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The Incredible Journey of The Kid Laroi: Rap‘s Rising Star

![The Kid Laroi](×600/smart/filters:strip_icc():format(jpeg):mode_rgb():quality(90)/discogs-images/A-15580353-1620401142-4120.jpeg.jpg)
The Kid Laroi
Age: 20 years old
Birth Name: Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard
Born: August 17, 2003 in Waterloo, Sydney, Australia
Origin: Australian
Genres: Hip hop, Pop, Emo Rap
First Release: "Blessings" (2017)
Breakout Single: "Let Her Go" (2019)
Record Label: Columbia Records
Net Worth: $4 million
Social Media: thekidlaroi (Instagram)
@thekidlaroi (Twitter)
The Kid LAROI (Facebook)
thekidlaroiVEVO (YouTube)

As a longtime fan of The Kid Laroi, I’ve eagerly followed his journey from promising upstart to global superstardom. Born and raised in Australia, Laroi drew inspiration from legends like Tupac and Michael Jackson while honing his own smooth blend of hip hop and pop. After breaking through with the hit "Let Her Go," Laroi cemented himself as rap’s next sensation with the chart-topping "Stay" featuring Justin Bieber.

Not just a prolific artist but also an activist and philanthropist, Laroi utilizes his powerful platform to uplift others. Let’s explore the origins, accomplishments, and bright future of this exceptionally talented Aussie musician poised to become the next king of pop.

Early Life in Australia: Cultivating Raw Talent

Long before topping charts around the world, Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard was just a kid growing up in housing commission flats in Sydney’s inner-city suburbs. Surrounded by family members involved in hip hop, Laroi was exposed to legends like Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

According to his mother, Laroi gravitated towards music from infancy – humming tunes and remembering lyrics after just one listen. He began teaching himself acoustic guitar around age 11, soon after writing his first rhymes. Despite economic hardships, Laroi’s natural musical gifts were evident early on.

Citing Michael Jackson as his ultimate inspiration, Laroi devoted himself completely to honing his craft. He could often be found rehearsing dance moves and vocal runs in front of a mirror for hours on end.

While still in his early teens, Laroi started uploading original songs online. The raw talent displayed on tracks like “Blessings” and “6 Years Old” quickly created buzz in the Australian hip hop scene. Laroi’s rise from humble beginnings had officially begun.

Breakout Success with "Let Her Go"

The Kid Laroi’s career reached a new level in 2019 when his breakthrough single “Let Her Go” made waves across Australia. The heart-wrenching piano ballad highlights Laroi’s effortless vocal range as he sings candidly about a failed relationship.

Upon its release, “Let Her Go” immediately resonated with listeners. According to Laroi, creating such a personal track felt like “ripping a Band-Aid off” old wounds. The raw emotion poured into the song propelled it up the charts.

Peaking at #6 on the ARIA Charts, the runaway hit garnered over 27 million streams in Australia alone. As Laroi’s vulnerable artistry connected with fans globally, labels took notice. The smash success of “Let Her Go” landed the upstart his first major record deal with Sony Music Australia.

Virtually overnight, The Kid Laroi had gone from obscurity to one of the most buzzed-about young artists in the industry. His meteoric rise was just getting started.

Global Domination with "Stay"

In 2021, Laroi cemented his status as a worldwide superstar when he teamed up with Justin Bieber for their collaborative single “Stay.” The track highlighted Laroi’s musicality and pop sensibilities, fusing his melodic vocals with Bieber‘s trademark crooning.

“Stay” turned out to be Laroi’s biggest hit yet, topping the charts in over 10 countries including Australia, Canada, the UK and the US. By dominating radio play and playlists on major streaming platforms, the infectious song gained over 2 billion total streams globally.

With the help of Bieber’s star power, Laroi made history as the youngest solo artist to ever reach #1 on the Billboard Global 200 chart. “Stay” served as Laroi‘s formal introduction to the mainstream, expanding his fanbase exponentially almost overnight.

The crossover smash success of "Stay" proved The Kid Laroi had officially transitioned from rising talent to one of the most influential artists in the world.

Advocating for Mental Health

Beyond his musicianship, The Kid Laroi has become an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness. He frequently uses his platform to discuss his own struggles with anxiety and depression as a means of helping fans.

During concerts, Laroi takes breaks between songs to check on the wellbeing of attendees, urging them to prioritize self-care. He routinely engages with followers on social media who are battling mental health issues.

Laroi partnered with leading organizations like BEAM and Live Nation to provide free therapists at his shows. He also launched his own capsule collection to benefit suicide prevention charities.

By openly sharing stories of his childhood trauma and emotional turmoil, Laroi hopes to break down stigmas surrounding mental illness. According to the artist, “It’s helping people, it’s saving lives—that’s what matters.”

Accolades and Achievements

Despite his young age, The Kid Laroi’s list of accolades and records is already longer than most artists achieve in an entire career:

  • Youngest solo artist to top ARIA Charts in Australia (2020)

-Youngest artist to reach #1 on Billboard Global 200 ("Stay")

-3x Platinum single “Without You” peaked at #3 on Billboard Hot 100

-Over 5 billion career streams and counting

-Won Best New Artist at ARIA Music Awards (2020)

-Nominated for Best New Artist at GRAMMY Awards (2021)

-Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 list (2022)

-Supported charities including BEAM, Live Nation’s Crew Nation, and Sound Mind

The Kid Laroi has accomplished more at 20 years old than some artists do in a lifetime. And given his relentless drive and overflowing talent, Laroi is only getting warmed up when it comes to making his mark on the music industry.

The Future Is Bright

In just a few short years, The Kid Laroi has risen from the housing commission flats of Australia to performing on the biggest stages around the globe. His one-of-a-kind blend of hip hop swagger and pop sensibility has widened his fanbase exponentially.

As arguably the most promising young talent since Justin Bieber himself, the possibilities seem endless for what Laroi can achieve next. We can expect more hit collabs, headlining tours, first-time Grammy wins and continued advocacy for mental health awareness.

Knowing Laroi’s savvy business sense, he will likely expand his ventures beyond music into fashion, brand partnerships and more. But above the fame and acclaim, Laroi remains grounded in using his gifts to uplift people going through struggles.

One thing is for certain – The Kid Laroi’s astronomical rise is only just getting started. I feel grateful to have witnessed the genesis of his greatness firsthand. Undoubtedly one of this generation’s most essential artists, Laroi will continue making his Aussie fans proud by bringing his authentic artistry to the global stage. The best is yet to come!