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Don‘t Buy HyperX Cloud Headphones Until You Read This

HyperX: A Trusted Name in Gaming Audio

Since their founding in 2002, HyperX has established themselves as a premier name in high-performance gaming hardware. Originally starting with computer memory modules, HyperX soon expanded into gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and more. Their HyperX Cloud line of headhones, first released in 2014, quickly became a top seller and fan favorite.

So what sets HyperX Cloud headphones apart? For gamers, sound quality and comfort are top priorities. HyperX delivers on both fronts. Their headsets feature large 53mm drivers for booming, nuanced audio with crystal clarity. The memory foam ear cups envelop your ears in plush comfort, while the padded leatherette headband eliminates soreness during marathon gaming sessions.

Beyond superb construction, HyperX Clouds also offer incredible compatibility and customization. They work seamlessly with PCs, Macs, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and more. Various models come equipped with detachable mics, inline controls, and other handy features. And with bold color options from fiery reds to cool blues, you can sport HyperX style while dominating the competition.

HyperX Cloud Headphone Lineup

The HyperX Cloud series comprises several headset models to fit different budgets and needs:

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The affordable Cloud Stinger provides stellar performance for the price. Lightweight and comfortable with large 50mm directional drivers, it makes an ideal entry-level gaming headset.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
  • Flip-to-mute microphone
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • 50mm directional drivers
  • Price: $49.99

HyperX Cloud

The original HyperX Cloud remains a top choice for its versatility and well-rounded performance. Its closed-cup design passively blocks out noise for immersive gaming.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4
  • Detachable microphone
  • 53mm hi-fi drivers
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Price: $79.99

HyperX Cloud Alpha

With its dual-chamber technology providing excellent bass and mids, the Cloud Alpha delivers top-notch audio. The durable aluminum frame also makes it a long-lasting headset.

Key Features:

  • Dual chamber drivers
  • Detachable microphone
  • Compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Price: $99.99

HyperX Cloud Flight

The Cloud Flight gives you wireless freedom courtesy of long-lasting battery life, 2.4 GHz wireless connection, and 30+ foot range.

Key Features:

  • 2.4 GHz wireless connection
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Detachable microphone
  • Compatible with PC, PS4
  • Up to 20 meters (65 feet) of range
  • Price: $159.99

This covers just some of the most popular HyperX gaming headsets. There are additional wired and wireless models like the CloudX, Cloud Mix, Cloud Orbit models to suit specific needs. Visit the official HyperX website to view the full product lineup.

HyperX Cloud Headset Tech & Design

Let‘s go over some common technical specifications and design elements found across HyperX‘s various headset models:


HyperX headsets utilize large 50mm or 53mm headphone drivers that produce highly detailed sound critical for picking up in-game audio cues. Some models like the Cloud Alpha utilize dual driver chambers separated by air to reduce distortion.

Sound Quality

Thanks to their high-end drivers along with tuning by HyperX‘s audio engineers, Cloud headsets deliver excellent sound with crystal clear highs, punchy mids and deep bass. Their wide frequency responses capture the complete audio spectrum from soft footsteps to deafening explosions.


Most HyperX headsets come equipped with a detachable boom microphone for clear voice chat. These mics utilize noise cancellation technology to isolate speech from background noise. Conveniently flip them vertical to quickly mute yourself.


All HyperX Cloud headsets emphasize comfort in their designs withMemory foam ear and headband padding distributes pressure and prevents fatigue over long gaming sessions. Breathable leatherette and soft cloth surfaces keep you cool in the heat of battle. Most models weigh under 1 pound for fatigue-free comfort.


A key strength of HyperX headsets their broad compatibility with gaming platforms. Most Cloud headsets work seamlessly with PCs, Macs, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, VR systems, mobiles and most other 3.5mm audio jack devices. Certain models like the CloudX were designed specifically with Xbox gaming in mind.

Wireless Capability

Select HyperX headset models like the Cloud Flight offer wireless connectivity via 2.4Ghz signals or Bluetooth. This cuts the cord and allows for convenient charging and freedom of movement. Up to 30 hours of battery life keeps you untethered for over a week of typical gaming usage.

What‘s in the Box?

When you purchase HyperX gaming headphones, here is what you can expect to find inside the packaging:

  • HyperX Cloud headset
  • Detachable microphone
  • Optional USB audio control box (on some models)
  • Detachable 3.5mm audio cable with in-line controls
  • Optional USB charging cable (for wireless models)
  • Quick start guide

So everything you need comes neatly packed to use the headset right out of the box on your gaming platform of choice. No extra batteries or cables to buy.

Some wired HyperX headsets additionally include a USB sound card for converting digital audio and enabling 7.1 virtual surround sound on PC/Mac setups. This elevates gameplay with much more immersive spatial imaging compared to standard stereo audio.

HyperX Cloud Reviews

HyperX Cloud gaming headsets remain top sellers year after year due to their superb comfort, great sound and fair pricing. Gamers generally praise their durable designs, quality construction and long-term reliability. Based on thousands of reviews, here are the most common pros and cons mentioned:


  • Very comfortable memory foam padding
  • Impressive audio quality
  • Crystal clear mic communication
  • Good noise isolation
  • Bold, stylish aesthetics
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Great value for money


  • Earcups may be small for some
  • Mic monitoring could be better
  • Not the most durable build quality
  • Limited wireless range

No product is perfect. But overall, HyperX Cloud delivers where it matters most with excellent comfort, sound and mic quality for immersive gaming. For budget-minded gamers or those seeking versatility across gaming platforms, Cloud headsets prove very appealing.

Are HyperX Cloud Headsets Worth It?

For the money, HyperX Clouds provide tremendous value. Models like the entry-level Cloud Stinger and the venerable Cloud II cost well under $100 while matching or exceeding the quality of competitors double their prices.

The seamless cross-platform compatibility also means purchasing one HyperX headset for use with both console and PC gaming. This saves you money from having to buy separate Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch branded headsets.

Serious audiophiles may want to splurge on an expensive headset with amp and lossless resolution. But for most gamers, HyperX‘s finely tuned sound will more than suffice.

If you desire richer bass or surround formats, consider the Cloud Orbit line starting around $300. These planar magnetic headphones powered by Waves Nx 3D audio technology take immersion to another level.

All in all, HyperX Cloud delivers premium comfort, audio and versatility at reasonable prices. For most gamers, these headsets make smart investments that can be enjoyed for years of gaming. Don‘t hesitate to purchase one – your ears will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which HyperX headset is the best?

For all-around value and performance, the HyperX Cloud II (wired) or Cloud Flight (wireless) make excellent choices around $100-150.

How comfortable are HyperX Cloud headsets?

Extremely comfortable thanks to their lightweight builds and plush memory foam padding. Most gamers can wear them for hours without any ear fatigue or sore spots.

Do HyperX Clouds work with Xbox Series X|S or PS5?

Yes, HyperX headsets are compatible with next-gen consoles via the old-gen controller or 3.5mm audio jack connection. Certain HyperX models like the CloudX also come Xbox certified for optimized Series X|S gaming.

Are HyperX headphones good for listening to music?

Absolutely. While designed with immersive gaming audio as the priority, Cloud headsets sound fantastic for music playback and other entertainment thanks to their wide frequency response and noise isolation.