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15 Undeniable Reasons Why You Should Buy a Nintendo Switch in 2023

As a long-time gaming enthusiast and Nintendo fan, I can definitively say the Nintendo Switch remains a remarkably worthwhile investment in 2023. Despite entering its sixth year, robust sales and community excitement prove this versatile platform retains best-in-class appeal across multiple fronts.

After selling over 125 million units, the Switch recently surpassed the iconic Sony PlayStation 4 as the third highest-selling home console ever. Let‘s delve into the 15 leading factors that will compel you to grab one of these little gaming marvels this year!

But first, a quick background on the Switch family…

Nintendo Switch Versions Primer

Before covering the reasons, I want to summarize the excellent Nintendo Switch options in 2023:

  • Nintendo Switch – The original hybrid console from 2017 for TV & handheld play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite – A 2019 handheld-only model with built-in controls
  • Nintendo Switch OLED – 2021 version with a larger 7" OLED screen

Every model plays the same game cartridges using groundbreaking Joy-Con controllers. Now, onto what makes the Nintendo Switch an elite choice for gamers of all types in 2023 and ahead!

Reason 1 – Intuitive User Experience

Veteran gamers and newcomers alike praise the Nintendo Switch‘s approachable user experience. The quick responsiveness, logical menu navigation, touch & button controls offer a shallow learning curve.

Whether browsing the streamlined eShop or jumping into the latest Zelda adventure, everything feels natural and intuitive. Nintendo focuses heavily on fun factor and accessibility – no lengthy tutorials required!

Key Metrics

  • 6.2" LCD touchscreen (OLED has 7" display)
  • Snappy UI response for accessing games
  • No complex menu layers to frustrate users

As both kids and adults ranked it extremely usable compared to other consoles, the Switch delivers on beginner-friendly operation.

Reason 2 – Best-in-Class Sleep/Wake Functionality

Smart devices have conditioned us to expect instant sleep and wake transitions. Many consoles still severely lack in this area. Turning them "on" from shutdown or rest states meant waiting through cumbersome boot sequences.

The Nintendo Switch engineering team recognized this pain point and implemented an incredibly efficient sleep mode. Rather than fully powering down, your exact gameplay state gets preserved.

Then when you‘re ready to game again, simply hit the power button. In around 3 seconds, you‘re back playing exactly where you left off – no tedious rebooting or reload screens!

Sony and Microsoft platforms take nearly 15-20 seconds from the controller input just to show menu screens. So if you value uninterrupted portable play, the Nintendo Switch sleep/wake functionality is phenomenal and unmatched.

Reason 3 – Download and Update Speeds

Besides the sleep mode smarts, Nintendo also optimized the Switch software experience to eliminate other gaming pain points.

Simultaneous Downloads – When you purchase and queue multiple game downloads, they‘ll all intelligently start in parallel rather than waste time waiting in sequence. This is extremely useful when adding several new titles at once.

Uninterrupted Updates – Even better, already downloaded Switch games can secretly update themselves while you actively continue playing. No annoying mandatory update prompts that interrupt your fun.

This works due to the custom Nvidia Tegra hardware and advanced multi-tasking of the OS based on Nvidia Shield Android TV architecture.

As a result, Switch owners can avoid download and update delays hampering their precious gaming time. You‘ll find yourself getting to the fun parts quicker than any other platform allows presently!

Reason 4 – Integrated Social Sharing

Gamers naturally love to show off those hard-earned accomplishments, epic battles and funny mishaps.

Realizing this social urge, Nintendo ingeniously added a dedicated Screenshot button right on every Joy-Con controller. Without even looking away from your game, you can easily:

  • Capture screenshot images
  • Record 30 second clips
  • Selectively trim media
  • Post directly to social networks

Rival consoles treat uploading videos and images like an afterthought using disconnected mobile apps. The Switch makes sharing your most shareworthy moments an effortless process to brag just one button press away!

Reason 5 – Must-Have First-Party Masterpieces

Ask most Switch owners what initially drew them in, and one reason dominates all others – Nintendo‘s iconic franchises and characters. Names like Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Smash Bros hold tremendous weight due to their consistent 10/10 quality and cross-generational relevance.

These homegrown AAA titles represent some of the highest-rated games ever created in the last 30 years based on critical reception.

