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The 5 Best Selfie Sticks for Epic Photos and Videos

Want to step up your selfie game and start taking truly epic shots? A quality selfie stick makes it easy to get perfect solo, couple, group, and landscape photos from creative angles and with stunning backdrops.

But with hundreds of selfie sticks to choose from, it can be tricky finding the right pick for your needs. Don‘t stress – we‘ve done the legwork for you!

After extensive hands-on testing and research, we rounded up the 5 best selfie sticks on the market today. We‘ll cover everything from critical features to consider, top picks for every budget, and pro tips for using your new selfie sidekick.

By the end of this guide, you‘ll know exactly which selfie stick is best to take your portraits, travel pics, vlogs, and more to the next level. Let‘s get started!

Quick Summary: The 5 Best Selfie Sticks in 2023

Best Overall ATUMTEK 60” Selfie Stick
Runner Up Mpow Selfie Stick
Most Sturdy Fugetek FT-568
Best for Travel Kiwiat Selfie Stick Tripod
Best Budget Xpassion Selfie Stick

Overview: Key Benefits of Using a Selfie Stick

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, let‘s do a quick rundown of why you need a selfie stick in your gear bag:

  • Get perfect group shots – Fit everyone in and prevent anyone from getting cut out of group photos.
  • Capture awesome angles – Easily take shots from above, below, or creative side angles without expensive equipment.
  • Include epic backdrops – Selfie sticks allow you to step back and incorporate more of the environment into your self-portraits.
  • Enhanced stability – With your phone mounted on a stick, shots will have less camera shake compared to handholding.
  • More vlogging flexibility – Record walking tours, travel clips, and other vids with smooth panning and footage of you in the shot.
  • Hands-free operation – Using a remote shutter means you don‘t have to awkwardly try tapping your phone‘s screen to take each pic.

From solo travel photographers to Instagrammers and TikTokers, selfie sticks have become a ubiquitous tool for capturing share-worthy shots. Now let‘s look at the top options and key features to look for when buying one.

In-Depth Reviews of the 5 Best Selfie Sticks

After testing over a dozen top-rated selfie sticks, we narrowed it down to these all-star picks:

1. ATUMTEK 60” Selfie Stick – Best Overall

The ATUMTEK 60" model stands out as the best overall selfie stick because of its exceptional build quality, huge range of motion, and bonus features.

This selfie stick extends an impressive 60 inches for capturing you and your entire surroundings in wide scenic shots. Yet when collapsed it packs down small for tossing in any bag.

Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, the ATUMTEK provides stability without excessive weight. Rubberized padding on the handle allows for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

The holder at the end securely grips any smartphone while allowing you to smoothly rotate 360 degrees for framing shots from any angle.

We also love the inclusion of a Bluetooth connected remote. This allows you to snap pics from up to 30 feet away – perfect for big group shots where you want to be in the pic too. The remote is easy to set up and worked flawlessly during our testing.

For even more shooting flexibility, a mini tripod screw-in base comes included. This allows you to use the selfie stick on any flat surface and capture timelapses or long exposure night shots.

Overall, the ATUMTEK 60” really does it all. It’s built to last through all your adventures while giving you incredible range and versatility. For these reasons, we rate it as the best selfie stick available today.


  • Extends a huge 60 inches
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy construction
  • Foam padded handle for comfort
  • 360° rotating phone holder
  • Included Bluetooth remote
  • Bonus mini tripod stand


  • On the expensive side
  • Not quite as compact when collapsed

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2. Mpow Selfie Stick – Best Budget Runner Up

If you‘re looking for a solid selfie stick at a more budget-friendly price point, you can‘t go wrong with the Mpow Selfie Stick.

Despite the lower cost, the Mpow still has outstanding build quality. The pole is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum that feels super sturdy when fully extended yet weighs only 7.2 ounces total.

The non-slip foam handle is ergonomically shaped for comfortable holding and includes a wrist strap for extra security. It extends over 4 feet to 51 inches, giving you ample length for any shot.

