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5 Best Android Tablets Under $200 for 2023

Getting an Android tablet on a budget used to mean compromise – tiny screens, dismal performance, flimsy construction. Those days are over. Thanks to fierce competition between manufacturers, today‘s sub-$200 Android slates represent outstanding value for money.

Let‘s look at the top options currently available based on display quality, specs, features, and overall user experience compared to price. Any of these tablets will serve you well for casual gaming, streaming, web browsing and more without breaking the bank!

Quick Picks:

Best Overall: Lenovo Tab M10 Plus
Best Display: Amazon Fire HD 10
Longest Battery Life: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
Best Value: Lenovo Tab M9

#1 Pick: Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

Lenovo has outdone itself with the Tab M10 Plus, delivering a gorgeous, near-borderless 10.61-inch 2000 x 1200 IPS touchscreen far superior to most budget Androids. The MediaTek Helio P22T inside isn’t the fastest, but handles casual games and streaming smoothly.

With Dolby Atmos speakers and excellent construction quality with metal rear casing, the M10 Plus looks and sounds like a much more expensive machine. Factor in up to 6GB RAM configurations and solid battery life, and this is the undisputed value champ under $200.

Display: 10.61 inches, 1200 x 2000 pixels
Processor: MediaTek Helio P22T octa-core 2.3GHz
RAM/Storage: 3GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB or 6GB/128GB
Battery: Up to 12 hours mixed usage
Dimensions: 9.14 x 6.19 x 0.32 inches | 1.12 pounds


  • Gorgeous, near-bezel less display
  • Premium metal construction
  • Dolby Atmos speakers
  • microSD card expandable storage


  • Cameras just average
  • Processor a bit dated

With stunning design belying its budget price, the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus brings tremendous value as a daily entertainment and browsing companion.

#2 Pick: Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon‘s Fire tablets cater specifically to Prime subscribers, which isn‘t for everyone. But if you are a Prime member, the latest Fire HD 10 brings best-in-class entertainment features no other budget slate can match.

That starts with the bright, vivid 10.1-inch 1080p screen with over 2 million pixels, ideal for movies and TV. Dolby Atmos speakers provide premium sound, while the MediaTek Helio P60T octa-core CPU and 3GB RAM handle casual gaming with ease. Extra goodies like hands-free Alexa make it a bargain.

Just note Amazon‘s Appstore has less overall apps than the Google Play Store. But Prime content makes up for it!

Display: 10.1 inches, 1080 x 1920 pixels
Processor: MediaTek Helio P60T octa-core 2.0 GHz
RAM/Storage: 3GB/32GB or 64GB
Battery: Up to 12 hours video playback
Dimensions: 9.73 x 6.51 x 0.37 inches | 1.12 pounds


  • Excellent 1080p display with 2MP pixels
  • Very affordable for the specs
  • Dolby Atmos speakers
  • Hands-free Alexa built-in


  • Heavy interface customization
  • Less apps than Google Play

For Prime members who want great entertainment under $100, the Fire HD 10 brings amazing value no other tablet can match.

#3 Pick: Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

With the Galaxy Tab A8, Samsung brings premium design and solid performance to the budget tablet space. The 10.5-inch 1200 x 1920 LCD hits all the right notes with excellent color and contrast. Pair that with a slick, slim metal body proving this is no toy.

An Unisoc Tiger T618 chipset and 3GB or 4GB RAM configuration means respectable real-world speed for everyday tasks and casual 3D games. Factor in microSD storage expansion, optional LTE connectivity, and S-Pen support, and it’s a versatile daily driver.

Display: 10.5 inches, 1200 x 1920 pixels
Processor: Unisoc Tiger T618 octa-core 2.0GHz
RAM/Storage: 3GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB or 128GB
Battery: Up to 13 hours Internet use
Dimensions: 9.75 x 6.20 x 0.28 inches | 1.08 pounds


  • Slim, lightweight, premium metal design
  • microSD storage expansion
  • Long battery life
  • S-Pen support


  • Midrange processor
  • LCD not as vivid as AMOLED

With its gorgeous premium design belying budget pricing, the Tab A8 brings versatility spanning work, creativity, and entertainment.

