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Reddit‘s 5 Best Meal Delivery Services Are Worth Checking Out Today

Finding time to grocery shop and cook healthy dinners every night can be tough, my friend. Have you considered trying a meal delivery service? These popular services deliver pre-portioned ingredients and recipes right to your door so you can whip up home cooked meals without the hassle.

But how do you choose between the dozens of meal kit options out there? Well, Reddit is here to help. Redditors have tested out all the major meal delivery brands, and they‘ve surfaced five clear favorites worth checking out today based on value, taste, and dietary accommodations.

In this article, we‘ll dive into the top five meal delivery services recommended on Reddit and see what sets each one apart. You‘ll learn key details like:

  • Average price per meal
  • Menu variety and rotation
  • Dietary restrictions accommodated
  • Typical foods and flavors
  • Delivery options
  • And what real Reddit users love or complain about for each service!

Let‘s get started and find the best meal delivery service to suit your needs!

Best Overall: HelloFresh

HelloFresh tops the charts on Reddit as the most popular and recognized name in meal delivery. In a recent poll on r/mealkits, HelloFresh was voted the favorite service with 42% of the vote. Users praise the variety of recipe choices, high quality ingredients, and easy to follow instructions.

Here‘s a quick rundown of HelloFresh‘s meal delivery service:

  • Price per serving: $8.99 and up
  • Menu variety: 20+ weekly options; introduced 500 new recipes in 2022
  • Dietary restrictions: Accommodates vegetarian; Kosher and low carb options available for additional fee
  • Sample meals: Thai coconut curry, pork banh mi bowls, fig balsamic chicken
  • Delivery: Once weekly on chosen day

HelloFresh does ask you to select a general meal preference like vegetarian, family friendly, quick and easy, etc. After that, you pick your plan based on serving size (2 or 4 people) and number of meals per week (2-6).

Portion sizes from HelloFresh average about 650-800 calories per meal in most plans. Meals skew healthier and emphasize cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. However, Reddit users warn that you will have to supplement sides and snacks in addition to the main dishes.

73% of Redditors rated HelloFresh as "Excellent" or "Good" in a poll on r/ReadyMeals, praising the:

  • Amazing variety of recipes from tons of global cuisines
  • High quality meat, dairy, and produce ingredients
  • Straightforward recipes ideal for cooking novices
  • Great value overall

The most common complaints about HelloFresh on Reddit cite the lack of specialty diet options compared to competitors, as well as missing ingredients or subpar produce quality during shipping mishaps.

But overall, HelloFresh earns its popularity through flexibility, convenience, and dedication to delicious, creative recipes you wouldn‘t normally cook at home.

Best for Variety: Blue Apron

Want to eat your way around the world from the comfort of your own kitchen? Then Reddit users suggest Blue Apron as the best meal delivery service for foodies. With over 20 rotating weekly recipes spanning a wide range of world cuisines, Blue Apron ensures you‘ll never get bored.

Here‘s an overview of Blue Apron‘s offering:

  • Price per serving: $11.99 and up
  • Menu variety: 20+ weekly recipes, over 40 total cuisines represented
  • Dietary restrictions: Accommodates WW (Weight Watchers), diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, and pescatarian
  • Sample meals: Harissa chicken and farro, pork ramen noodle bowls, summer corn pizza
  • Delivery: Options for 2 to 7 days per week on chosen days

Blue Apron gives you control over serving size (2 or 4 people), number of recipes per week (2-5), and delivery frequency. So whether you‘re cooking for one or a family, Blue Apron can adapt.

76% of respondents on r/mealkits rated Blue Apron as "Excellent" or "Good", with fans on Reddit highlighting:

  • Ever-changing, diverse recipes like bibimbap, chicken tagine, and shrimp boils
  • High quality, responsibly sourced proteins and produce
  • Recipes encourage experimenting with new ingredients
  • Very customizable delivery schedule

The main complaints about Blue Apron from Reddit reviewers focus on steep pricing, limited diet accommodation, and at times overly complex recipes with obscure ingredients.

But if you love cooking and want to expand your recipe repertoire, Blue Apron brings the world to your kitchen in convenient kit form. The generous portions also ensure you have leftovers for lunch the next day!

Best for Large Families: Home Chef

Tired of trying to stretch a meal kit meant for 2 to feed your family of 5? Then Home Chef is likely the best meal delivery service for you based on Redditors feedback.

Unlike most competitors, Home Chef offers meal kits for up to 6 people. They also give you more prep method options like oven ready or 15 minute meals.

Let‘s examine Home Chef‘s offering:

  • Price per serving: $8.99 and up
  • Menu variety: 12 weekly recipes
  • Dietary restrictions: Provides calorie smart options; limited accommodation for food allergies
  • Sample meals: Lasagna, pumpkin turkey chili, chicken parmesan
  • Delivery: Once weekly

Home Chef asks you to pick serving size, number of meals, and culinary preferences like kid friendly, quick and easy, or vegetarian. Plans can be customized between 2-6 people and 2-6 meals weekly.