  • Breath of the Wild pioneered a new gold standard for open worlds.
  • Super Mario Odyssey exudes pure inventive fun.
  • Splatoon 3 propels multiplayer shooter creativity.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 tells a captivating 150-hour JRPG saga.

The list goes on and on. Simply put, Nintendo first-party exclusives epitomize video gaming magic at its finest. Owning the platform gives front row access to these masterworks you cannot play elsewhere.

Reason 6 – Unparalleled Back Catalog & Future Roadmap

However, the genius Nintendo Switch concept extends well beyond new hits. Their Virtual Console initiative grants simple access to decades of retro classics from the NES, SNES, N64 and Genesis era.

Take your pick from all-time greats like Super Metroid, A Link To The Past, Mario 64, Sonic the Hedgehog and so many more. New selections continually get added as well. This is an underdiscussed yet invaluable perk for longtime gamers.

Plus in 2023, Nintendo has an incredibly promising software roadmap ahead led by the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sequel in May. We‘ll also see the new Super Mario movie boosting IP popularity plus potential remakes, ports and exclusives down the pipeline.

Even this far past launch, buying a Switch now preps you for another 5 years of excellent first-party support minimum.

Reason 7 – Massive & Diverse Gaming Library

It’s a common but highly misguided criticism to call the Switch “just a Zelda/Mario/Pokemon box.” In reality, it offers immense genre variety for all player types thanks to incredible third-party support.

The eShop now gives access to over 5,800 games – more than any console ever at this point post-debut. And 2023 will expand it further with must-have multi-platform hits like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Marvel‘s Spiderman, Street Fighter 6, Assassin‘s Creed Mirage and dozens beyond Nintendo‘s own slate.

Plus traditional third-parties like Activision, EA, Ubisoft and Capcom continually show Switch versions of Call of Duty, FIFA, Assassin’s Creed etc consistent long-term support. Given the active install base, avoiding the platform makes zero business sense.

In short, today’s Nintendo Switch software library accommodates players of every genre preference. Competitors simply don’t offer the same versatility and back catalog value.

Reason 8 – Constantly Evolving Online Service & Features

Modern consoles live and die based on their online ecosystems. And previously, inferior online functionality hampered older Nintendo platforms. They clearly learned from those mistakes when crafting the Nintendo Switch Online service.

For a mere $20 yearly (or $35 for family plan), it grants:

  • Online lobby multiplayer gaming
  • Cloud save backup
  • SNES/NES emulator apps
  • Special offers & DLC

The higher-tier Expansion Pack ($50 annually) gains:

  • Access to N64 & Genesis games
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass

Compared to the $60+ subscription fees from Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, Nintendo Switch Online provides tremendous comparative value. And they continuously sweeten the package by adding new perks and support for key titles. Recent examples include enabling online play for Mario Strikers: Battle League and adding Japanese classics like Golden Sun to the catalog.

NSO still has room for improvement but already outpaces rivals as a membership service benefit alone.

Reason 9 – New Replacement Model Not Expected Soon

No one wants to drop $300 on a console only to see its successor announced shortly later.

Thankfully, reputable gaming industry analysts widely agree the "Switch 2" will only likely release in late 2024 at the absolute earliest. Some projections even suggest 2025-2026 is possible.

Either way, purchasing any Switch variant now essentially guarantees you 1-3 years minimum before a technical refresh. Remember too that Nintendo historically always makes new consoles backward compatible to play physical and digital old libraries. So investing in one presently poses little risk.

I fully expect my recent OLED model to stay modern and relevant until late this decade thanks to excellent ongoing support. Any 2023 buyer can shop confidently knowing the same.

Reason 10 – Joy-Con Multiplayer Magic

Local social play creates gaming‘s best memories, but couch competition is sadly fading from modern consoles.

Leave it to innovative Nintendo to defiantly keep same-room multiplayer alive! The tiny yet mighty Joy-Con controllers enable multiple built-in configurations:

Two-Player Out-Of-Box – Because each Joy-Con can operate independently, 2-gamers can play selected titles right away without buying more gamepads. This flexibility and convenience to instantly game alongside friends is exclusive to Switch.

Local Wireless Multiplayer – For bigger gatherings, a feature dubbed "Share Play" pairs up to 8 consoles in the same location. So theoretically, 16 players could battle in Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros without split-screening!

The social DNA runs deep here. Nintendo still cares most about bonding friends and family over interactive worlds. Portable yet intuitive local multiplayer is a key means to that end.

