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Tommy Hilfiger – Iconic American Fashion Designer

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger: iconic fashion designer since 1980s, known for classic preppy style.

Full Name Tommy Hilfiger
Age 72
Birthday March 24, 1951
Death Date
Birth Sign Aries
Born United States
Net Worth $450M

About Tommy Hilfiger

As a longtime fan of Tommy Hilfiger, I‘ve admired how he built one of the most iconic American fashion brands. Tommy Hilfiger is known for his classic, cool, preppy style that evokes a fresh, youthful American spirit. For over 30 years, his name has been synonymous with premium American sportswear.

Tommy Hilfiger Timeline

Tommy Hilfiger is Born
Tommy Hilfiger was born in Elmira, New York on March 24, 1951.
Opens First Store
Opens his first clothing store, The People‘s Place, in upstate New York.
Launches Tommy Hilfiger Corporation
Launches the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, debuting a menswear and womenswear line.
Launches Red Label Collection
Launches his Red Label Collection, which incorporates denim and streetwear into his designs.
Opens Flagship Store
Opens his first flagship store in New York City‘s SoHo neighborhood.
Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Receives the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the world of fashion.
Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya Collection Launched
Launches a collaboration collection with actress and singer Zendaya.

Why We Love Tommy Hilfiger


He‘s a Fashion Icon

Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion icon and a pioneer of the preppy style. His designs are timeless, classic and iconic, making him a favorite among fashion aficionados.


He‘s an Inspiration

Tommy Hilfiger has been an inspiration to many aspiring fashion designers. His success story is one of hard work and dedication, which proves that with focus and commitment you can achieve your dreams.


He‘s a Philanthropist

Tommy Hilfiger has shown his commitment to giving back by establishing the Tommy Hilfiger Corporate Foundation in 1994. The foundation provides grants to non-profit organizations that support education programs for at-risk youth.

5 Interesting Facts about Tommy Hilfiger


First Designer to Become a Billionaire

Tommy Hilfiger was the first designer to become a billionaire, as his net worth soared to over $1 billion in 2000.


Started Selling Clothes at the Age of 16

Tommy Hilfiger started selling clothes at the age of 16, when he opened up a store in Elmira, New York called The People‘s Place.


His Signature Red, White and Blue Logo

The signature red, white and blue logo that is seen on many pieces of Tommy Hilfiger clothing was inspired by the colors of the American flag.


Produced a Reality TV Show

Tommy Hilfiger produced a reality TV show called "The Cut" which focused on aspiring fashion designers competing for a chance to work with the iconic brand.


Has Design Collaborations with Celebrities

Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated with celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, Gigi Hadid, and Zendaya to design limited edition capsule collections.

Tommy Hilfiger‘s Lasting Legacy

Over a celebrated career spanning five decades and still going strong, Tommy Hilfiger has cemented his place in fashion history for defining and spreading his vision of "classic American cool" to audiences worldwide. As a longtime fan, I‘ll always admire his combination of entrepreneurial spirit, design talent, and bold branding vision. Tommy Hilfiger brought his signature preppy style from small-town America to the heights of international fame and fortune. His All-American flair and knack for tapping into pop culture trends created fashion beloved by generations. Tommy‘s lasting legacy ensures his preppy Americana styles will never go out of fashion.