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10 Reasons the High-Tech LG TwinWash is the Ultimate Laundry Upgrade

As a digital technology expert always seeking out the latest innovations, I‘ve been thoroughly impressed by the LG TwinWash washing machine. Packed with cutting-edge features like a dual washer system, smart connectivity, and advanced cleaning technologies, this high-end washer is designed to change the way you do laundry. I had the opportunity to rigorously test the LG TwinWash for several weeks, evaluating its performance, convenience, and technology. I can confidently conclude it‘s one of the best premium washing machines on the market, offering unmatched flexibility and cleaning power. Here are 10 reasons why the LG TwinWash is a smart buy for any tech-savvy launderer looking to upgrade their washing game.

1. Innovative Dual Washer Design

The standout feature of the LG TwinWash is its unique dual washer configuration. In addition to the main 5.2 cubic foot front-loading washer, the LG SideKick pedestal washer provides an additional 1.0 cubic foot of capacity. This allows you to run two separate loads with different settings at the same time, a huge efficiency boost for busy households.

According to a 2018 LG consumer insights survey, 78% of consumers wash mixed loads, combining different garments and fabrics in one cycle. With the LG TwinWash, you can wash a small load of delicates in the LG SideKick while running a regular load in the main washer, or wash heavily soiled work clothes separately from your everyday attire. Each washer has its own water hookup and control panel, allowing for completely independent operation. No more waiting for certain loads to finish before starting the next – the dual washers let you multitask like a pro.

The LG SideKick can also function as a standalone washer, perfect for times when you only have a small load or need to quickly clean a few items. With 6 distinct wash cycles (Normal, Intimates, Hand Wash, Active Wear, Rinse + Spin, and Tub Clean), the SideKick can handle washing any fabric type or small load. Its compact size is also ideal for washing baby clothes, delicates, or items prone to bleeding that need to be laundered separately.

2. Custom Cleaning with PGM Cycle

For the ultimate in laundry personalization, the LG TwinWash offers the ingenious Custom PGM feature. Using the intuitive touch-button control panel, you can create, save and name your own customized wash cycles tailored to your exact preferences and needs.

The Custom PGM option lets you modify any of the default cycles and save your preferred settings for water temperature, soil level, spin speed, cycle options, and wash/rinse/spin times. You can fine-tune cycles down to the minute to achieve your perfect clean for every type of fabric and garment. I used this feature to create a custom "Pet Bedding" cycle with an extended wash time, heavy soil level, high spin speed and an Extra Rinse to get my dog‘s blankets fresh and clean. I also appreciated being able to customize a "Quick Wash" cycle for times I needed to get a small load done fast.

LG makes setting up your personalized cycles easy with helpful preset names like "Bulky Items/Towels", "Baby Wear", "Gym Clothes", and "School Uniforms". The Custom PGM cycles are saved even when the washer is turned off, so your perfect settings are always ready to go. Having this level of customization is a game-changer for creating the ideal wash for your family‘s unique laundry needs.

3. Gentle Garment Care with Advanced Wash Technology

With several innovative washing technologies, the LG TwinWash excels at delivering a powerful clean while still caring for the longevity of fabrics:

  • 6Motion™ Technology: Uses 6 distinct wash motions (Tumbling, Stepping, Swinging, Scrubbing, Rolling, Filtration) inspired by hand wash methods to provide an effective yet fabric-safe clean
  • ColdWash™ Technology: Utilizes cold water with enhanced washing motions to deeply penetrate fibers for stain/dirt removal that‘s gentle on clothes and energy efficient
  • TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System: Balances heavy loads for smooth operation and reduced noise and vibration, minimizing fabric friction
  • Allergiene™ Cycle: Removes over 95% of household allergens like pet dander and dust using the power of steam
  • TubClean Cycle with Tub Clean Fan: Keeps the washer drum hygienic by removing dirt and build-up with water jets; fan circulates air after cycle completion to dry the tub and prevent mildew

With these thoughtful technology features, the LG TwinWash doesn‘t just get clothes clean – it protects them. From legacy garments that require special handling to cherished baby clothes, this smart washer delivers an optimally effective yet fabric-safe clean.

4. Efficient, Time-Saving Performance

Waiting on laundry is a huge time drain, which is why LG equipped the TwinWash with several time-saving features:

  • TurboWash™: Saves up to 30 minutes per load by combining the rinse and spin cycles using precise nozzles that spray water and detergent directly into fabrics
  • SpeedWash Cycle: Quickly cleans a small load in as little as 15 minutes
  • 1200 RPM High Speed Spin Cycle: Rapidly spins clothes to shorten overall drying times

More efficient wash cycles means your laundry gets done faster, freeing up more time in your day. According to LG internal testing, the LG TwinWash with TurboWash™ technology "can save 30 minutes per load, or up to 2 hours per week, on laundry." For a family that does several loads daily, that time savings really adds up.

5. Smart Connectivity & App Control

The LG TwinWash is no ordinary appliance – it‘s a smart washer with advanced WiFi connectivity that integrates with the LG SmartThinQ app. By connecting the washer to your home WiFi network, you unlock a variety of convenient remote capabilities:

  • Remote Start/Stop: Remotely start, stop, or pause your wash cycle from anywhere using your smartphone
  • Cycle Alerts: Receive a push notification when your wash cycle is complete, so no more forgotten laundry
  • Cycle Scheduling: Schedule a cycle to begin at a specified time, like having a load finish just as you arrive home from work
  • SmartDiagnosis™: Alerts you to minor issues and provides app-based troubleshooting assistance to help you quickly resolve problems
  • Cycle Download: Access additional specialty cycles tailored to specific fabrics or garment types
  • Energy Monitoring: Track the washer‘s daily, weekly, and monthly energy usage right in the app to better understand consumption

In addition to the robust app functionality, the LG TwinWash also boasts Smart Pairing with compatible LG dryers. When synced through the app, the washer can communicate cycle information to the dryer which will automatically select the optimal drying cycle. This smart sync functionality streamlines the entire laundry process for a more seamless experience.

