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Discover the Most Expensive TV in the World

In a world where a decent flat-screen TV can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars, it may seem unfathomable that a television could cost over $2 million. But for those with extravagant tastes and exorbitant budgets, only the most luxurious and exclusive TV will do. Enter the Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition – officially the most expensive television ever created.

At a staggering $2.25 million, this 55-inch TV is adorned with precious metals, rare gemstones, and exotic materials that elevate it from a mere home entertainment device to a work of opulent art. Let‘s take a closer look at what makes the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition the ultimate status symbol for the mega-wealthy.

The Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition

Beneath the brilliant shine of 28 kilograms of solid 18 carat rose gold, 72 glimmering one-carat diamonds, and an array of dazzling sunstones and amethysts, lies a 55-inch screen built with cutting-edge technology by the German electronics company Metz. But the tech specs are almost beside the point – this TV is all about the exquisite craftsmanship and sheer decadence of the design.

The entire outer frame, stand, and base are crafted from 18 carat rose gold. This means the gold has a 75% purity, with the remaining 25% composed of copper and silver to give it a warm, pinkish hue. Polishing over 60 pounds of rose gold to a mirror finish was undoubtedly a painstaking process for the artisans at Stuart Hughes.

Embedded within the golden frame are 72 round-cut diamonds, each weighing a full carat. In the realm of diamonds, the carat refers to the weight – with one carat equaling 0.2 grams. These are not just any diamonds either, but extremely rare flawless diamonds, graded as internally and externally perfect even under 10x magnification by expert gemologists.

Complementing the diamonds are vibrant orange sunstones, prized for their glittering adularescence, and rich purple amethysts, historically revered as one of the five "cardinal gems" alongside diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Finally, the inner bezel is lined with hand-sewn alligator skin, adding an exotic tactile element to this symphony of sight and touch.

With such an array of precious materials and uncompromising attention to detail, it‘s no surprise the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition was officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the most expensive television in the world upon its debut in 2010. Only three of these lavish sets were ever produced, ensuring the ultimate exclusivity for the fortunate few who could afford its multi-million dollar price tag.

The Visionary Behind the World‘s Most Expensive TV

To understand how a $2.25 million TV came to be, one must look to the vision and philosophy of luxury designer Stuart Hughes. Born in Liverpool in 1971, Hughes grew up immersed in the city‘s vibrant art, music and sports cultures. These creative influences undoubtedly shaped his desire to make a mark on the world by crafting exceptionally ornate versions of everyday objects.

In 2005, Hughes founded Goldstriker International with his partner and fellow designer Jo-Emma Larvin. The company specialized in lavishly adorning gadgets and furnishings with precious metals, gemstones and other high-end materials. Some of their early eye-catching designs included gold-plated mobile phones, platinum GameBoys, and diamond-encrusted MP3 players.

Stuart Hughes has since put his Midas touch on an ever-expanding array of products, from watches, handbags, and sunglasses to chess sets, cars, and yes, electronics. While a gold-plated iPhone or diamond-studded racing bike may seem extravagant to most, for Hughes‘ ultra-wealthy clientele, these bespoke items are the ultimate expression of luxury and individuality.

Some of Stuart Hughes‘ most famous creations, besides the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition TV, include a $4.8 million diamond-encrusted "princess" handbag, a $1.45 million 18 carat gold and diamond-studded vacuum cleaner, and the world‘s most expensive denim jacket – a $4.5 million creation featuring 2.2 kilograms of 21 carat gold, platinum details, and over 129 carats of diamonds.

In the realm of electronics, Stuart Hughes has crafted a $480,000 Nintendo Wii gaming console plated in 22 carat gold with buttons bearing 78 carats of diamonds, and a $3.2 million iPhone encased in 500 carats of diamonds and embellished with 53 diamonds forming the iconic Apple logo. Clearly, no item is too commonplace for Stuart Hughes to transform into an ultra-luxe collector‘s piece through the addition of glitz, glamour, and a hefty dose of gold.

The "Budget-Friendly" Alternative: PrestigeHD Supreme

For the discerning millionaire not quite ready to shell out $2.25 million on a TV, Stuart Hughes also offers the PrestigeHD Supreme model – a veritable bargain at just $1.5 million. Like its pricier rose gold sibling, the Supreme features a 55-inch screen, alligator skin-lined inner bezel, and generous helpings of gold and diamonds.

However, some concessions have been made to achieve that $750,000 in savings. The gold used in the Supreme model is 22 carats rather than 18, meaning a higher purity of 91.67% compared to 75%. But there‘s slightly less of it – "only" 41.88 pounds adorn the base, stand and frame compared to the Supreme Rose Edition‘s 61.73 pounds.

And instead of 72 flawless one carat diamonds, the Supreme makes do with 48 internally flawless 0.75 carat diamonds. It‘s also appointed with less prestigious aventurine and topaz in place of the Supreme Rose Edition‘s sunstones and amethysts. Still, with a price tag that could buy a very nice house in most areas, the PrestigeHD Supreme is hardly slumming it.

