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Get to Know India Royale, Queen of Fashion and Beauty

Full Name India Royale
Age 28
Birthday March 9, 1995
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Atlanta, Georgia
Relationship Engaged to Lil Durk
Children 2 daughters, Skylar and Willow
Height 5'3"
Net Worth $8 million
Social Media Twitter


As a longtime fan of India Royale, I‘m thrilled to introduce her to you! India is an entrepreneur, fashion icon, social media star, and loving mother taking the world by storm. With over 5 million Instagram followers and a growing beauty empire, she represents female empowerment at its finest.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, India was bitten by the fashion and beauty bug from a very young age. She remembers flipping through her mom‘s glamour magazines and being mesmerized by the confident, gorgeous supermodels. India knew in her heart that she wanted to be one of them someday.

After becoming an Instagram influencer in her early 20s thanks to her impeccable style, India launched her own makeup line in 2019. India Royale Beauty was an instant hit, with products selling out within hours of launch. Since then, the brand has expanded into skincare, haircare, and more – all designed to make women feel beautiful inside and out.

But beyond her glamorous public persona, India is also a doting mother to two precious daughters. Seeing her interact with her girls on social media always makes my heart melt! She‘s living proof that you can have it all with determination – beauty, business, and family.

Let‘s take a closer look at her journey to stardom and success…

Humble Beginnings

Long before her days of rocking runways and running a beauty empire, India Royale grew up in a normal family of four girls in Atlanta. While her childhood was relatively average, India was always fascinated by fashion and beauty.

She recalls studying her mom‘s issues of Vogue and Elle, marveling at the glossy-haired models in designer gowns and dreaming that could be her someday. India practiced posing in front of the mirror and sketching outfit designs.

After high school, India created an Instagram account to share her personal fashion looks. She developed her photography skills and styling techniques, posting outfit photos and sleek selfies. Within a few months, India had gained over 10,000 organic followers, thanks to her natural modeling talent and bold, trendy style.

Brands immediately took notice of her engagement levels and India began receiving offers for small sponsored posts. She was only 21 when she became a professional social media influencer and fashion guru – just the beginning of an amazing career in the spotlight!

Rise to Insta-Fame

India‘s online popularity really exploded in 2019 when she surpassed 1 million Instagram followers. She remembers sobbing tears of joy and gratitude when she hit that milestone. To celebrate, India shared a photo surrounded by her beloved daughters, thanking fans for their support.

So what‘s the secret to India‘s Instagram success? Her feed is the perfect trifecta:

  • Glam fashion pics: India looks drop-dead gorgeous modeling the latest trends – think curve-hugging mini dresses, barely-there swimsuits, fur coats, and more. As a Fashion Nova ambassador, she‘s constantly debuting their newest collections.
  • Cute family moments: Fans adore seeing India‘s daughters featured on her page. She gives us glimpses into her life as a mom, like bedtime cuddles, backyard playdates, and triples matchy-matchy outfits.
  • Uplifting quotes and messages: India uses her platform to motivate and inspire other women. She shares sincere posts about self-love, confidence building, dream chasing, and overcoming hardship.

India‘s alluring balance of high fashion, family, and female empowerment is clearly resonating with millions. She encourages women to recognize their worth and live life unapologetically. What‘s not to love?

Launching a Beauty Empire

Ever since she was a starry-eyed child, India had dreamed of launching her own fashion and beauty brand. So in January 2019, India finally made that lifelong vision a reality by unveiling India Royale Beauty.

After spending over a year privately developing and testing products, India introduced her cosmetics line to the world. The initial launch included lip kits, highlighters, eyelashes, and setting spray. She focused on trendy, quality products with universal appeal.

India heavily promoted the brand to her devoted Instagram following. Within hours, the entire first collection was completely sold out!

Since that meteoric launch, India has expanded her beauty offerings to include skincare, hair care, tools, merchandise, and more. She even created the VIP Babes Membership program to reward loyal customers.

India Royale Beauty has become one of the hottest cosmetics companies on the market. It‘s now sold through the website and in salons across America. By listening to her fans‘ needs and creating products that make women feel confident in their own skin, India has secured her status as a beauty mogul!

Proud Mama

While she slays the beauty game, India‘s proudest role is being a mom. She has two precious daughters who light up her world – Skylar and Willow.

Her first born Skylar arrived in 2014 when India was 19 years old. India refers to her as a mini-me and loves seeing Skylar develop her own fun personality as she grows up.

A few years later, India began dating popular rapper Lil Durk. After about a year of dating, India gave birth to their daughter Willow in 2018.

India loves sharing her joyful journey through motherhood with her followers. Her girls make frequent cameo appearances on her Instagram feed, often in adorable matching ensembles.

India and Lil Durk remain happily engaged today. In fact, he even proposed on stage at one of Willow‘s dance recitals in late 2021! The emotional moment was caught on camera, culminating in a dazzling 8-carat diamond ring for India worth over $1 million.

As a longtime fan, it warms my heart to see India thriving both professionally and personally. Motherhood looks gorgeous on her!

Giving Back to the Community

With a heart of gold, India dedicates time and resources to giving back. She leverages her immense platform to support causes close to her.

When the tragic murder of George Floyd sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, India encouraged her followers to support black-owned businesses. She features many small minority-owned brands on her page.

Cruelty-free beauty is also dear to India‘s heart. All India Royale Beauty products are 100% vegan and never tested on animals.

India also recently partnered with a nonprofit to administer makeovers for underprivileged women aiming to re-enter the workforce. Seeing their confidence soar made her day.

Most admirably, India dreams of someday launching her own nonprofit organization to mentor young girls. Given her passion for helping others and improving her community, I have no doubt she‘ll make this goal a reality!

What the Future Holds

At 28 years old, India Royale has already achieved so much. But given her tenacious drive, I know this is only the beginning!

Within the next few years, India aims to open the first India Royale Beauty brick-and-mortar store. She also plans to continue expanding her beauty empire into new realms like cosmetic tools, fragrances, clothing, and more.

On a personal level, India has shared her dream of one day having a son to complete her picture-perfect family.

No matter what obstacles or triumphs she encounters in the future, India will undoubtedly keep empowering women and uplifting others. Her positive spirit is infectious – she makes me feel like I can take on the world!

I can‘t wait to witness India‘s next chapter unfold and will be cheering her on every step of the way. The sky‘s the limit for this beauty boss babe!

5 Fun Facts About India

  1. India‘s zodiac sign is Pisces – no wonder she‘s so creative and dreamy!
  2. She stands at 5‘3" tall.
  3. India isn‘t her real first name – it‘s actually a stage name. She was born India Banks.
  4. Oprah and Beyonce are two of India‘s biggest role models. Girl power!
  5. Her favorite vacation destination is the beautiful Bahamas.

India‘s Top Beauty Tips

As a beauty entrepreneur, India has tested virtually every trend out there! Here are some of her top tips for looking and feeling gorgeous:

  • Remove makeup thoroughly before bedtime to avoid clogged pores
  • Drink plenty of water and green tea to keep skin hydrated and glowing
  • Invest in quality makeup brushes – they make application smoother
  • Always curl lashes before swiping on mascara to open up your eyes
  • Massage cuticle oil into nails daily to condition and stimulate growth

India makes taking care of your beauty look so effortless and luxurious. Thanks to her advice, I feel red carpet ready every day!