Reason 11 – Ultimate Portability Perfected

Since the revolutionary GameBoy days, Nintendo dominated on-the-go gameplay. But compromises between power and mobility always existed…until now.

The genius of the Nintendo Switch concept is cramming everything great about a living room console into a sub-1lb wonder gadget without big graphical downgrades. This maintain‘s Nintendo‘s gold standard of portability while matching stationary rivals on fidelity.

Gamers fondly praise how Switch lets them squeeze gameplay anywhere life takes them – on flights, buses, lunch breaks or lying in bed. No wires or TV required in handheld mode either. PS5 and Series X provide no such luxuries.

For students, professionals or anyone lacking dedicated gaming spaces, ultimate unfettered mobility is a top incentive towards Nintendo‘s offering. Set gaming totally free!

Reason 12 – Most Cost-Effective Console Available

Even collectors-edition gamepads alone frequently cost $70+ these days. So modern console buy-ins often demand $500+ with extra gear and subscriptions. Value-focused shoppers risk being priced out from participating altogether.

By contrast, here are the core Nintendo Switch price points:

  • Nintendo Switch – $299
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: $199
  • Nintendo Switch OLED: $349

These amounts match the PS4/Xbox One launch prices…for vastly superior hybrid portable hardware plus exclusive content! Even rival handheld devices like Valve’s Steam Deck cost $399+ and cater far less to casual gamers.

When accounting for the premium first-party software library, HUGE third-party support, advanced features, controllers and portability…no competitor remotely touches the complete Nintendo Switch package bang-for-buck. It simply can‘t be overstated.

Reason 13 – Options For All Gamer Lifestyles

As mentioned initially, Nintendo smartly offers multiple Switch models to accommodate different gamers. Let‘s recap how they compare:

Switch Lite – A strict handheld experience best for tight budgets or portability maximization without hybrid modes.

Standard Switch – The versatile hybrid unit playable on TV or handheld. Offers everything franchise fans expect.

Switch OLED – A premium iteration with enhanced 7” OLED screen, 64GB storage, LAN port and kickstand.

There‘s an entry point for every type of player and lifestyle while retaining software/Joy-Con commonality. This expanding family nimbly adapts to support all needs and budgets!

Reason 14 – Nintendo Brand Heritage

Next year marks the 140th anniversary of Nintendo’s founding as a playing card company, before eventually becoming perhaps the most famous video game makers ever. That rich history and childhood nostalgia has immeasurable influence on customers.

We instinctively trust the Nintendo name to deliver memorable characters, worlds, music and adventure. This trusted brand recognition spans generations who grew up adoring Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and more.

No other company quite matches Nintendo’s uncanny knack for joy and creative magic. They‘ve rightfully earned a beloved reputation most brands enviously chase their whole existence. So joining the Switch ecosystem also taps directly into that special heritage.

Reason 15 – Tremendous Third-Party Support

I want to close reemphasizing Nintendo’s often underrated third-party relations. They actually put great effort into recruiting outside studios by easing strict policies of generations past and providing development assistance.

The indie scene especially flourishes on Switch. Top highlights have includedreplicating tricky ports like The Witcher 3 and Alien Isolation. Andsimplified publishing processes attracted breakouts like Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, Cuphead, Untitled Goose Game and Shovel Knight.

Major publishers like EA, Activision, Ubisoft and Take Two also regularly support Switch beside PlayStation and Xbox entries. And Japan-based studios churn out entries from long-running series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona and Metal Gear.

This well-rounded third party ecosystem supplemented further by the indie creativity proves the Nintendo Switch appeals far beyond core fanboys. Excellent software options exist for literally every player preference.

If the reasons above resonate based on your play habits and values, investing in a Nintendo Switch gaming system remains highly worthwhile even six years from its breakthrough launch.

Few devices deliver such versatile hybrid functionality, special social dynamics, signature Nintendo magic and wealth of games at affordable prices. And upcoming software like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will drive more excitement through 2023 while the next true successor waits patiently further down the road.

Between the instant sleep/wake brilliance to multiplayer focus to unfettered portability, the Switch elegantly solves many pain points plaguing modern big-box platforms. This outstanding execution on both hardware and software fronts makes standing alongside Link and Mario mighty tempting!

So whether you crave a supplementary portable wonder machine or your main at-home console, the Nintendo Switch family caters to everyone. Tap into the thriving ecosystem today for gaming bliss on your schedule.