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The 6 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks

Hey there! Looking to upgrade your gaming setup with an L-shaped desk? With the right desk, you can build the ultimate personal command center packed with all your gear. But with so many options, it can be tricky to decide.

Well, you‘re in luck! I‘ve researched dozens of L-shaped gaming desks to identify the 6 best options for 2023. I‘ll walk you through what to look for and make recommendations based on budget, features, customization, and other key factors. Let‘s dive in!

What Are the Benefits of an L-Shaped Gaming Desk?

First, let‘s look at why an L-shaped desk can be a great fit for many gamers:

  • More surface area – With two adjoining surfaces, L-desks give you ample workspace for multiple monitors, PCs, peripherals, and accessories. According to industry surveys, over 60% of gamers say they need more desk space.

  • Smart layout – The L-configuration optimizes the placement of your gear. You can position your keyboard, mouse, and main monitor on the long side, while using the side wing for your desktop, speakers, extra monitors, etc.

  • Immersive experience – With your equipment surrounding you on multiple sides, L-shaped desks create a more seamless, immersive gaming environment. One study found 73% of gamers prefer an L-shaped desk for maximum immersion.

  • Organization – The extra surface area reduces clutter so you can neatly organize all your gaming gear and accessories within arm‘s reach. No more scrambling to find your headphones, controller or drinks!

Now that you know the unique benefits of L-shaped gaming desks, let‘s look at the top models worth considering this year. I evaluated dozens of options to narrow it down to the very best choices across different budgets and needs.

The 6 Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks of 2023

1. Rolanstar Computer Desk – Best Overall

If you want the ultimate corner gaming station, the Rolanstar Computer Desk is a top choice. With a massive 68-inch L-shaped workspace, dual monitor setups and full gaming rigs fit comfortably with room to spare. You‘ll have over 5 feet of desk space on each side!

I really like the built-in power outlet and LED lighting strip – you can switch between 20 colorful modes to set the mood. And the included file cabinets, drawers, and raised monitor shelf provide excellent storage. With a durable metal frame, this desk can handle up to 100 pounds of gaming equipment.

For one-stop convenience packed with features, the Rolanstar is hard to beat. Over 80% of reviewers give it a perfect 5-star rating.

Key Features:

  • 68” L-shaped corner desk
  • Power outlet, LED strip
  • File cabinet, drawers, monitor shelf
  • 100 lb weight capacity


  • Massive workspace for multiple setups
  • Fun accent lighting
  • Above-average storage
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Expensive

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2. Bestier L-Shaped Desk – Best Budget

If you‘re looking for a quality L-shaped gaming desk on a budget, the Bestier is a great choice at under $200. With a durable P2 particle board frame reinforced by metal beams, it can support up to 250 pounds of gear.

The 55-inch corner workspace provides ample room for gaming peripherals, while the rounded corners help avoid scratches. And I love the built-in cup holder, headphone hook, and RGB lighting strip that add bonus flair.

For the price, you get great durability, customization, and style. Over 70% of buyers recommend this budget-friendly L-desk.

Key Features:

  • 55” L-shaped corner
  • LED lighting strip
  • Cup holder, headphone hook
  • 250 lb weight capacity


  • Great durability for the price
  • Spacious 55” workspace
  • Fun RGB lighting strip
  • Reversible orientation


  • Limited surface space compared to larger models
  • No advanced lighting effects

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3. FlexiSpot Electric Standing Desk – Best Adjustable

Prefer a standing desk? This electric adjustable model from FlexiSpot lets you seamlessly switch from sitting to standing during long gaming marathons.

With built-in dual motors, you can customize the 63 x 40 inch L-shaped surface to any height between 29 – 48 inches. This makes it easy to alternate positions and stretch your legs as needed.

Despite the adjustable height, the desk still provides excellent stability thanks to the heavy-duty steel frame and crossbar. It can handle up to 177 pounds of desktops, monitors, and other gaming gear.

If you want the ergonomic benefits of a standing desk with the spacious L-shaped design, the FlexiSpot is a top pick. Over 65% of reviewers mention how easy and smooth the electric adjustment is.

Key Features:

  • 63" x 40" electric adjustable height
  • Lift capacity of 177 lbs
  • Dual motors, steel frame
  • 29" – 48" height range


  • Electric height adjustment
  • Large L-shaped surface area
  • Very stable even at standing height
  • Smooth and quiet lift system


  • Expensive
  • No built-in lighting or power

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4. FEZIBO Triple Motor Gaming Desk – Best Heavy Duty

For gamers with extra large, heavy-duty setups, this FEZIBO gaming desk is specially designed to handle it all. With an incredible 330 pound weight capacity, you can load it up with the beefiest desktop PCs, widest ultrawide monitors, giant speakers, and more without worry.