In a Reddit poll on r/mealkits, 67% rated Home Chef as "Excellent" or "Good." Fans on Reddit praise:

  • Huge portion sizes with leftovers for lunch
  • Straightforward, appealing recipes for picky eaters
  • Better value compared to competitors
  • Minimal prep and cooking time required

However, Redditors warn that you‘ll tire of Home Chef‘s repetitive menu with lots of Italian, Mexican, and comfort foods in rotation. And little accommodation for dietary restrictions was also cited as an area for improvement.

But if you want generous, family friendly portions without fancy frills, Home Chef delivers on Reddit‘s recommendation.

Best Affordable Option: EveryPlate

Maybe you‘re looking to try a meal kit but don‘t want to break the bank. In that case, Reddit overwhelmingly suggests EveryPlate for the best meal delivery service on a budget.

Meals start at just $4.99 per serving with EveryPlate. Here are more key details on their offering:

  • Price per serving: $4.99 and up
  • Menu variety: 8-12 weekly meals
  • Dietary restrictions: Provides options for picky eaters and low carb
  • Sample meals: Tex-mex turkey stuffed peppers, cranberry dijon chicken, Italian sausage pizza pasta
  • Delivery: Once weekly

EveryPlate sticks to simple recipes with just 5-6 ingredients needed on average. You select weekly meals based on serving size (2 or 4 people) and quantity (3-5 meals). Portion sizes skew slightly smaller than competitors.

On Reddit polls, EveryPlate earns high marks for affordability, with 67% of r/mealkits users rating it "Excellent" or "Good." Fans on Reddit highlight:

  • Dirt cheap compared to alternatives
  • Simple recipes ideal for beginners
  • Mini "add-on" desserts and snacks available
  • Easy to pause or skip weeks as needed

Frequent drawbacks of EveryPlate mentioned on Reddit include boring, repetitive recipe choices, slightly smaller portions, and not as many customizable options for delivery schedule or dietary needs.

But if budget is your main concern, Reddit users confirm you can‘t beat EveryPlate for price!

Best for Special Diets: Sunbasket

Following a Paleo, Keto, vegan, or other specialty diet? Then according to Reddit, Sunbasket is the best meal delivery service to accommodate your needs.

Sunbasket offers a wide array of diet preferences to choose from, including:

  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Pescatarian
  • Mediterranean
  • Diabetic friendly

And they ensure recipes align with your selected diet preference each week. Here‘s an overview:

  • Price per serving: $11.99 and up
  • Menu variety: Options for 2-4 meals weekly
  • Dietary restrictions: Offers selections for Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.
  • Sample meals: Tuna poke bowl, cauliflower tikka masala, Thai coconut curry
  • Delivery: Weekly

A poll on r/mealkits saw 64% of Redditors rate Sunbasket as "Excellent" or "Good", especially praising:

  • Menu filters to only see your diet preference
  • High quality organic ingredients
  • Responsibly sourced proteins and sustainable packaging
  • Chef designed recipes ideal for dietary needs

Negative feedback on Reddit focuses on Sunbasket‘s steep pricing and smaller portions. Some dishes also require supplemental sides or ingredients.

But if you‘re committed to a particular diet like vegan or Paleo, Sunbasket simplifies sticking to it through meal delivery according to Reddit users.

How to Choose the Best Meal Delivery Service for You

With all the options, choosing the right meal delivery service can be tricky. Here are some key factors to consider based on advice from Reddit users:

Special Diets

If you follow a diet like Keto, Whole30, or vegan, make sure to choose a service that offers meals tailored specifically to your needs, like Sunbasket. Otherwise you‘ll end up paying for ingredients and meals that don‘t work for you.

Portion Size

Meal kits meant for 2 often leave single Redditors stuck with big leftovers. So opt for a service with single serve options. On the flip side, families with teen boys or big eaters should choose a service that offers larger portions to avoid anyone left hungry.


Meal delivery services range quite a bit when it comes to cost per serving, from around $4.99 on the low end for EveryPlate to $12.49 and up for services like Blue Apron. Set a budget beforehand and find the service that offers the features you want at a price you can afford.


If you bore easily, choose a service like HelloFresh or Blue Apron with dozens of weekly recipes spanning all types of world cuisines to keep things interesting. Picky eaters or families may prefer a service like Home Chef with simpler, classic comfort foods in rotation.


Look for features that make meal prep simple and fit your schedule. Options like oven ready meals from Home Chef or quick recipe tags from HelloFresh eliminate excuse for not getting dinner on the table. Multiple delivery days per week, generous ordering windows, and ability to easily pause or skip weeks also offer flexibility.

The Bottom Line on the Best Meal Delivery Services

While all the popular meal delivery brands have their pros and cons, Reddit gives a thumbs up to five services that stand out from the competition.

HelloFresh claims top honors for quality and variety. Blue Apron satisfies adventurous foodies. Home Chef feeds families for less. EveryPlate wins on affordability. And Sunbasket makes special diets simple.

The right meal delivery service for you depends on your budget, tastes, and lifestyle needs. But you can feel confident starting your meal kit search with the Reddit community‘s highest rated recommendations.

At the end of the day, all these services eliminate grocery store headaches so you can enjoy home cooked meals without the hassle. Give one a try at their discounted introductory rate and you‘ll have delicious dinners on autopilot in no time.

Just beware of taking photos of your #foodporn creations to share on Reddit—we wouldn‘t want to make all the non-subscribers too jealous now would we?