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Jabra Evolve2 75 vs. Evolve2 85: Which Premium Wireless Headset is Right for You?

Are you searching for a wireless headset to boost your productivity and streaming audio quality? As a professional, having clear calls and customized sound really makes a difference. The Jabra Evolve2 series offers their most advanced headsets yet, but you have options between the Evolve2 75 and Evolve2 85 models.

In this comprehensive comparison guide, we‘ll break down how these premium headsets stack up. You‘ll get insights on:

  • Key differences in design, controls and fit
  • Audio performance for music, calls and noise cancellation
  • Battery life, charging speed, and Bluetooth connection
  • Voice assistant integration and call features
  • Ease of use and setup

By the end, you‘ll know which Evolve2 model best fits your needs and budget. Let‘s get started!

Design and Build Quality

How a headset looks and feels matters when you plan to wear it for hours daily. Here‘s how the Evolve2 75 and Evolve2 85 compare in terms of materials, size, controls and overall aesthetics:

Materials and Size

Both headsets use high-quality materials like metal and durable plastics in their construction. This gives them a rigid, sturdy feel that can withstand daily use. A few key differences:

  • The Evolve2 75 has thinner padding on its ear cups using dual-foam leatherette material. It has a lighter overall weight of 197g.
  • The Evolve2 85 uses ultra-soft memory foam for thicker, plusher padding on slightly larger ear cups. This adds some weight, bringing it to 286g total.

So the Evolve2 85 has a more substantial feel, while the Evolve2 75 maintains a slimmer, lighter profile. But both remain comfortable for long-term wear.


You can extend both the Evolve2 75 and Evolve2 85 headbands a few inches to get the right fit around your head size. The boom arms also bend and rotate to position the microphones properly. So you can achieve a tailored fit with either headset.

Onboard Controls

For daily use, both models have physical buttons on the earcups to control volume, handle calls, mute yourself, and toggle noise cancellation on/off. The buttons provide needed adjustments at your fingertips. Here‘s how they compare:

Control Evolve2 75 Evolve2 85
Volume up/down
Play/pause audio
Answer/end calls
Voice assistant
Noise cancellation

As you can see, the physical controls are identical in placement and functionality between the two models.


Visually, both headsets keep things simple with a two-tone black color scheme and minimal logos. The Evolve2 75 has a more streamlined look, while the Evolve2 85 appears slightly bolder due to its bigger earcups and padding. But overall, they share a similar professional style appropriate for the office.

Audio Performance

Since these headsets need to sound great for music and crystal clear for calls, audio performance is an important consideration. Here‘s how the Evolve2 75 and Evolve2 85 stack up:

Sound Quality

With their 40mm drivers, both models reproduce audio accurately across a wide 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range. This allows you to hear everything from deep bass to higher tones in your music with precision. Accuracy and clarity are excellent in both headsets.

In terms of pure richness and spatial imaging, the Evolve2 85 has a slight edge. Its drivers and internal tuning give music a more cinematic, surround-like quality. But for most listeners, both headsets will sound fantastic.

Noise Cancellation

To combat ambient noise in busy environments, both headsets utilize feedforward and feedback microphone arrays to perform active noise cancellation (ANC). This technology detects outside noise and generates counter frequencies to cancel it out before you hear it.

Here‘s how their noise cancellation stacks up:

Noise Cancellation Evolve2 75 Evolve2 85
Microphones for ANC 4 6
Noise reduction depth Very good Excellent
Cancels low frequencies
Cancels mid frequencies ✓✓
Cancels high frequencies ✓✓

With two additional microphones focused on ANC, the Evolve2 85 is able to analyze and cancel ambient noise across more frequencies. This gives it an edge in very loud environments. But both models offer capable noise reduction for improved focus.

Microphone Quality

Good microphones ensure your voice comes through clearly on calls. Dual MEMS microphones in both headsets focus on your speech and filter out surrounding noise. However, the Evolve2 85 adds two more MEMS mics for even better voice pickup with background noise rejection.

So while both are excellent for calls, the Evolve2 85 has marginally better microphone quality for reducing distractions around you. Your callers may notice cleaner voice quality thanks to those extra mics.

Bluetooth and Wireless Range

The Evolve2 75 uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard, while the Evolve2 85 has Bluetooth 5.0. Both deliver a stable connection up to 100 feet line of sight from your paired device. You can pair them with two devices at once for added convenience.