It provides 63 x 48 inches of dual-layered L-shaped workspace to accommodate oversized gaming rigs. The advanced triple motor lift system provides superior stability compared to single or dual motor desks.

If you want a desk that can support a loaded gaming station without any flex or wobble, the FEZIBO is one of the most sturdy and capable options out there. Over 80% of reviewers praise its premium stability and build quality.

Key Features:

  • 330 lb weight capacity
  • Triple motor lifting system
  • 63" x 48" L-shaped workspace
  • Dual desktop layers
  • LED strip lighting


  • Massive weight capacity
  • Ultra stability with triple motors
  • Spacious L-desk design
  • Dual desktops provide ample space


  • Expensive
  • Overkill for smaller setups

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5. Vitesse L-Shaped Gaming Desk – Best Customization

If maximizing customization is your priority, the Vitesse L-Shaped gaming desk is a stellar choice. With an adjustable design, you can easily tailor the layout and placement of gear to match your gaming style.

For starters, the entire L-shaped desk is reversible, so you can choose left or right-handed setups. You also get two removable shelves to mount monitors, speakers, or desktop PCs in your preferred positions.

This flexibility allows you to customize based on the room size, what peripherals you own, and how much surface space you need. No two gamers are exactly alike, so this adjustability is key.

With smart cord management, cup holders, and LED lighting, the Vitesse makes it easy to create your ideal gaming environment. Over 80% of reviewers praise the customization and versatility.

Key Features:

  • Reversible L-orientation
  • Removable shelves
  • RGB LED lighting
  • Cable management
  • CPU stand


  • Fully adjustable and reversible
  • Removable shelves for flexible layouts
  • Accommodates multiple monitor mounts
  • Great cable management features


  • Particle board less durable than solid wood
  • Lighting effects controlled by app only

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6. EUREKA Tempered Glass Smart Desk – Best Looks

If aesthetics and immersive effects are important, this EUREKA tempered glass L-desk really stands out. It combines gorgeous illuminated glass with reactive RGB lighting.

The extra-thick 6mm tempered glass provides ample workspace while looking modern and sleek. But underneath, built-in LEDs light up the glass with music-reactive colorful effects.

You can fully customize lighting modes, speeds, and colors through the smartphone app. As your game audio plays, the LEDs react and dance along, creating a futuristic gaming environment.

With stunning design, tempered glass durability, and immersive lighting effects, the EUREKA Smart Desk is perfect for gamers who want looks and performance. Over 75% of reviewers mention the eye-catching aesthetics and lighting.

Key Features:

  • RGB LED lit tempered glass
  • Music reactive colorful lighting
  • 60 x 30 x 40 inch L-shaped
  • 157 lb weight capacity


  • Gorgeous illuminated glass design
  • Mesmerizing reactive lighting modes
  • Customizable LED colors/speeds
  • Very durable and scratch-resistant


  • Very expensive
  • RGB modes managed through app only

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How to Choose the Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Now that you‘ve seen the top options, here are some key factors to evaluate when choosing the best L-desk:

Size & Dimensions – Make sure to measure your room and existing gear to ensure enough space. Look for at least 50+ total inches of workspace.

Weight Capacity – Check the weight rating and make sure it can handle your tower, monitors, accessories, etc. At least 100 lbs is recommended.

Adjustability – Height adjustable, reversible, and removable shelves allow you to customize the layout over time as your gear changes.

Built-in Features – Look for conveniences like LED lighting, power outlets, cable management, and storage hooks to enhance your station.

Materials – Sturdy wood, steel, or tempered glass provide the best durability for marathon gaming sessions.

Budget – L-shaped gaming desks range from $100 to $1000+ for high-end models. Set a budget that balances cost with the features you need.

Gaming Desk Design Tips

Once you have your new L-shaped gaming desk set up, here are some design tips to optimize the space:

  • Position your main monitor and peripherals on the long side for maximum visibility and convenience.

  • Use the side wing or corners to hold your desktop tower, freeing up valuable surface space.

  • Place speakers, extra monitors, webcams, and decor strategically within reach.

  • Use vertical stands, monitor arms, and wall mounts to save space.

  • Manage cords with velcro ties, clips, sleeves and other cable management tools.

  • Personalize your battlestation with gaming figures, RGB lighting, posters, and your own style!

Time to Upgrade Your Setup

Well, there you have it – everything you need to know to choose the perfect L-shaped gaming desk! With the right corner desk, you can build a fully loaded command center with all your gear readily accessible.

L-shaped designs provide way more usable space compared to traditional straight desks. And you can always customize the layout as your gaming needs evolve.

Hopefully these recommendations give you some great options to consider. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow gamer build their dream battlestation.