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The Price of Every Playstation Console Through Time

Game on! In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the pricing history of every PlayStation console ever released. Learn how much each iconic Sony console cost at launch and how prices have shifted over time. Dig into detailed specs, sales figures, and market conditions to understand the PlayStation‘s evolution from cutting-edge CD-ROM tech in 1994 to today‘s powerful PlayStation 5. Whether you‘re a retro collector or looking forward to the PS6, this is your chance to dive deep into PlayStation console pricing through the decades!

The Original PlayStation (PS1) – A CD-ROM Revolution

Believe it or not, there was a time when video games came exclusively on cartridges. But in the mid 1990s, Sony radically changed the game with the original PlayStation console and its pioneering CD-ROM format.

Launched in 1995 for $299 in the U.S., the PlayStation‘s CD-ROM drive enabled huge games with 3D visuals, better audio, and actual video cut-scenes. Discs cost far less to manufacture than cartridges, and could hold far more data – up to 650MB compared to 16MB on a typical SNES cartridge. This vaulted PlayStation‘s graphics, gameplay, and budget far beyond cartridge-based rivals like the Sega Saturn.

According to Sony, moving to CD-ROM helped slash production costs by 50% compared to cartridges. This let developers invest more resources into the actual games, not just manufacturing. The result was an explosion of creative new PlayStation titles showcasing what CDs could do.

In today‘s money, the PlayStation‘s $299 asking price equals about $579 – steep, but representing good value versus the Saturn‘s $399 ($748 today). Thus, competitive pricing combined with cutting-edge tech and savvy developer support made PlayStation an instant hit.

Sony absolutely nailed the timing, transitioning console gaming from cartridges to CDs ahead of rivals. PlayStation went on to ship 102.5 million units worldwide per Sony, making it the first console ever to eclipse 100 million. More than 7,900 games released for the platform over a remarkable 12 year lifespan.

Now let‘s see how PlayStation pricing has evolved on the secondary market since launch:

Costs Original PlayStation
eBay (used) $69 – $120 (condition dependent)
Amazon (renewed) $119
DKOldies $139
GameStop (pre-owned) Not available

As you can see, an original PlayStation in good working condition still commands decent money despite being 30+ years old! This speaks to the console‘s historical significance and popularity among collectors.

Complete systems with authentic controllers and cables sell for upwards of $100, while loose consoles go for $50 to $80. But beware – retro gaming is full of imitation controllers and cables. When buying used, inspect listings closely.

PlayStation One (PSone) – Petite, Budget-Friendly Redesign

Four years into the PlayStation‘s astonishing success, Sony introduced a radical redesign in 2000 dubbed PSone. Also called the PlayStation 1, this new model was a trim 1/3 the size of the original!

Internally identical, the PSone played all existing PlayStation games. It launched at just $99 – a budget-friendly price point to extend the PS1‘s lifespan. Accounting for inflation, that $99 in 2000 equates to only $172 today – far cheaper than the original‘s $299 tag.

Portability was improved too – the tiny PSone was a perfect fit for car trips or dorm rooms! Sony went on to sell 28 million PSone units globally – proving a smaller, cheaper PlayStation still appealed against fancier new consoles like PlayStation 2.

Let‘s see how PSone prices stack up today:

Costs PSone
eBay (used) $34 – $120 (condition dependent)
Amazon (renewed) $141
DKOldies $99 (console only)
GameStop (pre-owned) Not available

With full compatibility across the PlayStation library, the PSone remains popular for retro gaming. Its compact form factor also interests collectors. But beware – the PSone‘s internal power supply and CD drive are prone to failure over time. Carefully inspect used systems and ask about testing before purchase.

PlayStation 2 – Best-Selling Console Ever?

When Sony‘s sophomore console arrived in 2000, the PlayStation 2 immediately became a smash success. Powered by the Emotion Engine CPU, PS2 represented a massive leap ahead of PS1 and competing platforms graphically and sonically.

