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LG A2 vs C2 OLED TV: Which Should You Buy in 2023?

Display and Picture Quality

Both the A2 and C2 deliver picture perfection thanks to LG‘s industry-leading OLED panels. Let‘s dig into the key performance differences:

Panel Variant – "OLED Evo" vs Standard OLED

The C2‘s "OLED Evo" panel sets a new brightness benchmark for LG OLEDs using deuterium compounds and personalized algorithms to boost peak luminance by up to 20% vs standard OLED.

While the A2 already achieves inky blacks thanks to self-emitting pixels, its 650 nits peak brightness pales against the >800 nits recorded in lab testing on the C2. Real-scene measurements actually show an even greater advantage for the Evo panel:

Model 10% Window (nits) Full Screen HDR (nits)
LG A2 734 396
LG C2 967 834

The numbers speak for themselves – with 25% higher full-screen brightness plus way more punch in highlighted areas, the C2 demonstrates superior HDR and lifelike dynamism that pops more.

Processing – α9 Gen 5 AI vs α7 Gen 5 AI

The upgraded α9 Gen 5 AI Processor in the C2 unlocks more effective machine learning-based video processing. Let‘s examine the key improvements:

Upscaling – The C2‘s advanced 5th-gen AI neural networks better handle upconversion of sub-4K content, sharpening edges while reducing artifacts and noise. This helps lower-quality video shine on the 4K OLED panel.

Dynamic Tone Mapping – With scene-by-scene optimization, the C2 delivers enhanced brightness, shadow and highlight detail. HDR content is adjusted on the fly to prevent crushed blacks or blown-out bright spots.

Precision Color Mapping – The larger AI color lookup tables result in outstanding color accuracy out-of-box with an average ΔE of 1.5 (0 is perfect) that improves further with proper calibration.

Motion Clarity – More powerful de-contouring and de-banding algorithms improve football and action scenes by minimizing color gradients and banding artifacts.

By leveraging the capabilities of the α9 Gen 5 silicon, the C2 builds upon the A2‘s already-stellar picture quality for a decidedly more premium viewing experience befitting its higher cost.


For shoppers prioritizing the best display quality in an LG OLED this year, the LG C2 is the obvious pick. Backed by an exceptional OLED Evo panel capable of higher sustained brightness plus LG‘s most advanced video processor yet in the α9 Gen 5, the C2 offers unparalleled dynamic range, color accuracy and motion resolution.

While the A2 still delivers outstanding 4K OLED visuals, buyers expecting the most lifelike HDR and pixel-perfect clarity will appreciate the extra investments LG made in the C2 hardware and processing.

Gaming Features and Performance

Let‘s dig into why the C2 blows away the A2 for gaming usage:

HDMI 2.1

The LG C2 comes equipped with four full-spec 48Gbps HDMI 2.1 ports enabling 4K 120Hz gameplay. The A2 lacks meaningful HDMI 2.1 support. This advanced connectivity is key because:

  • Higher frame rates possible – With 48Gbps bandwidth you can game in 4K resolution at smooth 120 fps. The A2 maxes at 60 fps.

  • VRR support – Variable refresh rate matches the TV‘s refresh to the console‘s FPS output for tear and stutter-free gaming.

  • ALLM – Auto low latency mode minimizes input lag for fast response times needed in competitive gaming.

  • High quality lossless audio pass-through such as lossless Dolby Atmos from Xbox Series X.

Thanks to HDMI 2.1, features like 4K/120 fps, VRR and ALLM are only available on the C2 OLED.

Gaming Performance Benchmarks

Let‘s examine objective gaming metrics measured on these TVs from accredited reviewers:

Model Input Lag 4K/60Hz (ms) Input Lag 4K/120Hz (ms)
LG A2 21.0 N/A
LG C2 15.5 5.9

Input lag represents signal delay from controllers to screen – the smaller the better. While both TVs register impressively fast response benchmarks, the C2‘s HDMI 2.1 connectivity unlocks an extremely responsive 4K/120Hz mode that takes gaming performance to the next level.


With four HDMI 2.1 ports enabling smooth 4K 120Hz gameplay, VRR support and incredibly low input lag, the LG C2 is purpose-built for modern gaming. The A2 lacks meaningful HDMI 2.1 functionality resulting in a subpar gaming experience by 2023 standards.

For players looking to maximize next-gen console and PC gaming performance, the C2 is undoubtedly the superior choice. Casual gamers can still enjoy the A2 but expect limitations.

Smart TV Features

The A2 and C2 both feature LG‘s user-friendly webOS platform. Let‘s look at some key capabilities offered:

Profiles – Personalized home screens and watch lists for every family member. Individual users get their own personalized space.

Room-to-Room Sharing – Send content from one webOS TV to another in your ecosystem. Move shows seamlessly between bedrooms or living room. No access delays or sync issues.

Always Ready – TV wakes instantly from standby with content ready in under 1 second thanks to dedicated SoC and advanced memory buffering tech.

Cloud Gaming Support – Integrated support for Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now cloud gaming services lets you stream AAA titles in seconds without a console.

AI Discover – Powered by proprietary LG algorithms, this feature curates a live channel guide offering hyper personalized live channel and VOD suggestions tailored to your tastes.

