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HP ProBook vs EliteBook: An In-Depth Business Laptop Comparison

HP‘s ProBook and EliteBook series target different segments of the commercial market. By taking a deeper look across areas like performance, display technology, security protections and sustainability efforts, professionals can better gauge which provides a better fit.

This extensive head-to-head guide should clarify which HP lineup best aligns with your mobile computing needs.

Performance and Speed

For business users, productivity is paramount. The faster you can shred through tasks like compiling reports, crunching data, exporting media files, the more work you can accomplish on the go.

Both models utilize the same Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics, so 3D rendering speeds should be similar. The difference lies in the CPU…

CPU Power - Benchmark Comparison

Laptop           | CPU                     | PassMark Score 
ProBook 440 G9    | Intel i7-1255U          | 12,732
EliteBook 1040 G9 | Intel i7-1265U          | 17,457

Thanks to its 13th generation Intel silicon, the EliteBook enjoys a nearly 50% PassMark CPU benchmark speed advantage over the ProBook.

CPU Power - Video Export Time (Sample)    

Laptop           | Export Time (minutes)
ProBook 440 G9    | 22  
EliteBook 1040 G9 | 15

Why does processor generation matter so much? In addition to a main performance core, newer CPUs like the i7-1265U contain efficiency cores to handle background processes.

This allows actual computing power to scale better as you pile on multi-threaded workloads like code compiling, statistical analysis, applying video effects.

For the average PowerPoint presentation, either laptop has plenty of speed. But processing intensive applications clearly favor the upgraded 13th gen internals of the EliteBook.

Faster Performer: EliteBook 1040 G9

With its additional efficiency cores, the latest 13th gen Intel processor enables the EliteBook to rip through demanding workflows 50% quicker.

Display and Graphics

If you‘ll be working with visual content like graphic design, photos or video, display quality makes a big difference in what you‘re able to produce.

Both HP business laptops actually utilize very capable 1080p panels. But a few small EliteBook tweaks add up to a noticeably better experience:

Panel Technology

  • ProBook = Standard IPS LCD
  • EliteBook = Vibrant OLED display

By using self illuminating OLED instead of traditional LCD tech, the EliteBook delivers stronger contrast and truer blacks critical for color accurate work.

Refresh Rate

  • ProBook = 60 Hz
  • EliteBook = 90 Hz

While a smoother 90 Hz refresh rate may matter more for gaming, even basic Windows animations and workflows feel snappier as you scroll through documents.

Color Gamut Support

  • ProBook = 45% NTSC
  • EliteBook = 100% sRGB

The wider color range supported helps the EliteBook showcase more accurate, lifelike hues critical for design disciplines.

Display Summary

Laptop    | Panel         | Refresh Rate | Color Gamut   
ProBook   | IPS LCD       | 60 Hz        | 45% NTSC 
EliteBook | OLED          | 90 Hz        | 100% sRGB

Pushing past older LCD technology with modern OLED certainly costs a few bucks extra. But for visual creative pros or sales teams showcasing mockups, the improvements shine through.

Superior Display: EliteBook 1040 G9

OLED panel tech, faster refresh rates, and expanded color reproduction give the EliteBook‘s display real world advantages over the ProBook‘s standard LCD.

Connectivity and I/O

Portability is key for road warriors. But compromised connectivity can mean lost productivity any time you need to sync data or plug into a larger workstation.

Wireless Connectivity


  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Bluetooth 5.1


  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Bluetooth 5.2

By adopting the very latest wireless specifications, data transfers happen faster for the EliteBook whether you‘re accessing cloud documents or syncing multimedia to mobile devices.

Wired Ports


  • 2x Thunderbolt 4
  • 1x USB 3.2 Gen 1
  • HDMI
  • 3.5mm audio


  • 2x Thunderbolt 4
  • 2x USB4 40Gbps
  • HDMI 2.0
  • SD Card Reader
  • SIM card slot
  • Smart card reader
  • 3.5mm audio

More advanced wired ports like dual USB4 connections provide the EliteBook noticeably greater peripheral and docking flexibility required in certain business environments.

And expandability options like SIM and Smart Card give mobile professionals additional ways to securely access networks and services on the go.

Superior Connectivity: EliteBook 1040 G9

Faster Wi-Fi 6E wireless, more advanced USB4 wired ports, and niche business reader options make the EliteBook better equipped for enterprise mobility needs.

Business Services, Support and Security

Enterprise IT teams need to keep staff productive with minimal equipment downtime or security risk. All HP business class laptops are designed meet heightened challenges mobile professionals face:

Support and Uptime

Laptop            | Warranty  | Support Response | Uptime Guarantee
ProBook 440 G9     | 1 Year    | Next business day | - 
EliteBook 1040 G9  | 3 Years   | 4 Hour response   | 99.6% guaranteed

While both lines provide essential security protections like self-healing BIOS and passwordless FIDO logins, several EliteBook exclusives help further harden data:

  • HP Sure View Reflect integrated privacy screen
  • Tamper lock electronic intrusion detection
  • Optional Smart Card reader for advanced 2FA

For mission critical deployments, configuring these and other enhanced security options help keep sensitive organization information protected – without solely relying on OS level software safeguards.

Winner: EliteBook 1040 G9

With stringent uptime guarantees, faster support response, and advanced security measures, EliteBooks deliver on enterprise IT admin needs.