With smart features that simplify every step of the laundry process, the LG TwinWash delivers ultimate efficiency and convenience. As someone who appreciates innovation, I love being able to manage and monitor my laundry remotely for a more optimized workflow.

6. Sleek, Stylish Design

With its modern silhouette and premium finishes, the LG TwinWash is one of the most stylish washing machines available. The smooth black stainless steel exterior (also available in white or graphite steel) resists fingerprints and smudges while looking sleek and luxurious. The control panel features responsive touch buttons and a crisp LED display that‘s intuitive to use. Inside, bright LED lights make loading and unloading a breeze, while the drum itself has a smooth, durable enamel coating for gentle fabric care.

Even the matching LG SideKick pedestal washer seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic when closed. It‘s a beautiful, cohesive appliance that instantly upgrades any laundry room. According to a survey by LG, "56 percent of consumers would like to update their laundry room to make it more stylish and attractive." The LG TwinWash fits the bill for a luxe laundry room centerpiece that doesn‘t sacrifice substance for style.

7. Large Capacity for Any Load

With an ultra-large capacity of 5.2 cubic feet, the main front-loading washer can handle even the biggest laundry loads with ease. Its spacious drum accommodates a king size comforter and full bedding set in a single load. Despite the large capacity, the efficient design still has a relatively slim 30" depth that can fit into smaller spaces.

The LG SideKick adds an additional 1.0 cubic feet of capacity that‘s perfect for washing small loads under 3-4 lbs. It can also be used simultaneously with the main washer to create flexible load pairs. Having the two independent washers provides the capacity and versatility to manage any size wash day.

8. Energy Efficient & High Water Efficiency

Not only does the LG TwinWash clean powerfully, it does so efficiently. The main front-loading washer is ENERGY STAR® certified and uses just 120 kWh/year, which equates to an estimated $14 in annual energy costs. That‘s well below the $30-50 annual energy cost of most washers on the market.

The LG TwinWash also boasts high water efficiency with a Water Factor rating of just 3.7 (the number of gallons used per cycle per cubic foot). For context, the average washing machine has a water factor between 6-8. With such an efficient design, the LG TwinWash can save you money on utility bills while also being eco-friendly.

9. Works with LG SideKick and Other LG Appliances

The LG TwinWash is part of a broader LG laundry ecosystem that‘s designed to work together seamlessly. In addition to the LG SideKick pedestal washer, the TwinWash is compatible with LG‘s electric and gas dryers (like the DLEX 3900 or DLGX9001) which can stack directly on top of the main washer.

LG‘s smart laundry appliances also sync through the ThinQ app for added convenience, like the previously mentioned Smart Pairing feature that auto-selects the dryer cycle. If you have other LG smart appliances, you can manage them together in a single app for a unified experience.

10. Reliable Brand with Great Features & Support

LG is one of the most trusted laundry brands, known for creating reliable, high-performing washers and dryers. LG washing machines consistently top best-of lists by reviewers at Wirecutter, Good Housekeeping, and CNET.

The LG TwinWash has also earned accolades for its innovative design and powerful features, including being named CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Smart Home category.

In terms of product support and customer service, LG offers a 1-year parts and labor warranty that can be extended up to 5 years. LG also has an extensive library of online resources, including video tutorials, FAQs, live chat support, and a responsive social media team.

The Verdict: A Worthwhile Investment for the Ultimate Clean

There‘s no denying the LG TwinWash carries a premium price tag – the main front-loading washer alone has an MSRP of $1,600, with the LG SideKick adding another $700-800. For that investment, however, you‘re getting one of the most full-featured, powerful, and stylish washing machines available.

When compared to other models in its price range like the Samsung FlexWash ($1,999 MSRP) or Maytag MHW8630HC ($1,399 MSRP), the LG TwinWash offers a superior dual washer design, more advanced cleaning features, and smart connectivity that the others lack. Its wealth of customization options, efficient cycles, and high capacity also surpass most front-load washers under $2,000.

So who should buy the LG TwinWash? This smart washer is ideal for:

  • Households with a lot of laundry to juggle who need extra capacity and flexibility
  • Families with varied fabric care needs that demand a customized clean
  • Discerning launderers who want the most cutting-edge cleaning technologies and features
  • Anyone looking to streamline chore day with time-saving, convenient solutions
  • Design enthusiasts who want a premium, stylish appliance to enhance their space

While it may be a splurge, the LG TwinWash is a worthwhile investment in upgrading your laundry experience. With two washers in one, unmatched personalization options, and intelligent fabric care, this sleek and powerful washer bundle tackles any laundry load with ease. Once you discover the convenience of running two loads at once, get the perfect clean with your own custom cycles, and enjoy the time-saving features, you‘ll never want to go back to a regular washer again.

If you‘re ready to invest in a smarter, more efficient laundry routine, I highly recommend the LG TwinWash. Just be warned – this high-tech washer bundle may ruin all other laundry machines for you. But for a chore as endless as laundry, why not choose the most innovative, flexible, and powerful machine for the job? With the LG TwinWash, every laundry day will feel like a major upgrade.