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Steven Crowder: The Controversial, Comedic Voice of the Right

Full Name Steven Blake Crowder
Age 36
Birthday July 7, 1987
Height 6′ 2′′
Relationship Married to Hilary Crowder
Net Worth $3 million (estimated)
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As a long-time follower of Steven Crowder‘s career, I‘ve eagerly tuned into his comedy and commentary for over a decade now. His bold style and willingness to tackle taboo topics rightfully earned him the title "the face of conservative counterculture." Though he‘s inspired controversy from day one, that‘s never slowed down the fast-talking, quick-witted Crowder from speaking his mind.

Crowder‘s Comedic Start

Crowder first caught my attention through viral videos he made parodying the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. His rambunctious, satirical impersonations of activists revealed a talent for comedic impersonations. Born in Michigan in 1987, Crowder had moved to Los Angeles in his early 20s to pursue stand-up comedy and acting.

Small film roles followed, but it was his politically incorrect brand of humor that opened doors in conservative media. As a newcomer, I admired how Crowder hilariously targeted liberal pieties most comedians wouldn‘t dare touch. His rough-and-tumble style reminded me of childhood heroes like Adam Sandler or Chris Farley.

Embracing Controversy

As Crowder‘s star rose with Fox News appearances and viral videos, so did controversy over his uncompromising stances. He eagerly courts outrage with segment ideas like "Socialism Makes People Selfish" and "Hate Speech Doesn‘t Exist." Some accuse Crowder of racism or bigotry, but to me, he‘s simply exposing hypocrisy on the left using satire and hyperbole.

I‘ll admit even as a fan that Crowder sometimes crosses the line in his quest to be provocative. But he owns up to mistakes and brings an intriguing mix of crude humor and nuanced arguments to political discussions. His ability to disarm critics using comedy is a rare gift among today‘s polarized commentators.

Overcoming Health Scares

In recent years, Crowder has faced multiple severe health issues that threatened his prolific career. In 2017, he shockingly revealed a collapsed lung that required emergency surgery and hospitalization. Even more terrifying was a 2021 incident where Crowder‘s heart stopped and he entered a coma after contracting COVID-19.

Seeing his public health battles after following him for so long felt like watching a friend go through trauma. But time and again Crowder has persevered, returning to air his grievances against the "establishment" and make his millions of fans laugh. His resilience only makes me respect him more as an entertainer.

Final Thoughts

For conservatives seeking humor and unfiltered opinions lacking among today‘s talk show milquetoasts, Steven Crowder delivers. Is he for everyone? Certainly not, as evidenced by his many critics. But as a longtime fan, I‘ll continue watching Crowder stir the pot and bring much-needed irreverence to political commentary for years to come. When it comes to making conservatism hip and happening again, nobody does it better than the talented microphone riot igniter himself – Steven Crowder.