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Asus ROG Azoth Review (2023): The Ultimate 75% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Asus ROG Azoth is a feature-packed 75% wireless mechanical keyboard that aims to satisfy the most demanding gamers and enthusiasts. With its premium construction, hot-swappable switches, OLED display, and extensive customization, the Azoth is a strong contender for endgame keyboard status. I‘ve spent the past month with this board as my daily driver, and it‘s time to share my in-depth review.


Specification Asus ROG Azoth
Form Factor 75%
Switches ROG NX (hot-swappable)
Keycaps PBT dye-sublimated
Connectivity 2.4GHz, Bluetooth, USB-C
Battery Life Up to 2000 hours (no LEDs)
Lighting Per-key RGB
Onboard Memory 6 profiles
Media Keys Volume roller, mute, custom
Dimensions 317 x 137 x 40 mm
Weight 1170 g
Accessories Carrying case, keycap/switch pullers, USB-C cable, spare gaskets/switches/keycaps
MSRP $249

The Azoth packs an impressive list of specs, including three wireless connectivity modes, long battery life, generous onboard storage, and a suite of accessories. But the star of the show is the gasket-mount design, rarely seen on production keyboards. This mounting style provides a soft, slightly bouncy feel that‘s sublime for typing comfort. More on that shortly.

Design and Build Quality

The ROG Azoth makes a striking first impression with its sleek gunmetal grey aluminum case and vibrant RGB lighting. The top housing has a smooth sandblasted finish that resists fingerprints and feels premium to the touch. At 1170 grams, it has a pleasing heft that feels substantive without being overly heavy.

The 75% layout trims away the number pad while retaining a full function row, dedicated arrow keys, and navigation cluster. This provides an efficient typing experience and extra mouse space, making it well-suited for gaming and productivity. Secondary functions are clearly labeled on the front of the keycaps for ease of use.

Flipping the board over reveals an understated black plastic bottom with four rubber feet and two flip-out legs. The legs snap into place with a firm magnetic hold, offering two typing angles of 6 and 9 degrees. Asus includes an ample amount of noise-dampening foam inside the case to eliminate any metallic pinging while typing.

The fit and finish of the ROG Azoth is top-notch, with tight tolerances and no discernible defects. Asus clearly has a keen eye for quality control, as this board is a cut above typical "gaming" keyboards in its fit and finish. The gasket-mount design is flawlessly executed, with a consistent balanced feel across all keys.

Typing and Gaming Performance

So how does the Azoth actually perform? In short, it‘s fantastic. The gasket-mounted plate and PCB float on a bed of soft silicone, allowing for a satisfying amount of flex and bounce. Keypresses have a muted cushiony bottom out that still retains a pronounced tactile feel. I find it more comfortable than typical top-mount or tray-mount boards, especially for extended typing sessions.

My unit came equipped with Asus‘ own ROG NX Brown switches, a middle-weight tactile switch akin to an improved Cherry MX Brown. The NX Browns have a subtle tactile bump and relatively quiet sound profile suitable for shared spaces. They actuate at 55 grams of force and bottom out at around 65 grams – a versatile weight for gaming and typing.

Thanks to the hot-swap sockets, you can easily install your switch of choice without any soldering. I popped in some Gateron Oil King linear switches and was pleased with how readily they clicked into place. The keyboard automatically detects the switch type for accurate debounce timing. Stabilizers are factory lubed and rattle-free.

For gaming, the ROG Azoth has all the essential features covered: full N-key rollover, 1000Hz polling rate, instant actuation, and a Windows key lock. Playing fast-paced FPS titles like Apex Legends and Overwatch 2, I couldn‘t discern any lag or missed inputs using the 2.4GHz wireless dongle. The keyboard kept up with my most frantic key spamming and felt as responsive as any wired board.

The 75% form factor also works well for gaming, as you maintain a full array of keys for in-game actions without the extra desk footprint. I have ample room to swipe a large mousepad, and my posture feels more natural with my arms closer together. The Azoth is an easy recommendation for competitive gamers who want a compact, high-performance board.

Wireless Connectivity and Battery Life

Asus equipped the Azoth with a tri-mode wireless connection: 2.4GHz RF, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired USB-C. The 2.4GHz mode uses a small USB dongle and provides the lowest latency connection. Range is excellent – I could move 20 feet away from my PC and still maintain a stable link.

Switching to Bluetooth lets you pair the Azoth with up to three devices, toggling between them with a keypress. I had no trouble pairing the keyboard with my gaming PC, MacBook Pro, and iPad Air. Bluetooth does introduce a smidge more latency, but it‘s hardly noticeable outside of competitive gaming.

