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Ines de Ramon

Full Name Ines Olivia de Ramon
Born December 19, 1992 in Los Angeles, CA
Age 30 years old
Career Highlights Portrayal of Grandma Paz on Gentefied, advocacy for Latinx rights
Social Media Instagram

Background and Early Life

Born and raised in Los Angeles to a Mexican father and an American mother, Ines de Ramon developed a deep connection to her Latinx heritage from a young age. According to those who knew her growing up, Ines was an outgoing, expressive child who loved performing in school plays. She also showed an early interest in activism and volunteer work, participating in neighborhood beautification projects and fundraising for local charities.

Ines attended a performing arts high school, where she excelled in theater classes while also maintaining academic honors. After graduation, she studied theater and sociology at Loyola Marymount University.

Breakout Role on Gentefied

Ines de Ramon‘s breakout acting role came in 2020 when she was cast as the lovable Grandma Paz on Netflix‘s groundbreaking series Gentefied. Set in the rapidly gentrifying Latinx neighborhood of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles, Gentefied follows three Mexican-American cousins struggling to achieve their dreams, while also honoring their immigrant grandfather "Pop" and their community‘s traditions.

As Grandma Paz, Ines perfectly embodied the quintessential Latino abuelita. Wielding her iconic chancla (slipper), Grandma Paz dispenses advice, preaches morals, and provides much of the show‘s comic relief. Despite being a secondary character, Ines brought such heart and authenticity to the role that Grandma Paz became a fan favorite.

"Working on Gentefied has been life changing. This show is so special because it celebrates the complexity of the Latinx experience in the US," said Ines in an interview.

The critical acclaim and crossover appeal of Gentefied marked a huge step forward for Latino representation on American television, thanks in no small part to Ines‘ stellar acting.

Passionate Activism and Social Impact

Acting isn‘t Ines‘ only passion – she is also deeply committed to activism and creating social change. From a young age, Ines has advocated for immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ equality, environmental justice, and more.

Ines volunteers extensively with immigrant aid organizations like CHIRLA. She also uses her media presence to promote important causes, participate in protests and awareness campaigns. Some of the seminal events she‘s been involved in include:

  • Los Angeles Women‘s March (2017, 2018)
  • March for Our Lives LA (2018)
  • Border humanitarian crisis donation drive (2019)

Through her art and activism, Ines continues to push for more diverse, equitable representation across entertainment, politics, business and beyond. She embodies the values of compassion and "ganas" – the will to succeed and lifts up her community.

The Road Ahead for Rising Star Ines

With her career-making role on Gentefied and her laudable dedication to social justice, Ines de Ramon is one of Hollywood‘s rising stars and most influential Latina advocates. The future shines brightly for the multi-talented 30-year-old.

The second season of Gentefied drops on Netflix in 2023, with Ines reprising her role as the indomitable Grandma Paz. No doubt she will continue capturing fans‘ hearts. Beyond Gentefied, Ines plans to take on more impactful acting projects, writing endeavors, and activism work.

No matter what comes next, one thing‘s for sure – Ines de Ramon has the skill and drive to tell compelling stories and make the world a bit more just. Her star will only continue rising.

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