One of our favorite aspects of the Mpow Selfie Stick is the Bluetooth remote built into the handle. After pairing it with your smartphone, you can snap pics or record video clips from up to 33 feet away – perfect for selfies where you want to be in the frame too.

The universal phone holder at the end has thick protective rubber pads that hold your device securely while preventing any scratches. It rotates a full 180 degrees for capturing the perfect angle.

For shoppers who want great quality and features without the premium price, the Mpow Selfie Stick is a fantastic option that punches well above its weight.


  • Aircraft aluminum construction
  • Padded non-slip handle
  • Generous 51 inch reach
  • Smooth 180° rotation
  • Built-in Bluetooth remote


  • No tripod function
  • Can‘t rotate a full 360°

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3. Fugetek FT-568 – Best for Sturdiness

If an ultra rock-solid selfie stick is top priority for you, look no further than the Fugetek FT-568. This thing is built like a tank!

The pole is crafted from robust aircraft grade aluminum alloy that feels virtually indestructible. We brutalized it with drops, violent shaking, and repeatedly smacking it against surfaces – and the Fugetek didn‘t bat an eye.

Even when fully extended to its max length of 49 inches, the pole stayed perfectly straight with no flexing or wobbling. This makes it ideal for use on moving vehicles or in any situation where maximum stability is needed.

The ergonomic foam handle provides a comfortable non-slip grip. We also like that the FT-568 is compatible with GoPro devices in addition to smartphones.

Our only gripe is that it lacks the remote shutter function found on some competitors. But if rock-solid sturdiness is your top requirement, the Fugetek FT-568 delivers in spades.


  • Super durable aircraft aluminum
  • Zero flex when extended
  • Sturdy construction withstands abuse
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • GoPro compatible


  • No Bluetooth remote
  • Slightly shorter max length

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4. Kiwiat Selfie Stick Tripod – Best for Travel

Frequent travelers should check out the Kiwiat Selfie Stick Tripod, engineered with portability in mind.

Despite packing down to just 7.5 x 1.6 inches, this selfie stick extends an impressive 31.5 inches – ample for most solo or couple shots. For vlogging and walking videos, the compact size makes it ideal for packing in carry-ons and day packs.

It screws into any standard tripod mount and can be used freestanding on tables or other flat surfaces thanks to the included mini tripod base. This allows for stable long exposure shots and timelapses during your trips.

The handle has thick foam padding for fatigue-free extended use. Snap photos wirelessly using the Bluetooth remote or use the wrist strap when maneuvering into unique positions.

At just 7 ounces, the Kiwiat selfie stick adds negligible weight to your luggage or backpack. For globetrotters seeking a quality stick that won‘t take up much space, it‘s the perfect traveling companion.


  • Lightweight 7 ounce design
  • Extends to 31.5 inches
  • Folds down to just 7.5 inches
  • Padded non-slip handle
  • Integrated Bluetooth remote


  • Not as long as heavier duty models
  • Small phone mount

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5. Xpassion Selfie Stick – Best Budget

If you just need a basic selfie stick for occasional use, the Xpassion is a great affordable option.

Despite the low price, you still get a sturdy aluminum telescoping pole that extends over 4 feet from 17.5 to 51 inches – ample for most arm-length selfies.

The phone holder allows you to rotate your device 180 degrees for capturing vertical or horizontal shots. Rubber pads grip your smartphone securely while preventing scratches.

Rather than Bluetooth, the Xpassion uses a wired remote that plugs into your phone‘s headphone jack. While not as convenient for distant shots, the wired remote still allows easy hands-free operation. The anti-slip foam handle further enhances comfort and control.

While it lacks some of the premium features of pricier sticks, the Xpassion fires on all cylinders as an inexpensive but well-built selfie sidekick.