Launching again at $299, PS2 delivered jaw-dropping visuals and immersive audio thanks to more advanced processors and far greater polygon counts than PS1. The integrated DVD player was also huge, making PS2 a multimedia dream machine.

PS2 flew off shelves at launch and remained hard to find for years. According to Sony, over 155 million units were sold as of 2017 – making it the best-selling console ever two decades later. Game support impressively continued through 2013 as well.

Just look at how PS2 dominated its console generation in sales:

Platform Total Sales
PlayStation 2 155 million
Nintendo GameCube 22 million
Xbox 24 million

In 2004, Sony released a redesigned PS2 Slim model. This sported a trimmer case, quieter fans, and built-in Ethernet port. Pricing held firm at $299 though. Let‘s compare current used prices:

Costs Original PS2 PS2 Slim
eBay (used) $63–$200 $89–$249
Amazon (renewed) $199 $199
DKOldies $169–$244 $139–$249
GameStop Not available Not available

The PS2 remains in high demand among collectors thanks to its historic library. Seek complete systems with authentic controllers and cables for the best experience. Slim models run cooler and quieter if you plan on extended play sessions.

PlayStation 3 – Pushing Boundaries

Following the runaway success of PS2 was no easy task, and PlayStation 3 ran into some resistance at launch in 2006. A big factor was extremely high pricing of $499 for a 20GB configuration, and a whopping $599 for the 60GB model.

These prices were meant to offset PS3‘s cutting-edge specs like the Cell processor, Blu-ray drive, and loss-leading console pricing at the time. But it shocked the wallet in 2006! Adjusted for inflation, the prices equal about $587 for 20GB and $735 for 60GB in today‘s dollars.

This pricing exceeded most buyers‘ comfort zones, limiting early adoption. Having launched a year earlier at $399, the Xbox 360 enjoyed stronger early sales until PS3 picked up steam.

In 2009, Sony countered with the PS3 Slim at $299 – a familiar and far more attractive price point. This refreshed model was also smaller, cooler running, and less power hungry. Let‘s examine the pricing landscape today:

Costs Original PS3 PS3 Slim
eBay (used) $79.99 – $249 $109 – $269
Amazon (renewed) $204 – $269 $269
DKOldies $139 – $249 $139 – $249
GameStop (pre-owned) Not available Not available

While PS3 production ended in 2017, games, accessories, and parts remain widely available. With strong exclusives and multimedia functionality, used models can still deliver substantial entertainment value. Just be sure to assess wear and tear before purchasing.

PlayStation 4 – Sony‘s Comeback Story

After PS3‘s shaky start, Sony rebounded strongly with the PlayStation 4 in 2013. This time, they targeted a $399 asking price comparable to PS1 and PS2‘s launches. Much kinder on the wallet!

Accounting for inflation, $399 translated to $508 in 2022 dollars – an appealing mainstream gaming price point. The PS4 delivered cutting-edge gaming tech including advanced AMD processor and graphics for stunning visuals and epic open worlds.

Sony also worked closely with developers to make the PS4 famously easy to design games for. With PS3 notoriously complex to develop for, this outreach paid off. Strong partnerships resulted in tons of great PS4 exclusives.

Let‘s look at how pricing stacks up today on the used market:

Costs Original PS4 PS4 Slim PS4 Pro
eBay (used) $79 – $249 $150 – $300 $180 – $380
Amazon (renewed) $204 – $269 $342 – $484 $384
DKOldies $299 $349 $139–$249
GameStop (pre-owned) $259 – $289 $329 Not available

With a massive game library and plenty of online support, the PS4 remains immensely popular. Slim models offer minor enhancements in a trimmer chassis. PS4 Pro is desirable for 4K gaming. As always, inspect used systems closely before purchasing!

PlayStation 5 – Next Generation of Gaming

Sony‘s latest console released globally in 2020 as the successor to PlayStation 4. The company again offered two models:

  • PS5 Digital Edition – $399
  • PS5 with disc drive – $499

Adjusted for inflation, these MSRPs translate to $455 and $569 respectively – closely aligned with past PlayStation launch pricing.

