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Rowan Blanchard – A Multi-Talented Actress and Activist

Full Name Rowan Eleanor Blanchard
Age 21 years old
Birthday October 14, 2001
Born Los Angeles, CA
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Facebook

All About Rowan – Her Background and Upbringing

Rowan Eleanor Blanchard was born on October 14, 2001 in Los Angeles, California to Elizabeth and Mark Blanchard. Even as a young child, Rowan‘s creativity and spirit shone bright.

Rowan has shared that her parents named her after British comedian Rowan Atkinson, known for playing the iconic Mr. Bean character. It seems that even from birth, she was destined to entertain!

Rowan‘s outgoing personality led her to begin acting at the tender age of 5. Even as a kindergartener, she already exhibited the confidence, charisma and skill that would make her a star.

Yet despite her early fame, Rowan‘s parents ensured she maintained a balanced childhood. She has credited them with keeping her grounded and helping her stay true to herself.

Her Big Break on Girl Meets World

Rowan‘s life changed forever in 2014 when she landed the starring role of Riley Matthews on Girl Meets World. As the daughter of Boy Meets World characters Cory and Topanga, Rowan embodied Riley with spirit, humor and warmth that made audiences fall in love.

Playing Riley from ages 11 to 14 allowed Rowan to grow up on screen alongside her character. As a devoted GMW fan, I always admired how Rowan portrayed Riley‘s passion and vulnerability with such authenticity. It‘s no wonder she quickly became America‘s sweetheart!

Working on the Disney Channel series also allowed Rowan to establish lifelong bonds. The GMW cast formed a family both on and off set. Watching their heartwarming friendship remind us that relationships and community matter most.

Using Her Voice for Change

With fame came opportunity, and Rowan used it to make a difference. She emerged as a role model by speaking out against injustice and fighting for rights of women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and other marginalized groups.

Rowan credits her parents, who have always advocated for human rights, as her inspiration. She proudly embraces both her Jewish and Native American heritage.

Seeing a young woman use her platform for good motivated me to be more outspoken too. The maturity and grace with which Rowan champions equality is beyond inspiring.

Pursuing Her Passions and Creativity

Rowan has never limited herself to just acting. She spreads her wings into creative writing, photography, modeling and directing.

Her 2021 memoir Still Here offered a deeply personal look into her experiences as an activist and feminist navigating adolescence in the public eye. Rowan‘s courage to share her story will help countless young women.

She also loves photography, filling her Instagram feed with stunning nature shots that reveal her artistic eye. And her turn as a director on GMW proved she can shine behind the scenes too!

Fun Facts About Rowan

  • She is an avid reader and loves getting lost in a good book, often reading on set during breaks.
  • She‘s a major foodie who especially loves sushi, coffee and dark chocolate.
  • Spending time outdoors is one of her favorite ways to unwind and get centered.
  • Her celebrity crushes include Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya.
  • She‘s an excellent student and was accepted to prestigious universities like Harvard, Yale and NYU.

What‘s Next For Rowan?

At only 21, Rowan‘s future shines bright with possibility! She continues to leverage her talents across artistic mediums and activism.

She has upcoming roles in the films The White House Plumbers and Empire of Light, and I‘m eager to see what characters she‘ll bring to life next.

Without a doubt, Rowan will keep inspiring fans with her bold spirit and passionate fight for justice. There are no limits for this multitalented changemaker!