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Comedian and Singer Jessie Woo

Full Name Jessie Woo
Age 33 years old
Birthday July 6, 1990
Born United States
Relationship Status Single
Height 5‘ 3"
Net Worth $500,000
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Jessie Woo is a rising Haitian-American comedian, media personality and singer known for her hilarious online sketches and songs like "I‘m Tired." Born in 1990 and raised between Montreal and Miami, Jessie had dreams of entertaining from a young age. She first achieved viral fame on YouTube with her funny and insightful comedy sketches poking fun at the awkwardness of everyday life.

Early Life and Breakthrough

As a child, Jessie always loved performing and making people laugh. She was described by family members as the "class clown" constantly putting on shows for relatives. This passion led her to study broadcast journalism and intern at local radio stations in Miami during college. Jessie got her big break hosting morning shows at Miami‘s POWER 96 FM where she honed her speaking voice and quick wit.

Craving a more creative outlet, Jessie began creating and posting comedy sketches on YouTube under the name "TheJessieWoo". Her sketches about topics like awkward workplace interactions, dating mishaps and cultural stereotypes quickly gained a devoted following. Her characters like neck-rolling office diva "Ashley" and sassy girlfriend "Shaniqua" became viral sensations.

Jessie soon earned roles on major comedy shows like Issa Rae‘s Awkward Black Girl sketch series on Comedy Central and VH1‘s rebooted hit The Jenny Jones Show. She brought her trademark humor through original characters audiences loved. Critics raved about her ability to tap into universal themes through her multicultural perspective.

Comedic Style

Known for her impressions, accents and physical comedy, Jessie has a playful, conversational style. She pokes fun at herself and finds humor in even the most cringeworthy situations. Fans love her magnetic, down-to-earth personality and relatable comedy.

Some of Jessie‘s popular recurring original characters include:

  • Ashley – A sassy, neck-rolling workplace diva
  • Maria – A Hispanic woman tackling cultural stereotypes
  • Shaniqua – An over-the-top girlfriend dishing outlandish advice

Jessie also does hilarious impressions of celebrities like Oprah, Cardi B, Tiffany Haddish and Beyonce. She often collaborates with other comedians and artists like Anjelah Johnson, GloZell and Aries Spears.

"Jessie has a way of making you laugh at things you never thought you‘d find funny. Her comedy comes from a place of brutal honesty." – Fan review

Transition to Music

In 2019, Jessie expanded her artistic talents into music by releasing her debut EP Bonafide. It showcased her soulful singing voice and vulnerably honest songwriting. Songs like "Spawn of Satan" addressed serious topics like abusive relationships with a mix of humor and heart.

Her brutally honest single "I‘m Tired" about mental health and burnout quickly went viral on TikTok, resonating with millions. The music video featured some of her popular comedy characters in a fresh way.

Impact and Influences

With her relatable comedy and music, Jessie has built an audience of over 2 million followers across social media platforms. She‘s helped pave the way for more diversity in comedy by adding a multicultural female voice to the scene.

Jessie cites comedians like Martin Lawrence, Wanda Sykes and Ali Wong as influences. She also looks up to strong female singers like Lauryn Hill, India Arie and Sade.

Jessie aims to break barriers and bring joy through laughter and music. She often speaks out about mental health awareness and representing marginalized communities. She aspires to reach icon status like Oprah and Beyonce.

“I want my comedy to resonate across cultures. Laughter is a universal language.” – Jessie Woo

Jessie Woo is definitely one of the most dynamic comedians and singers to look out for. Whether you need a laugh or a song that tugs your heartstrings, Jessie‘s got you covered. Her star is quickly on the rise!