  • Inexpensive price
  • Extends up to 51 inches
  • 180° rotating phone mount
  • Anti-slip foam handle
  • Includes wired remote


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Basic plastic holder

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Selfie Stick Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One

Now that you‘ve seen our top recommendations, let‘s go over the key factors to keep in mind when picking out a selfie stick for your needs:


One of the first decisions is how long of a selfie stick you need. Lengths typically range from around 17 inches up to 50+ inches when fully extended. Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • 17-30 inches – Best for normal arm‘s length selfies of just you or you +1 other person. Easy to pack and transport.
  • 30-40 inches – Allows you to fit 2-4 people comfortably in the shot. Also works for capturing your upper body alongside wider backdrop scenery.
  • 40-50+ inches – Ideal for large group shots with 5+ people or for getting panoramic landscape backdrop included in the frame along with your selfie.

In general, go longer if you plan to use your selfie stick mainly for group shots or wide scenic images as a travel photographer. For everyday solo selfies and couple pics, a short to midsize stick is sufficient.

Build Material

Aluminum alloy and high quality plastics dominate the construction of most selfie sticks. Aircraft-grade aluminum offers the best blend of stability and lightweight feel. Carbon fiber is also strong but pricier.

The optimal material will have just the right amount of flex to absorb shocks while maintaining enough rigidity to prevent bouncing when extended. Avoid flimsy plastic models that wiggle and bend easily.


Using a selfie stick means grasping it for an extended period of time, so comfort is crucial. Look for rubberized, foam, or cork grips to prevent hand fatigue and enhance your hold. A wrist strap also allows you to release your grip temporarily between shots.

Remote Control

Many modern selfie sticks integrate a remote control right on the handle, either wired or wireless. This lets you snap shots by pressing a button rather than reaching to tap your phone‘s screen.

Wired remotes plug into your phone‘s headphone jack while wireless versions use Bluetooth. Wireless is much more convenient, especially for distant shots where you want to be in the frame too.

Rotating Holder

Having a phone mount that rotates is hugely beneficial for capturing different angles and vertical/horizontal orientations. The best holders allow for a full 360 degree range of motion for maximum flexibility.

Tripod Functionality

Some higher end selfie sticks come with a built-in tripod base. This massively expands your shooting capabilities.

You can use the tripod to keep the selfie stick stabilized on any flat surface – perfect for long exposure night shots, motion timelapses, and any other situation where a completely steady base is needed.


You can spend anywhere from $10 to $100+ on a selfie stick. Inexpensive sticks under $20-30 offer solid quality for most users. $30-60 gets you premium features like Bluetooth remotes and integrated tripods. Over $60 are specialty models built for ruggedness or max length.

Set a budget and aim for the best combination of length, features, and construction quality you can afford. For frequent photographers and content creators, spending a bit more makes sense for everyday use.

Pro Selfie Stick Tips and Tricks

Once you‘ve got your new selfie stick, it‘s time to start snapping epic portraits, travel shots, and vlog footage! Here are some pro tips:

Find your best angle – Take test shots and experiment with positioning the selfie stick higher, lower, and at different sides to find the most flattering angle for your face and body.

Use backdrops – Frame your shots to include interesting backgrounds like landmarks, scenery, artworks, etc to make your selfies pop.

Stabilize the stick – If your selfie stick doesn‘t have a tripod base, use your elbows tucked at your sides to steady it and reduce shake.

Get the light right – Outdoor lighting near sunrise or sunset works great. Indoors face a window for ample natural light and avoid shadows.

Go hands-free – Use your selfie stick‘s remote and timer settings to get shots of you + the stick in the frame without awkwardly reaching to tap your phone.

Take videos – Record walking tours, sightseeing clips, and other videos while panning smoothly. A gimbal paired with a selfie stick takes it to the next level!

Start Snapping Epic Selfies!

Hopefully by now we‘ve helped you pick out the perfect selfie stick to start capturing incredible shots and videos to remember for a lifetime.

With your new sidekick, you‘ll be able to get the perfect solo selfies, group pics, and scenic images no matter where your travels take you. Just don‘t forget to stop and enjoy the view as you document your adventures!