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8 Reasons to Buy a Rivian R1T Right Now

The electric vehicle revolution is well underway, with more and more compelling battery-powered options hitting the market every year. But for truck buyers, the wait for a viable all-electric pickup seemed like it would go on forever. That is, until Rivian came along and beat everyone to the punch with the groundbreaking R1T.

As the first mass-produced electric truck available for sale, the R1T delivers on its promise to provide all the utility and capability truck owners expect, but with zero tailpipe emissions. Whether using it as a daily driver, a long-haul road trip machine, a rugged adventure vehicle, or all of the above – there are plenty of compelling reasons to consider parking a new R1T in your driveway.

Here are the top reasons to buy the trailblazing Rivian R1T right now:

  1. Rivian got there first
    When it comes to electric trucks, Rivian beat all the big names to market, including Ford, GM, and even Tesla. After originally founding the company in 2009, RJ Scaringe and his team toiled away in relative obscurity for years, before bursting onto the scene with a production-ready R1T in 2021.

While competitors were still working on development, Rivian was already rolling customer trucks off the assembly line. And unlike many EV startups, Rivian actually delivered on its promises, with thousands of R1Ts now in customer hands. Those who took a chance on a new company have been rewarded with a truly exceptional vehicle.

  1. Outstanding real-world range
    One of the biggest concerns for potential EV buyers is range anxiety – the fear of running out of juice and getting stranded. With the R1T, that shouldn‘t be a worry for the vast majority of users. Rivian offers two battery pack options – a 135 kWh "Large pack" good for 314 miles of range, and a 180 kWh "Max pack" that bumps range up to 400 miles.

Either configuration provides ample distance for daily commuting, errands, and weekend adventures. And on longer road trips, the R1T‘s impressive range means fewer charging stops will be needed. The built-in navigation system plans routes with Rivian‘s own charging network and other public chargers. A 20-80% charge can take as little as 20 minutes with a DC fast charger.

  1. Loaded with high-tech features
    The R1T comes extremely well-equipped right out of the box. Even "base" trucks come standard with 21-inch wheels, adaptive air suspension, a full glass panoramic roof, vegan leather upholstery, heated/ventilated seats, and a 15.6-inch center touchscreen.

On the safety front, the R1T boasts an impressive suite of driver assistance tech. Every truck comes with 11 cameras, 5 radars, and 12 ultrasonic sensors to power features like adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist and more. Rivian will be adding additional semi-autonomous driving capabilities in the future via over-the-air software updates.

  1. Cheaper to own and operate
    While the R1T‘s starting price of $73,000 is higher than gas-powered trucks, buyers will likely save significantly in operating costs over the life of the vehicle. Electricity is cheaper than gas, and EVs have far fewer moving parts and fluids that need servicing. There are no oil changes, spark plug replacements, or emission controls to worry about.

Rivian also has one of the best warranties in the industry, with bumper-to-bumper coverage for 5 years/60,000 miles and battery coverage for 8 years/175,000 miles. Scheduled maintenance is only required once a year or every 20,000 miles. And with over-the-air updates, many issues can be fixed remotely without visiting a service center.

  1. On-road performance for any situation
    With four electric motors (one powering each wheel), the R1T delivers exceptional on-road performance and handling. The truck produces up to 835 hp and 908 lb-ft of torque with the quad-motor setup. An adjustable air suspension and hydraulic roll control keep the 7,000+ pound truck stable and planted.

The R1T offers four selectable drive modes – All-Purpose, Sport, Conserve, and Tow – each optimizing the truck for different needs. All-Purpose is ideal for everyday driving, with a comfortable ride and optimized range. Sport unleashes the full fury of the quad-motors, allowing 0-60 sprints of around 3 seconds.

Conserve disables the rear motors to reduce energy usage and maximize range. And when equipped with the optional tow package, the R1T can tow up to 11,000 pounds and has a dedicated Tow mode that adjusts throttle mapping and suspension for extra stability.

  1. Go-anywhere off-road capability
    The R1T really shines when the pavement ends and the trail begins. With up to 15 inches of ground clearance, adjustable air suspension, and standard front bumper tow hooks, underbody protection, and grippy off-road tires, this truck is ready for rugged terrain right from the factory.

Rivian‘s Quad-Motor all-wheel drive system can precisely meter out torque to each wheel for ultimate traction. Locking differentials and a low-speed Off-Road mode allow the R1T to crawl over boulders and through loose terrain with ease. And with the ability to wade through over 3 feet of water, stream crossings are no problem. The R1T is hands-down the most capable electric off-roader yet.

  1. The ultimate overlanding and camping rig
    Rivian has positioned the R1T as the perfect adventure vehicle for overnight camping trips and overland expeditions. The lockable "gear tunnel" that runs width-wise behind the cab is large enough to fit full-size suitcases, skis, snowboards, and ideal for storing dirty/muddy gear.

An available pull-out Camp Kitchen fits entirely in the gear tunnel and features a dual-burner induction cooktop, collapsible sink with spray faucet, and 30-piece kitchen set. The R1T‘s air compressor can inflate bike tires or an air mattress to sleep in the truck bed. Rivian even plans to offer a complete rooftop tent system that can mount to the available removable cross bars.

  1. A true performance truck
    The R1T has completely shattered the stereotypes of slow, boring electric vehicles. With up to 835 hp on tap from its quad-motor drivetrain, it is one of the quickest production trucks ever made. 0-60 mph takes as little as 3 seconds, on par with exotic supercars. And unlike gas engines, the R1T‘s prodigious power is available instantly, at any speed.

The chassis and suspension have been optimized to handle the immense torque, with little body roll and impressive road holding for such a large, heavy vehicle. Precise steering, strong brakes, and a low center of gravity contribute to sports car-like handling unimaginable in any other pickup. Rivian plans to offer an even higher performance "R1T Max" model designed for track work in the near future.

  1. An important step towards sustainability
    Transportation is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and trucks are one of the least fuel efficient vehicle categories. Replacing gas-guzzling V8 pickups with electric models like the R1T will be key to reducing emissions and combating climate change going forward.

The R1T‘s battery pack is produced using 100% renewable energy at Rivian‘s factory in Normal, Illinois. And the truck itself is designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing recycled and vegan materials and avoiding leather and virgin plastics. Rivian has also detailed plans for battery recycling to reduce waste and environmental impact.

  1. Be part of something revolutionary
    Buying an R1T now means getting in on the ground floor of a revolutionary new vehicle segment. Much like Tesla proved that EVs can be exciting, desirable vehicles, Rivian is doing the same for electric trucks, making them aspirational while still practical.

The R1T and its SUV sibling the R1S are poised to disrupt the market and force the hands of established truck brands. By supporting a smaller, nimbler American automaker, R1T buyers can help drive the entire industry forward and expand the possibilities of what electric trucks can do. It‘s an opportunity to not just own a cutting-edge vehicle but be part of automotive history.

The Rivian R1T is a triumph of American engineering and a vehicle that will completely change people‘s perceptions of what electric trucks are capable of. With industry-leading range, high-tech features, potent performance, and unmatched utility, it could be the only truck many buyers ever need.

From daily commuting to family road trips to weekend warrior adventures, the R1T does it all with zero tailpipe emissions. Rivian got a jump on the competition and has delivered a stellar product with the R1T. For truck buyers who want the versatility of an electric powertrain combined with rugged capability, there may be no better option on the market today.