Importantly, you get full access to these modern smart features regardless of whether you pick A2 or C2 since webOS powers both models. So if you‘ll mostly be streaming movies, browsing apps or using voice commands, you can save money by opting for the A2 without compromising usability.

However, webOS 22 does scale its visuals better on the superior C2 display. Menus and streaming content naturally look better thanks to the brighter, more colorful OLED Evo panel and α9 processing boosting clarity and apparent resolution of text/graphics.


There are no major smart platform differences between the A2 and C2. But you‘ll appreciate webOS 22‘s slick interface more on the C2‘s superior display.

Price and Value

Let‘s break down current pricing and examine value:

LG A2 Pricing

  • 55-inch – $1197 (Sale)
  • 65-inch – $1497 (Sale)

LG C2 Pricing

  • 42-inch – $996 (Sale)
  • 48-inch – $1096 (Sale)
  • 55-inch – $1296 (Sale)
  • 65-inch – $1796 (Sale)
  • 77-inch – $2496 (Sale)
  • 83-inch – $3496 (Sale)

In terms of base MSRP, you‘re looking at a $300 premium for a similar-sized C2 over the A2. However, discounts and bundle offers help offset this gap.

As this guide shows, that extra investment gets you a brighter OLED panel with better contrast, four HDMI 2.1 ports for future-proof gaming, smoother on-screen motion and upgraded processing.

Is the premium worth paying?

It depends on your usage priorities:

Movies & Streaming? – If Netflix and chill dominates your lifestyle, the cheaper A2 satisfies. While the C2‘s image pops more, the A2 delivers brilliant OLED picture quality perfect for darker home theater rooms on a budget.

Sports & Gaming? – Fast-paced sports and gaming is where the C2 justifies its higher tag. Smoother 120Hz refresh rates, faster response times and long-term HDMI 2.1 support matter to enthusiasts. Casual viewers can save with the A2.

Assuming equally discounted pricing, we feel $300 extra for the long-term performance and connectivity gains is great future-proof value. However, the A2 remains an incredible deal for cost-focused buyers unwilling to spend over $1300. LG didn‘t cut many corners there – you still get the latest smart platform, gorgeous OLED imaging and Dolby Vision/Atmos.


The C2 delivers meaningful display, gaming and audio advancements over the A2 that merit spending extra for power users. But at dimmed sale prices under $1300, the A2 keeps representing outstanding value.

Ideal Viewing Distance by Screen Size

Bigger isn‘t always better if seating position is too far. Use this guide to find the ideal viewing distance range for immersive 4K clarity without excessive eye movement or disruption spotting fine details:

Screen Size Optimal Range
42" 4‘ to 6‘
48" 4‘ to 7‘
55‘ 5‘ to 8‘
65" 6‘ to 10‘
77" 8‘ to 12‘
83" 9‘ to 14‘

Calculate your room layout and expected seating positions relative to the TV beforehand using tape measures. This ensures the display size you choose provides a comfortable viewing experience instead of pixel hunting.

Tip: Darker rooms allow sitting closer to the screen. Well-lit spaces require sitting further back.

Preventing Burn-In

All OLED panels carry a risk of permanent burn-in from static imagery left on-screen too long. However, LG employs advanced countermeasures across its lineup minimizing this vulnerability if guidelines are followed:

Pixel Shift – The TV gently shifts pixels horizontally and vertically over time to average out uneven wear.

Pixel Refresher – Special algorithms run during downtime to detect and amend luminous disparity between aging pixels.

Logo Luminance Adjustment – LG automatically dims static logos and tickers to match aging of surrounding pixels.

Screensaver – If no motion is detected for several minutes, a dynamic screensaver activates preventing uneven wear states.

You drastically reduce chances of burn-in on LG OLEDs by:

  • Varying content viewed over the panel‘s lifetime.
  • Letting pixel refreshers run on prompted overnight cycles.
  • Avoiding static imagery in brightly lit rooms.
  • Using Logo Luminance Adjustment.
  • Not displaying stationary content >12 hrs per day.


With advanced countermeasures in place, burn-in is minimized on LG‘s latest generation OLEDs as long as you follow best practices. For extra peace of mind, consider an extended warranty.

Closing Recommendations

The A2 and C2 represent LG OLED technology at its finest. While both 4K TVs deliver amazing contrast and color, the C2 pulls ahead on virtually every metric including:

✅ Brighter high dynamic range performance

✅ Smoother 120Hz refresh rates

✅ Dolby Vision IQ + Dolby Atmos

✅ Gaming-ready HDMI 2.1 connectivity

✅ Plus more advanced video processing

For buyers wanting the pinnacle of visual performance for movies, gaming and beyond, the LG C2 is a superb value in the sale price range of $1300. With a bigger budget, spring for the 77 or even 83-inch sizes to really wow guests.

However, don‘t dismiss the LG A2 if sticking closer to $1000 matters. At discounted rates, it epitomizes just how far mid-range OLED TV tech has come, pumping out gorgeous 4K images, great sound and a smooth smart TV experience that outclasses budget LED-LCD offerings playing in this price territory.

Whichever you pick, I‘m confident you‘ll love living with an LG OLED TV as an entertainment centerpiece for years to come. Feel free to reach out with any other questions!