The World‘s Most Expensive TV Makes Its Debut

When Stuart Hughes unveiled the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition in 2010, the world was still reeling from the global financial crisis. Perhaps not the most sensitive time to launch a $2.25 million television, the debut of the most expensive TV was met with relatively little fanfare or media coverage.

The few outlets that did cover the story expressed a mix of awe at the opulent materials and craftsmanship, and head-scratching at the notion of spending such an enormous sum on a television when so many were struggling financially. Many commenters saw it as a gratuitous display of wealth and a waste of money that could be put to much better use helping those in need.

Others criticized the gaudy, over-the-top design as more of an eyesore than a display of good taste. The old adage "Money can‘t buy taste" was a common refrain. However, taste is subjective, and there will always be a market for these types of outrageous luxury goods among the world‘s wealthiest.

With a production run of only three units, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition was never destined for mass-market retailer showrooms. These bespoke televisions were undoubtedly commissioned and sold directly to Stuart Hughes‘ well-heeled private clients. In this rarefied market of one-of-a-kind luxury items, the hype and buzz generated by a splashy public launch is far less important than discretion and exclusivity.

Other Wallet-Busting Televisions and Screens

While Stuart Hughes‘ PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition may hold the official title of World‘s Most Expensive Television, there are plenty of other wallet-busting options out there for those who like their home entertainment with a side of sticker shock:

  • At $260,000, the Samsung UN105S9B Ultra HD TV was the most expensive Samsung model upon its release in 2019. With a massive 105-inch screen, this is, simply put, one of the most impressive TVs you can buy. It offers both deep blacks and impressive colors with its innovative LED backlighting.
  • The most expensive 4K TV in the world, the Titan Zeus packs an 8K resolution, 370-inch screen, and $1.6 million price tag. This mammoth 4K model is more comparable to a miniature movie theater (or jumbotron) than your standard 75-inch living room TV.
  • A current contender for largest OLED TV is the LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV. Available in screen sizes up to 97 inches, this monstrous panel utilizes the most advanced OLED technology available to deliver breathtaking picture quality. This model, along with the rest of LG‘s uber-impressive OLED lineup, was unveiled at the International Radio Exhibition Berlin (IFA) in 2022.
  • On the opposite end of the size spectrum, the smallest TV to ever exist is the Seiko TV Watch from 1982. The wristwatch features a 1.2-inch LCD screen and earned a Guinness World Record as the tiniest TV at the time.
  • Today, you can get slightly bigger but still impressively compact 2-3 inch pocket LCD TVs on Amazon for around $30. What a difference a few decades make!

The Most Expensive TV in the World: Final Thoughts

While it may be hard for the average person to wrap their head around a $2.25 million price tag for a television, luxury items like the Stuart Hughes PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition aren‘t made for the average consumer. In the world of bespoke, high-end design, it‘s all about pushing boundaries, using the finest materials, and creating something truly unique for the mega-rich.

Whether you see the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition as a stunning work of functional art or a gaudy display of excess, there‘s no denying the tremendous amount of skill, creativity and meticulous attention to detail that went into crafting this singular object. For the select few who can afford it, owning the most expensive television in the world is the ultimate status symbol and expression of personal taste.

For the rest of us, we can simply marvel at the opulence from afar, content in the knowledge that our viewing experience on our humble flatscreen probably isn‘t really that different. At the end of the day, even the most expensive TV in the world is still just a screen on which to binge our favorite series, cheer on our sports teams, and get lost in a great movie – simple joys with a value that can‘t be measured in carats of gold or diamonds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who makes the most expensive TV in the world?

A: Luxury designer Stuart Hughes holds the record for creating the world‘s most expensive television, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition. The 55-inch TV features a frame encrusted with 28 kg of 18 carat rose gold, 72 round cut flawless diamonds, amethysts, sunstones and an alligator skin lined bezel.

Q: How much does the most expensive TV in the world cost?

A: The PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition by Stuart Hughes is priced at $2.25 million, earning it the Guinness World Record for most expensive television. Only three of these bespoke TVs were ever created.

Q: What is the best TV you can buy if money is no object?

A: If you‘re looking for the best picture quality money can buy, the latest generation of OLED TVs from brands like LG, Sony and Samsung offer unparalleled black levels, contrast, and color depth. Top-end models like LG‘s 97-inch OLED evo Gallery Edition or Samsung‘s 105-inch UN105S9B are some of the most impressive (and expensive) TVs on the market.

Q: What‘s the biggest TV you can buy?

A: Currently, the largest OLED TV available is LG‘s 97-inch OLED evo Gallery Edition model. If you‘re looking for something even bigger, the Titan Zeus boasts a monstrous 370-inch screen, but its $1.6 million price tag makes it more comparable to a mini movie theater than a standard consumer TV.

Q: Is it worth buying an expensive TV?

A: It depends on your budget, viewing habits, and how much you value premium features like 4K resolution, HDR, and advanced backlighting technology. While expensive flagship TVs offer the best picture quality and most advanced features, you can still get a great viewing experience with a mid-range model. Ultimately, the best TV for you is one that fits your needs and budget.