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Full Name Cameron Jibril Thomaz
Stage Name Wiz Khalifa
Birthday September 8, 1987
Birth Place Minot, North Dakota, United States
Age 35 Years Old
Occupation Rapper, Singer, Songwriter
Years Active 2004–present
Spouse Amber Rose (m. 2013; div. 2014)
Children 2
Genres Hip Hop, Pop, R&B
Labels Rostrum, Atlantic
Associated Acts Snoop Dogg, Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign
Net Worth $60 Million

As a long-time hip hop fan, Wiz Khalifa has been one of my personal favorite rappers for over a decade. His unique style and laidback flow first drew me in back in 2006 when he released his mixtape Prince of the City. Since then, I‘ve eagerly followed his prolific career in which he‘s broken records, dominated charts, and collaborated with the greats. Let me share more on why Wiz Khalifa is such an influential voice in hip hop.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Wiz Khalifa, birth name Cameron Jibril Thomaz, was born on September 8, 1987 in Minot, North Dakota. His family moved around often due to his parents‘ military service, but he spent most of his youth in Pittsburgh, PA. It was there that his love for hip hop ignited, inspiring the 9 year old to start writing his own raps and lyrics. By age 16, he was already recording himself in local studios.

Wiz self-released his first mixtape “Prince of the City: Welcome to Pistolvania” in 2005 using the moniker Wizard. This caught the attention of independent label Rostrum Records, who signed him in 2004 when he was just 16. His career was set in motion.

Mainstream Success and Rise to Fame

After a stint with Warner Bros. Records, Wiz returned to Rostrum and dropped his breakthrough album “Show and Prove” in 2006. It contained his first major hit single “Say Yeah”, which reached #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. For a young upstart, this was an incredible accomplishment.

But Wiz was just getting started. His career exploded with Atlantic Records release “Rolling Papers” in 2011, featuring smash hits like “Black and Yellow” and “Roll Up”. "Black and Yellow" rocketed up the charts to become his first #1 single, gaining massive radio play and pop culture significance. I still remember exactly where I was the first time I heard it – I knew immediately Wiz had crafted an all-time classic.

Recent Projects and Entrepreneurship

In the past decade, Wiz has continually released chart-topping albums, mixtapes, and stand-alone singles. He‘s also become an astute businessman, launching his own cannabis company Khalifa Kush and founding a record label Taylor Gang Entertainment.

His most recent album Multiverse arrived in 2022 with bangers like "Memory Lane" and "High Today". As a loyal fan, I appreciate that Wiz remains hardworking and committed to giving us new music year after year. He never rests on his laurels or past successes.

He Redefined the Sound of Hip Hop

Wiz Khalifa blended hip hop, pop, and rock seamlessly for a new genre-bending sound. Songs like "Black and Yellow" didn‘t fit neatly into boxes – they tapped into a crossover appeal we hadn‘t heard before. In the process, Wiz expanded hip hop‘s horizons.

He Broke Records and Made History

From having the most simultaneous hits on Billboard‘s charts to becoming the first rapper with a #1 pop hit, Wiz has continually made history. He also holds the record for most Hot 100 hits among rappers, demonstrating his longevity.

He Advanced Weed Culture in Hip Hop

Wiz helped destigmatize marijuana in hip hop, rapping openly about weed and even starting his own cannabis brand. He showed the world that weed can be part of a successful image.

He‘s Remained Real and True to Himself

Even with all his success, Wiz Khalifa has stayed true to his roots. He continues to rep Pittsburgh, never putting on airs or straying from the sound his Day 1 fans fell in love with.

  • His stage name means “wisdom” and “successor” combined
  • He‘s a trained mixed martial artist and avid MMA fan
  • Wiz was engaged to model Amber Rose, with whom he has a son
  • He appeared on the TV show “Punk’d” and in the movie Mac & Devin Go to High School
  • Wiz owns a personalized strain of weed called Khalifa Kush

With his laidback flow and feel-good music, Wiz Khalifa has left an indelible mark on hip hop. Songs like “See You Again” will be remembered forever. He has paved the way for new artists to gain fame through a grassroots approach of mixtapes and internet marketing. After 15 years in the game, Wiz is still one of the most talented, groundbreaking rappers out there. His future accolades will only add to a storied career full of chart-topping hits, timeless classics, and much more. Wiz Khalifa is a once-in-a-generation hip hop icon.