 28, there are no limits to what this triple threat entertainer can accomplish next!