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Joyce Meyer – Inspirational Speaker, Author, and Bible Teacher

Full Name Pauline Joyce Hutchison
Born June 4, 1943 (age 80)
Birthplace St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Spouse Dave Meyer (m. 1967)
Children 4
Occupation Author, Speaker
Net Worth $8 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As one of the world‘s most influential Bible teachers, Joyce Meyer has preached uplifting messages of faith and empowerment that have inspired millions globally for over 40 years.

Meyer overcame childhood sexual abuse and personal hardships to build an international Christian ministry sharing teachings on self-love, confidence, and living a fulfilled, joy-filled life.

Humble Midwestern Roots

Born Pauline Joyce Hutchison in 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri, Meyer was raised in a dysfunctional household. From age 9 to 13, she was sexually abused by her father, an experience that tragically shaped her childhood. Turning to alcohol, drugs and boyfriends, Meyer grew up with low self-esteem.

At age 9, Meyer accepted Jesus Christ at a St. Louis revival meeting. But it wasn‘t until age 23, after attending a Bible study led by a woman named Opal, that Meyer truly devoted herself to faith.

Meyer has described this period as when she “truly became a Christian.” Meyer has said:

“My true conversion took place when I was in my twenties and turned my life completely over to Christ.”

In 1967, Meyer married Dave Meyer, an accountant. Together they had four children and Meyer became a homemaker.

Launching a Ministry

In 1976, Meyer joined Life Christian Center, a Fenton, Missouri church led by Pastor Dave Williams. She became an associate pastor in 1980. After claiming God called her to preach in 1985, Meyer resigned to start her own ministry.

That ministry began with a modest 15-minute daily radio show called “Enjoying Everyday Life." From humble radio beginnings, Meyer‘s ministry eventually expanded into TV broadcasts, books, international conferences, and extensive humanitarian work.

Some key milestones:

  • 1987 – Releases first book "Help Me, I‘m Married!"
  • 1993 – Launches "Enjoying Everyday Life" TV program
  • 2004 – Meyer‘s TV program expands into daily broadcasts

Today, Meyer‘s media content reaches global audiences on hundreds of TV and radio stations and through apps and online platforms.

Bestselling Author with Over 100 Book Titles

A prolific author, Meyer has published over 100 Christian self-help books, with many bestsellers. Her uplifting book titles include:

  • Battlefield of the Mind (1995) – Her signature work on defeating negative thoughts through God‘s Word. Over 3 million copies sold.
  • Look Great, Feel Great (2006) – A 12-step plan to improving self-image through mind, mouth, moods, and movement.
  • Living Beyond Your Feelings (2011) – Guidance on overcoming emotions like guilt, fear, and anxiety by trusting God.
  • Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits (2013) – Focuses on establishing positive routines like prayer and escaping negative cycles.
  • Change Your Words, Change Your Life (2012) – Encourages mindful use of words to enrich relationships and create blessings.

With over 84 million books sold, Meyer‘s practical, biblical teachings have helped guide countless people towards faith.

Global Outreach and Humanitarianism

In addition to her media ministry, Meyer actively gives back through extensive humanitarian work:

  • Hand of Hope outreach provides food, water, shelter and more to people in need globally
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries employs over 500 people worldwide
  • Meyer hosts conferences worldwide, speaking to tens of thousands in-person
  • Her messages are translated into over 100 different languages
  • She partners with organizations like Feed The Children to donate supplies

Meyer‘s spirit of service and generosity amplifies the far-reaching impact of her uplifting message.

Accomplishments and Honors

With her relatable Midwestern charm and empowering teachings, Meyer has become one of the most influential Christian voices worldwide. Her many honors and achievements include:

  • Named one of Time Magazine‘s "25 Most Influential Evangelicals" (2005)
  • Inducted into the NRB Broadcasting Hall of Fame (2010)
  • Received Lifetime Global Impact Award from Missouri Baptist University (2011)
  • Ranked #17 on Forbes list of "America‘s Top Female Evangelists" (2022)
  • Estimated net worth of $8 million

Personal Life and Interests

Now 80 years old, Meyer maintains an active lifestyle, splitting her time between ministry work and personal interests. Though well-known for her stylish blonde pixie cut, fans might be surprised to learn Meyer has a great passion for shoes and tennis!

Meyer has been happily married to husband Dave Meyer since 1967. They have four grown children and 10 grandchildren.

When not preaching worldwide or writing new books, Meyer enjoys:

  • Playing tennis 3-4 times a week
  • Collecting shoes and owning over 1,000 pairs!
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest books and media
  • Traveling and experiencing new cultures
  • Spending quality time with her ever-growing family

Meyer also actively engages with nearly 3 million social media followers through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Known for personally responding with biblical wisdom, Meyer‘s social media allows fans to connect with her message on a more personal level.

Lasting Legacy

With over 40 years in ministry and an unquenchable passion for enriching lives, Meyer has solidified her legacy as one of history‘s most powerful Bible teachers. She overcame childhood abuse and personal adversity to build an inspirational global ministry.

What truly sets Meyer apart is her relatable approach in presenting biblical truths. By opening up about her own struggles, Meyer makes her teachings feel like heart-to-heart advice from a trusted friend. Her focus on self-love and positive thinking resonates across denominations and age groups.

At 80 years old, Meyer shows no signs of slowing down her spiritual mission. Through her uplifting words of faith and empowerment, she continues bringing people closer to God and living enriched lives. While Meyer‘s impact is already monumental, her relentless drive ensures her transformational messages will endure for generations to come.