#4 Pick: Lenovo Tab M9

Lenovo‘s 9-inch Tab M9 shaves cost by trimming screen size while retaining the stellar construction of pricier models. The result is a rugged, ultra-portable slate that‘s easy to tote around.

You still a 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS panel with excellent color accuracy and contrast. Performance comes via a MediaTek Helio G80 and 3GB or 4GB RAM, enough muscle for web browsing and streaming.

With long battery life rounding out the package, it‘s a great couch companion for just over $100. Lack of HD streaming support stops it from ranking higher. But if portability is priority #1, it’s a pocketable bargain.

Display: 9 inches, 1200 x 1920 pixels
Processor: MediaTek Helio G80 octa-core 2.0GHz
RAM/Storage: 3GB/32GB or 4GB/64GB
Battery: Up to 12.7 hours mixed usage
Dimensions: 8.15 x 5.06 x 0.35 inches | 0.66 pounds


  • Ultra-portable 7-inch form
  • High 1200p resolution
  • Sturdy metal casing
  • microSD storage expansion


  • No full HD/HDR streaming
  • Cameras just average

If you want a budget tablet that‘s incredibly portable without skimping on screen quality and battery life, Lenovo‘s 9-inch Tab M9 delivers.

#5 Pick: TCL TABMAX 10.4

Most budget Android tablets max out at 3GB or 4GB RAM. Not so with the TABMAX 10.4, packing a massive 6GB alongside ample 128GB storage! That brute force hardware translates into the best real-world speed and multitasking ability in this roundup.

The 10-inch 2000 x 1200 IPS screen looks superb, while quad speakers pump out surprisingly full audio. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset keeps things humming along nicely for the price. If you want the smoothest user experience under $200, this TCL can‘t be beat.

Display: 10 inches, 1200 x 2000 pixels
Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 octa-core 2.0GHz
RAM/Storage: 6GB/64GB
Battery: 8,000 mAh
Dimensions: 9.63 x 6.22 x 0.31 inches | 1.03 pounds


  • Excellent 6GB RAM for the price
  • Quad speakers
  • microSD storage expansion
  • 10-inch screen with small bezels


  • Battery life just OK
  • Cameras lack sharpness

If you want the very best performance from a budget Android for seamless multitasking, the TCL TABMAX 10.4 delivers excellent specs.

What To Look For In a Budget Tablet

Android tablets under $200 used to mean serious compromise on everything from materials to power. But as the examples above show, there are now fantastic options delivering way above their price point. Here are key factors to keep in mind while bargain shopping:

Display Quality – Prioritize resolution, color accuracy, brightness and viewing angles over size. A great-looking 9-inch 1200p screen trumps a dull 10-inch panel.

Performance – For casual use like streaming and web browsing, an octa-core processor with at least 3GB RAM should suffice. The best options have 4GB+ RAM for smoother multitasking.

Build Quality – Many budget Androids like Amazon Fire tablets use plastic casing prone to damage. Look for metal materials for better structural rigidity.

Battery Life – Display brightness greatly impacts runtime. Optimal real-world performance is 10-12 hours of mixed usage on a charge.

Getting the most from a wallet-friendly Android tablet means focusing on the features that matter most day to day. Keep the pointers above in mind, weigh your options carefully, and enjoy big tablet fun without spending big money.

The Bottom Line

The notion that budget Android tablets are only good as kid toys or paperweights is now totally outdated. As shown by the well-rounded options above, you can get an immersive entertainment slate for under $200 without huge compromises.

Carefully compare screen quality, performance, features and design when bargain shopping. Be realistic about any limitations going in. As long as streaming video, casual gaming and web browsing are top priorities over intensive creative work, today’s breed of value Androids make for outstanding affordable companions.