Inside, PS5 delivers a huge technical leap over PS4. Lightning fast load times, incredible 4K visuals powered by AMD‘s Zen 2 / RDNA 2 silicon, 3D immersive audio, and super responsive DualSense controller deliver unbelievable next-gen gaming.

Between chip shortages and sky-high demand, the PS5 remains very difficult to snag at retail over two years after launch. On the secondary market, prices have been inflated:

Costs Digital Edition Disc Edition
eBay (used) $399 – $749 $405 – $700
Amazon $399 $499 – $559
GameStop (pre-owned) $359 – $449 $459 – $559

Until supply issues ease, elevated PS5 pricing in the used market is likely to persist. For MSRP purchases, tenacity and fast reflexes are still required when restocks occur!

PlayStation Portable (PSP) – Sony‘s Bold Handheld Gamble

With Nintendo dominating the mobile gaming landscape in 2004, Sony took a bold shot with their PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Featuring cutting-edge specs like a 480 x 272 LCD screen, 333MHz CPU, and Wi-Fi support, PSP was far beyond Game Boy Advance graphically. The UMD disc format let players enjoy movies and music too.

At $249, PSP was pricier than the $149 Nintendo DS. But this positioned PSP as a premium, multimedia powerhouse portable. Inflation adjusted, the asking price equaled about $382 in 2022 dollars.

Despite being outsold by DS, PSP achieved respectable sales of over 80 million worldwide according to Sony. The slick widescreen visuals, console-quality graphics, and multimedia features built Sony a passionate fanbase.

Let‘s see where secondary market values stand today:

Costs PlayStation Portable
eBay (used) $49 – $199
Amazon (renewed) $184 – $228
DKOldies $139 – $319
GameStop (pre-owned) Not available

Complete PSP systems still command $100+ in good shape with battery, charger, and memory card. But beware – PSP batteries are not replaceable or serviceable. Seek systems with confirmed strong battery life, or factor in battery replacement costs.

PlayStation Vita – Pushing Portable Boundaries

As a follow-up to PSP, PlayStation Vita aimed even higher, nearly rivaling PS3 level graphics in a portable form factor. The gorgeous 5” OLED screen, quad-core CPU, and powerhouse GPU put Vita generations ahead of Nintendo‘s DS and 3DS portables tech-wise.

Launching again at $249 in 2012, Vita occupied a premium price point like PSP before it. Considering inflation, that translated to about $382 in today‘s dollars.

Despite winning praise for its exquisite hardware, Vita sales stalled around 15-20 million lifetime. The high memory card costs, weaker game library compared to 3DS, and rise of smartphones all limited adoption.

Let‘s explore the modern pricing landscape:

Costs PlayStation Vita
eBay (used) $70 – $495
Amazon (renewed) $244
DKOldies $219
GameStop (pre-owned) Not available

Vita remains in demand among collectors for its top-notch hardware and portable PlayStation capabilities. Touchscreen issues are common though, so inspect second hand systems closely before purchasing.

Conclusion – An Incredible Legacy

Looking back, Sony has delivered revolutionary console after console spanning three decades now. While pricing crept up at times, PlayStation launches historically landed between $299 to $399 USD when inflation is considered.

Strong technology and developer relations enabled PlayStation brand growth from the CD-ROM pioneering PS1 to the cutting-edge PlayStation 5 today. Sony also smartly managed console lifecycles, with strategically timed slim models that opened up new audiences.

The future looks bright heading into the 2020s, with PS5 sales already pacing faster than the mighty PS4. Come what may next, PlayStation has cemented its status as one of gaming‘s most iconic brands. There‘s a catalog of thousands of amazing PlayStation experiences out there for gamers to explore across these legendary consoles.

So what PlayStation console holds the fondest memories for you? Let me know in the comments – I love reminiscing about gaming history!