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Jaemin, the Multi-Talented K-Pop Star

Jaemin‘s Profile
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|Full Name|Na Jae-min|
|Stage Name|Jaemin|
|Birthday|August 13, 2000|
|Birth Place|Jeonju, South Korea|
|Height|178 cm (5‘10")|
|Weight|60 kg (132 lbs)|
|Blood Type|AB|
|Zodiac Sign|Leo|


Jaemin is a South Korean singer, rapper, dancer, actor, MC, and model currently under SM Entertainment. He was born Na Jae-min on August 13, 2000 in Jeonju, South Korea. Even as a child, Jaemin was athletic and outgoing, participating in sports like basketball and soccer. He was also interested in performing and took acting and dance lessons from a young age.

Jaemin joined SM Entertainment through their global auditions in 2016. After training for a year, he debuted as a member of NCT‘s third subunit NCT Dream in August 2017. Though one of the younger members of NCT Dream, Jaemin quickly stood out for his sweet vocals, charismatic rapping, and impressive dance skills.

Over the years, I‘ve loved seeing Jaemin grow from a rookie idol into a versatile entertainer. He has shown off his acting chops in dramas like "A-Teen" and served as an MC on music shows. Jaemin‘s voice has also matured, displaying soulful R&B tones in recent songs.

Career Highlights

Here are some of the biggest moments in Jaemin‘s career so far:

  • Debut with NCT Dream‘s single "Chewing Gum" (2017)
  • Received Rookie of the Year at Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards (2017)
  • Released 1st EP "We Young" with NCT Dream (2017)
  • Stared in web drama "A-Teen" (2018)
  • Named celebrity ambassador for IU Fan Union (2018)
  • Won Rookie Award at Asia Artist Awards (2018)
  • Dropped 1st full album "We Boom" with NCT Dream (2019)
  • Appeared on variety shows like "Cooking Big Bang" (2020)
  • Debuted in NCT U with "Make A Wish" and "From Home" (2020)
  • Featured on Spotify global billboard in Times Square (2021)
  • NCT Dream‘s "Hot Sauce" debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 (2021)

Fun Facts About Jaemin

Over the years, fans have discovered many interesting facts about Jaemin:

  • He has an AB blood type, which is rare even in South Korea
  • Jaemin loves collecting stuffed animals and reading comic books
  • His favorite foods are meat dishes like jokbal (pig feet)
  • He was a child actor and model before joining SM Entertainment
  • Jaemin has an older sister named So-eun
  • His hobbies include photography, playing guitar, and building Lego sets
  • He is one of the tallest members of NCT Dream at 178 cm (5‘10")

As a fan myself, I love Jaemin‘s cute personality and strong bond with his fellow NCT members. He seems mature beyond his years and is incredibly thoughtful. We can expect great things to come from this talented idol!


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