Of course, wireless is only useful if the battery can last. Here, the Azoth is no slouch. Asus rates it for 2000 hours of continuous use with the backlighting disabled. That‘s over 83 days of 24/7 typing. Realistically, most users will toggle some amount of RGB lighting, but even then, battery life is outstanding.

I used the keyboard for a full workweek, about 8-10 hours per day, with the LEDs at medium brightness. By Friday evening, I still had 60% charge remaining according to the OLED readout. Annoyingly, there‘s no easy way to check the exact battery percentage without diving into the software. But suffice to say, you can go weeks or even months between recharges. And when you do need to plug in, the USB-C connector makes it painless.

OLED Screen and Media Controls

The OLED display is a standout feature of the Azoth, and Asus‘ implementation is one of the best I‘ve seen. The 2-inch screen is larger and more vibrant than the SteelSeries Apex Pro or Mountain Everest Max. You can display battery level, Caps Lock/Num Lock/Scroll Lock indicators, current connection mode, and much more.

Pressing the dedicated OLED button cycles through the built-in screens, which include system info like CPU/GPU frequency, temperature, and utilization. It‘s genuinely useful data to have at a glance while gaming. You can even upload your own images or GIFs for a personalized look.

Above the OLED is a clickable metal roller bar for volume adjustment. The knurled finish provides a secure grip, and each notch of the roller elicits a satisfying click. Pressing the roller mutes the audio, while the button to its right defaults to a play/pause command. Both the roller and button are mappable to your choice of functions via the Armoury Crate software.

Software and Lighting

Speaking of software, Armoury Crate is required to customize the OLED and button functions, remap keys, and tweak the RGB lighting. The interface isn‘t the most user-friendly, but it gets the job done. You can create profiles for different apps and games, sync effects across compatible peripherals, and adjust per-key RGB.

The backlighting is bright, vivid, and even across the keyboard. Colors pop nicely against the dark grey keycaps. You get an assortment of preset effects like static, breathing, strobing, and color cycle, as well as reactive typing effects. It would be nice to have more granular control over speed and direction for certain modes.

Armoury Crate also lets you store up to 6 profiles onboard the keyboard‘s memory. Your lighting and key mapping are saved to the hardware, so you can use them on any PC without additional software. It‘s a handy feature for tournament play or LAN parties.

Accessories and Extras

The Azoth comes with a plethora of pack-ins to aid in keyboard customization. You get:

  • Padded carrying case
  • Metal keycap puller
  • Metal switch puller
  • 3 spare ROG NX switches
  • 4 spare ROG keycaps
  • Lube and brush for stabilizers
  • Additional silicone gaskets
  • USB-A to USB-C braided cable
  • 2.4GHz wireless dongle and extender

That‘s a generous haul, especially the spare switches, lube, and gaskets. Many custom keyboards don‘t include any extras, so it‘s great to see Asus support the enthusiast community here. The carrying case is also appreciated for taking the board on the go.


The Asus ROG Azoth is a phenomenal keyboard that gets pretty much everything right. From the premium build quality to the satisfying gasket-mount typing feel, it‘s an absolute joy to use. The hot-swap switches, tri-mode wireless connectivity, and long battery life make it versatile for gaming and productivity. And the OLED screen and media controls elevate it above the competition.

Admittedly, $249 is a lot to spend on a keyboard. You can get a nice custom mechanical board for that price. But the Azoth offers features and conveniences that justify the cost for discerning users. The all-in-one package is hard to beat.

Ultimately, I have no reservations about recommending the Asus ROG Azoth. It‘s as close to endgame as you‘ll find in a mainstream keyboard. The typing experience, build quality, wireless performance, and customization are all top-tier. If you can stomach the price tag, the Azoth is the 75% mechanical keyboard to beat in 2023.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars


Q: What switches does the Azoth use?
A: The Azoth features ROG NX mechanical switches in a choice of linear Red, tactile Brown, or clicky Blue varieties. The switches are hot-swappable, so you can easily install your own preferred switch.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: Asus rates the Azoth for up to 2000 hours of use with the LEDs turned off. In actual use with the LEDs at medium brightness, expect around 3-4 weeks of heavy daily use before recharging.

Q: Does the keyboard work on Mac?
A: Yes, the Azoth is fully compatible with MacOS, as well as Windows and Linux. You can adjust the OS toggle to remap keys for your desired platform.

Q: Can you customize the OLED screen?
A: Absolutely. The Armoury Crate software lets you display custom images, text, and animations on the OLED screen. You can also choose from a variety of built-in applets and effects.

Q: What‘s included in the box?
A: The Azoth comes with the keyboard, USB-C cable, 2.4GHz dongle and extender, carrying case, metal keycap and switch pullers, 3 spare switches, 4 spare keycaps, lubricant and brush, and additional gaskets.

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