Security Features Matrix  

Laptop               | Self Healing | Privacy Screen | Smart Card Reader | Intrusion Detection 
ProBook 440 G9        | Yes          | No             | No                | No
EliteBook 1040 G10    | Yes          | Yes            | Optional          | Yes

Environmental Sustainability

From manufacturing to end of life, every piece of electronics carries an environmental cost. As top PC makers, HP acknowledges its responsibility to course correct – setting ambitious company wide targets to reduce emissions, use recycled plastics and paper packaging, and make recycling consumer devices easier.

Sustainability Snapshot

Laptop                              | Recycled Materials | EPEAT Rating | Energy Star 
ProBook 440 G9                       | 5-10%              | Silver        | Yes
EliteBook 1040 G9                    | 20-30%             | Gold          | Yes  

A key way HP improves the carbon profile of newer devices is through achieving better energy efficiency. For example, by leveraging modern OLED display tech instead of power hungry LCD and integrating denser DDR5 memory modules, idle power draw reduces considerably – leading to 20% better battery longevity per charge on the EliteBook.

Metrics like EPEAT ratings let consumers see the clear strides HP continually makes across areas like material sourcing, energy use and end of life recycling programs. The higher EPEAT Gold score reflects the EliteBook line‘s larger focus on pushing sustainability progress within the industry.

Leading Sustainability: EliteBook 1040 G9

Though both business laptops meet current eco standards through EPEAT Silver and Energy Star certification, the EliteBook‘s Gold rating demonstrates HP‘s growing commitment to responsible computing as it looks towards bolder company wide goals for 2025, 2030 and beyond.

Cost Comparison

With extra performance, premium materials, and enterprise management capabilities layered in, the EliteBook 1040 G9 unsurprisingly costs more upfront. Here‘s how pricing shakes out:

Cost Scale 

Laptop                 | Starting Price | Fully Loaded Price
ProBook 440 G9          | $899           | $1,499
EliteBook 1040 G9       | $1,879         | $3,299

However, total cost of ownership may actually lean in the EliteBook‘s favor over an extended deployment.

The optional 3 year premier warranty with guaranteed 4 hour response/repair times helps minimize downtime that could have staff sitting unproductive. And advanced security protections help thwart breaches that might otherwise inflict heavy financial damages down the road.

For many large organizations, spending more upfront to mitigate operational risk across hundreds or thousands of devices makes sound financial sense.

Of course every business will weigh factors like performance, security and downtime costs differently. But in many cases EliteBooks end up paying for themselves over time when total cost of ownership is factored in holistically.

Which HP Business Laptop Is Right For You?

For most mobile professionals, the affordable ProBook 440 G9 hits the right chords. Its capable 12th gen Intel processor easily juggles everyday workflows like documents, spreadsheets and presentations without performance hiccups. And essential connectivity, all day battery life, and around the clock security keeps you productive. Unless you frequently work with demanding applications, the ProBook delivers everything needed at a reasonable price.

However, creative pros and technically intensive enterprise roles stand to benefit most from the cutting edge performance, stunning OLED display, and advanced management capabilities the customizable EliteBook 1040 G10 provides. Content creators will appreciate screen enhancements like a wider color gamut, 90 Hz refresh rates, 500 nit brightness for perfecting photo and video projects wherever inspiration strikes. And IT departments tasked with keeping vast fleets running can take advantage of rapid response support, higher MTBF ratings and optional vPro management features.

Of course every use case differs. But by breaking down these key head-to-head comparisons around performance, hardware, connectivity, services and sustainability efforts, professionals gain clearer guidance whether the well rounded ProBook or premium EliteBook better aligns with their needs.

Frequently Asked Business Laptop Questions

How does HP‘s ProBook lineup differ from regular consumer laptops?

Compared to HP‘s home models, ProBooks deliver a more durable chassis, faster security updates over multi-year lifecycles, and assurance components stay available for future repairs. Expect to enjoy your investment 3-5 years down the road. ProBooks also integrate better with corporate device monitoring, imaging and antivirus tools IT departments rely on.

Can I equip my ProBook 440 G9 with a Core i5 processor and 32GB RAM?

Absolutely. The latest 12th generation Core i5, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and spacious 1TB solid state drive are all factory configurable options when you order your ProBook 440 G9. And with dual SODIMM slots, kicking RAM up to 64GB down the road is achievable as your workload demands evolve.

Why might I choose the EliteBook over a comparably equipped ProBook?

The most compelling EliteBook differentiators are its smarter 13th gen Intel performance thanks to extra efficiency cores, stunning 14 inch OLED display with a taller 16:10 ratio for extra vertical workspace, and enterprise focused extras like self healing protections and rapid support response to limit operational disruptions. For creative pros and large fleets where maximum uptime matters, those advantages can justify the additional investment over a ProBook.

What downsides are there to selecting an EliteBook for my small business?

The only real drawback is its premium pricing that can run over $2000 once you spec up components. But thanks to greater expandability – configurable to 64GB RAM/2TB storage – your investment should carry businesses of 15 employees fine for years before hitting any walls. And advanced security features help safeguard sensitive client data smaller agencies need to prioritize just like large corporations.

Which HP business laptop works best? ProBook or EliteBook?

Among HP‘s business laptop lines, both ProBooks and EliteBooks are great options trusted by companies small and large worldwide. Generally, the affordable ProBook better suits general productivity while the cutting edge EliteBook makes sense for performance intensive and visually creative roles where maximizing uptime and minimizing security risk carries importance. Much depends on your unique workflow priorities and budget ceiling. But follow the detailed comparisons in this guide, and you‘ll land on the right HP mobile platform for your needs.