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Rising Star Louis Partridge


Full Name Louis Partridge
Age 20
Birthday June 3, 2003
Born England
Relationship Single
Height 5‘ 11"
Net Worth $1.5M
Twitter @louispartridge4
Instagram @louispartridge_
TikTok @louis_partridge

Louis Partridge is an English actor in film/TV; began w/ small roles in short films.

Background and Early Life

Born on June 3, 2003 in London, England, Louis Partridge displayed a natural talent and passion for performing from a young age. He trained at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School alongside many other British stars like Emma Bunton and Amy Winehouse.

Partridge comes from an artistic family – his grandfather was a jazz musician and his parents both worked in entertainment. With encouragement from his family, he began taking on professional theatre roles at just 9 years old.

Even as a child performer, Partridge was recognized for his serious dedication to the craft. Directors complimented his work ethic and ability to take direction. It was evident early on that this was more than a hobby for Partridge.

Major Film and TV Roles

Though he started on stage, it was his roles in major films and TV shows that propelled Partridge to stardom:

  • Paddington 2 – This charming 2017 family film gave Partridge his first big break, playing a supporting role alongside greats like Julie Walters. His talent for comedy shone through.
  • Medici – In this Italian-British TV drama, Partridge had a breakout performance as a young member of the influential Medici family in Renaissance Florence.
  • Enola Holmes – This was the role that made him a star. Partridge charmed viewers as the missing Viscount Tewkesbury in the 2020 Netflix hit film alongside Millie Bobby Brown.
  • The King‘s Man – Partridge showed off his versatility playing a WWI soldier in this 2021 action prequel. His dramatic skills impressed critics.

Each role has revealed new depths to his talent. He chooses projects thoughtfully and gives 100% to every part no matter the size.

Achievements and Accolades

For someone so young, Partridge has already racked up impressive achievements:

  • Won Best Youth Performance Award at the 2021 Saturn Awards for Enola Holmes
  • Nominated for BAFTA Rising Star Award for his portrayal of the Viscount in Enola Holmes – the youngest nominee ever!
  • Received the Richmond Upon Thames College‘s Student of the Year award in 2018
  • Named one of Variety Magazine‘s "10 Brits to Watch" rising stars in 2020

I predict this is just the beginning of a long list of accolades to come for Partridge as his star continues to ascend. The exciting awards potential ahead matches his limitless talent.

A Charismatic Rising Star: Why We Love Louis Partridge

So what is it exactly that makes this young actor so captivating?

He‘s Devoted to His Craft – Partridge takes his acting training seriously and it shows in his emotionally rich performances. Directors often comment on his professionalism and dedication.

He‘s Down to Earth and Charming – In interviews, Partridge comes across as genuine, humble and good-natured. Combined with his natural charisma onscreen, it‘s no wonder viewers find him so endearing.

He‘s Versatile and Bold in Role Choices – While a gifted comedian, Partridge continually challenges himself with darker, more mature roles. He refuses to be pigeon-holed.

He‘s Wise Beyond His Years – Partridge exhibits maturity and gravitas in his acting as well as his conduct on sets. Yet he still seems youthful and relatable for fans his age.

Louis Partridge is the full package – looks, talent and brains. He has all the ingredients for longevity at the top of the entertainment world. I for one can‘t wait to see the next captivating character he portrays.

The Exciting Road Ahead

At just 20 years old, Partridge‘s future in film and television is extremely bright, with no limit to how high his star might rise. More Enola Holmes sequels seem guaranteed, and he has expressed interest in genres like fantasy and sci-fi. No matter what project Partridge takes on next, one thing is certain – with his charisma, dedication, and range, directors will be eager to work with this rising star. He has a long, acclaimed career ahead of him in Hollywood.

  1. He did ballet training as a kid but found he preferred acting
  2. He‘s a talented musician – sings and plays guitar
  3. Enjoys photography and has an artsy Instagram feed
  4. Has a brown belt in karate!
  5. His dream acting role is playing Spiderman

Louis Partridge has all the ingredients – talent, looks, brains and a down-to-earth charm – for becoming Hollywood‘s next big leading man. I feel lucky to have discovered him early in his career, and will certainly be following this rising star closely in the years to come! He has nowhere to go but up.