Realistically, Bluetooth range is the same between the two. But Bluetooth 5.2 has potential for better energy efficiency.

Bottom Line – Audio Performance

For most use cases, audio fidelity and microphone quality is outstanding on both models. The Evolve2 85 edges ahead in noise cancellation depth and richness. But only those needing the absolute best ANC and voice pickup will find the upgrade worth it. For everyday use, both excel.

Battery Life and Charging

Long battery life means you can use your headset all day without interruption. Here‘s how battery performance shakes out:

Evolve2 75 Evolve2 85
Talk time (ANC on) 18 hours 21 hours
Talk time (ANC off) 28 hours 30 hours
Music time (ANC on) 33 hours 32 hours
Music time (ANC off) 36 hours 37 hours
Charge time 2.3 hours 2.2 hours
Fast charge (30 mins) 30% 30%
Wireless charging Yes Yes

The Evolve2 85 maintains a small edge in battery capacity, netting you around 3 extra hours of talk time with ANC activated. Both headsets deliver ample battery life for full-time use between charges. Charging times are quick for both.

And the included charging stands make powering up simple by just setting down the headset. You don‘t have to fuss with cables.

Calling Features and Voice Assistant Access

Seamless call management and voice assistant access keeps you productive. Here‘s how the Evolve2 75 and Evolve2 85 compare on these features:

Call Handling

Thanks to their MEMS microphone arrays, both headsets excel at reducing ambient noise on calls for clear conversations. The Evolve2 85‘s extra mics give it a bit more noise rejection capability.

You can easily answer or end calls with onboard controls. The free Jabra Direct app allows you to set up speed dials, customize ringers, switch devices, and manage multiple lines with ease. This gives you smooth call handling.

Voice Assistant Integration

Using a dedicated button on the headsets, you can quickly access Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa to get hands-free help. Just press and hold the button to activate your chosen default assistant. Voice pickup works great thanks to those quality microphones.

Conference Call Support

Jabra Direct gives you tools to instantly set up conference calls with multiple headsets. This allows groups to collaborate while maintaining call quality for each person through advanced audio processing.

Bottom Line – Calling Features

Both models have outstanding call management, but the Evolve2 85‘s extra mics give it an edge for noisy environments. Easy access to voice assistants enhances productivity. Overall, they offer excellent calling features for professionals.

Ease of Use

Being able to quickly pair, setup and manage your headset saves you time and frustration. Here‘s how user-friendly they are:

Setup and Pairing

Connecting these Jabra headsets to your devices takes just moments using Bluetooth pairing. Both support quick pairing using NFC tap-to-connect as well. The voice guidance talks you through getting set up.

Daily Wearing

Extensive adjustability makes it easy to fit each headset comfortably around your head size and position the mic properly. Onboard controls give you everything you need while wearing the headset. Status lights on the earcups keep you informed of battery level, Bluetooth, active calls and mute status.

Jabra Direct App

Jabra‘s free app for iOS and Android lets you personalize settings, remap controls, adjust microphone options, manage multiple connected devices, and update firmware. It makes customizing a breeze.

Bottom Line – Ease of Use

Between their intuitive design, easy pairing, and robust companion app, both the Evolve2 75 and Evolve2 85 make daily use smooth and simple. They aim to enhance your productivity, not distract from it.

Jabra Evolve2 75 vs. Evolve2 85: Which Should You Buy?

Now that we‘ve compared these premium headsets in depth, you have the key facts to decide which Evolve2 model best fits your needs.

The Evolve2 85 is the top-of-the-line option with slightly better noise cancellation, audio richness and microphone performance. But those upgrades come at a price – about $150 more than the Evolve2 75.

For many professionals, the Evolve2 75 hits the sweet spot. It delivers excellent sound, battery life, comfort and call quality at a more affordable cost. Unless you work in extremely noisy environments, the 75‘s capabilities will satisfy.

But if you want Jabra‘s most advanced technologies and don‘t mind paying a premium, the Evolve2 85 takes performance to the next level. It showcases the current pinnacle of Jabra engineering.

Hopefully this detailed comparison gave you the insights needed to pick the right headset. Whichever you choose, you have an excellent productivity companion in the Evolve2 series!